Upcoming EFT Level 1&2 Training

Please join us on January 30th – February 2nd for 3 days of powerful EFT Training, demonstrations and practice. Where: Residence Inn, Concord, NH Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Tuition: 399.- Included: extensive workbook, great snacks  

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My “Big Why” video – feeling a bit vulnerable…

I have never shared this in public, but it has become more and more important to me to make people understand WHY I do what I do. It is so easy to see the outside shell of others: The perfect website, the polished social media presence, the styled videos with the flawless scripts that are […]

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Breast Cancer Survivor Add campaigns in October – a critical review of professional integrity

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, I am truly offended by companies like 5 hour energy and so many others who are trying to swing a buck on us with “pink ribbon campaigns” right now. Their products, chemical laden and extremely unhealthy, not only add more toxins to the already strained bodies of many people who […]

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Skunk in need

Skunk In Need – And A Gift

It happened on Tuesday evening: I was driving home on one of our country roads in New Hampshire, when all of a sudden I saw a small, black and white animal just sitting on the road, not moving. I stopped the car, put the warning lights on and stepped outside to see what happened. Here […]

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Why being amazing can keep you stuck

Many people struggle with the idea of not being good enough to charge for their services. But I also see a different phenomenon quite frequently: People who actually know that they are amazing. But they still can’t move forward. They are still stuck. When I talk to them, they tell me how wonderful their life […]

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Don't get unstuck!

Please stop trying to get unstuck!

I have to admit, I got a little frustrated recently I have been talking with lots and lots of people who truly wanted to make a shift in their lives. I have been listening to their dreams, their hopes and their struggles. “I feel undeserving to receive money!” I heard. “I don’t think I am […]

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Sometimes, I am just sad…

I just got of the phone with a wonderful woman. For years, she had been trying to balance her business and taking care of her husband. She depleted her energy, and depleted her life. She started to struggle, and like a drowning person, she began to go after every idea, every “bright shiny object” that […]

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