Cemetary Walk

Incredible Stories of Survival and Power

Last weekend was very special for me: Our town had created a play on the local cemetery, where different actors played the roles of towns people who lived her during the area of World War 1. For obvious reasons, I was cast as the German immigrant, who, after humble beginnings in the silk mill, moved […]

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Update on Operation Water Filter

Our “Operation Water Filters” was a wonderful success for the people in Puerto Rico! All in all, thanks to your incredible generosity, we were able to collect 95 water filters and cash donations of $1000.- in only 3 days! Thank you all so very, very much! Please know that those filters that were delivered by […]

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How To Become More Resilient By Clearing Clutter

Have you ever noticed how much your environment, especially clutter, drains your energy? Clutter isn’t just stuff that needs to be put away. Clutter represents memories, the beloved ones as well as the traumatic ones. It represents unresolved conflicts, memories that we don’t know what to do with, and fear of missing out or making […]

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How to be resilient after a terror attack like 9/11

When 9/11 happened, we watched in horror as the second airplane hit the twin towers. I realized immediately that this was big, life changing danger. But I also realized immediately, that I personally was safe. And so was my family. We live 6 hours north of NYC, and whatever happened there impacted us only indirectly […]

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How To Be Resilient

It took me a while to realize, that there is a specific issues that I address in all of my private work and training: Weather I teach EFT, military culture, clutter clearing, trauma relief or business – everything I do has to do with helping people become more resilient. WOW – I don’t know which […]

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Water filters

Lessons learned from Helping in Puerto Rico

I think, there are several reasons why our little, private initiative, helping in Puerto Rico, was so successful: What worked well The donation of personal water filters made sense. Clean drinking water is one of the most basic and important needs, even more so in hot locations with no air conditioning, electricity or running water. […]

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How can I help In Puerto Rico?

Here are some suggestions how to help Puerto Rico and for successful civilian help initiatives in emergencies: 1. Make sure that anything you do solves an existing problem. Solving a small problem is better than talking about a big one. 2. Work with local leaders, but stay out of the way of the great work […]

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How private citizens can help in a disaster

I haven’t really talked about this in 20 years, but given the situation in Puerto Rico and the islands, I thought I’d share some experiences and food for thought… In 1993, the war in Bosnia and Croatia was raging, and so were the people all over the world. “Someone should do something!” “Why aren’t people […]

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Vets Training

Free Training: 10 Things every practitioner needs to know before working with veterans

Here is an almost 70 minute interview I gave to Craig Weiner DC and Suzanne Fageol on essential things every practitioner must know before attempting to work with Veterans. We talked about military culture, historic trauma, rapport building, things to never say or ask – and why, good session starters, backgrounds of different wars and […]

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