Who is the Veteran in your family?

If you have seen one of my talks about Veterans integration, you know that I always start by recognizing the service members and veterans in the audience. It is important to recognize and show respects to those who have served, and people are often surprised when coworkers or friends stand up. So often we don’t […]

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10 reasons why companies should hire Veterans

Hiring Veterans is not just a patriotic act or “a way to give back.” Hiring Combat Veterans successfully is a smart business move, which allows companies to maximize profits by getting access to unique skill sets and training that military veterans bring to the table. Here are only some reasons why hiring Veterans will benefit […]

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Are You A Thought Leader?

The other day, I was asked how I would describe my ideal clients in three words. But something in the way the person asked me triggered a longer response. I want to share this with you. I said: I like to work with people who are thought leaders in their field. They have somewhat of a warrior […]

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A powerful EFT Story – Community Healing After a Suicide

I’d like to share with you a story that just happened this week to my dear friend David Kanosh. If you have been following me for a while, you know how passionate I am about bringing EFT into communities. When traumatic events happen, when a natural disaster occurs, when a tragic event shakes everybody up, it […]

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Healing Breast Cancer And Choosing Life

So the good news is: I am still cancer free! Another blood test, another physical exam, same results: The tumor markers continue to be completely normal! No signs whatsoever of the recurrence of the 2-3 cm breast cancer tumors that were detected last year! YAY! My Oncologist is blissed out and so am I. He […]

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Recording of Free EFT Tele Class Introduction to EFT

Hello everyone, what I love about these free Tele classes is that they are impossible to prepare for, and the material that I can teach you is as diverse as the people on the call. We had a huge number of signups and a surprisingly large number of people actually joining us live at 2:00pm […]

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September 17th 2:00pm Free EFT Tele Class, Introduction to EFT

Please join me on Thursday, September 17th at 2:00pm EST for a free one hour “Ask Ingrid Everything” EFT Tele Class, where you can have your EFT questions answered, and we will do some powerful tapping as well. By signing up below, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Tele class disclaimer. […]

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