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Recording of Free EFT Tele Class Introduction to EFT

Hello everyone, what I love about these free Tele classes is that they are impossible to prepare for, and the material that I can teach you is as diverse as the people on the call. We had a huge number of signups and a surprisingly large number of people actually joining us live at 2:00pm […]

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September 17th 2:00pm Free EFT Tele Class, Introduction to EFT

Please join me on Thursday, September 17th at 2:00pm EST for a free one hour “Ask Ingrid Everything” EFT Tele Class, where you can have your EFT questions answered, and we will do some powerful tapping as well. By signing up below, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Tele class disclaimer. […]

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AAMET EFT workshops, EFT Certification, EFT Training

I have just uploaded the new workshop dates for AAMET EFT Level 1&2 and EFT Level 3 training until December 2016.   The dates forEFT Level 1&2 are: October 2nd – 4th 2015 January 8th – 10th 2016 April 8th -10th 2016 July 8th – 10th 2016 October 7th – 9th 2016   The dates for […]

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I’ve finally decided to do this!

Sunday, August 1st was a big day for me. When I was dealing with cancer, I asked myself if there was anything I regretted that I didn’t do. And the answer was “Yes”: I regret that I didn’t write my book about EFT for Veterans. Writing this is the one thing I have been scared of, […]

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Chasing Bunnies

You Can’t Chase Two Bunnies

Many people have asked me how I was so successful: Beat cancer, loose 44 pounds, build a 6 figure business, and all the other large and small milestones that I am glad I reached over the years. The answer is easy: You have to decide and focus! You can’t chase two bunnies. When you want to […]

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Breast Cancer Survival – Time To Celebrate!

I want to shout it from the rooftops and dancing in the rain! I am cancer free! Tumor markers have not only remained in the very healthy normal range below 40 (from 114.6 last year), they have again dropped to now 18.9! YAY! YES! HAHAHA!!! Several physical exams confirm that the 2-3 cm tumors are […]

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Bob Culver

Vietnam Veteran Bob Culver on Finding Gratitude and Peace through EFT Tapping

  A couple of days, I received a call from my friend and Vietnam Veteran Bob Culver, who is currently battling cancer. He was completely overwhelmed with gratitude. He had just learned that Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and Eric Huurre, the producer of the documentary “Operation-Emotional Freedom” had collected both donations as well […]

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Resistance Tapping

Free EFT Tapping Script: How to Release Resistance and Overwhelm

This morning I woke up, feeling resistance towards something that I knew had to be done today. I just didn’t like it. I didn’t want to do it. I realized that my thoughts were starting to go around and round in circles, and that the thing I had to do became a moving target instead […]

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Breast Cancer Recurrence – Dealing with the diagnosis

I just want to share this with you as well. You know, when I was first told that there was a cancer recurrence, my first reaction was: “I don’t want to die!” That was quick and immediate. And it had both: a sense of self pity and huge fear. Everybody would nod their head, everybody […]

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