Only 2 Seats Left! EFT Level 1&2 Training March 27-29th

Please join us on March 27th – March 29 for 3 days of powerful EFT Training, demonstrations and practice. Where: Residence Inn, Concord, NH Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Tuition: 399.- Included: extensive workbook, great snacks Please go to www.Tappingtrainings.com for the full curriculum and the other requirements to get certified.

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Breast Cancer Recurrence – Dealing with the diagnosis

I just want to share this with you as well. You know, when I was first told that there was a cancer recurrence, my first reaction was: “I don’t want to die!” That was quick and immediate. And it had both: a sense of self pity and huge fear. Everybody would nod their head, everybody […]

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The Pink Elephant in the room

Healing Breast Cancer – Making changes to safe my life

Feeling Grateful For Change. For the second time now, the Breast Cancer Tumor Markers came back completely normal. YAY! My Oncologists told me that this can’t be done, that they can only control growth with medication, but not reverse it. But after implementing a very long list of complementary/alternative therapies in addition to the hormone […]

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David Kanosh

Breast Cancer Healing through Native American Spirituality, Ritual and Friendship

What is the next level after “Deep Gratitude”? Now would be the time to use it… After posting my first update on Thanksgiving, I received a message from one of the most inspirational and biggest souls and healers, who it is an honor to also call a dear friend David Anton Kanosh, a member and leader […]

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Breast Cancer Survival: My Thanksgiving Note to Friends

On Thanksgiving 2014, in the midst of a snowstorm that knocked out power and put our turkey dinner at risk, I decided to share with my Facebook community what I had kept quiet for a while. I wanted to be able to focus on healing and get some results before I stepped out there, talking […]

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EFT For Veterans Finding Peace – Bob Culver Interview

You may or may not know that EFT has helped many Veterans heal from the trauma of war. On my blog www.EFT4Vets.com I share quite a bit about this work. In 2008, I was invited to join Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and a selected group of EFT practitioners such as Carol Look, Lindsay […]

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Sylvie Fortin – The Earth has lost an Angel today

On March 16th 2015, the earth has lost an angel. My dear friend, Sylvie Fortin, one of the most impressive women I have ever met, is now blessing the heavens, the angels and the star people, while she is dearly missed here at home. Well, and by now, she has probably already begun to get them […]

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True Leadership

Thought Leaders and Influencers – A Life Outside Of The Box

I have written several posts about what not to say about your niche. Instead, think about the people you care about, the goals or missions that are dear to your heart, and why they are important to you. Know that your target market will change as a result of your personal growth. You will be able […]

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A Life Changing Revelation Of Spiritual Growth

A few months ago, I had an astounding experience: I literally saw and felt every person who has ever touched my life and the profound the gift that she/he gave me. Hundreds of people passed by in front of my inner eye, and filled me, brought awareness, allowed me the challenge I needed to stretch and grow. […]

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A Gold Nugget For Successful Networking

I think we have all been there: You go to a networking meeting where people ask each other what they do. And over and over you witness participants twitch, take a deep breath, look on the floor and mumble “I help women between 35 and 50 who struggle with feeling unfulfilled and undeserving release their blocks and beliefs so that they […]

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