Ingrid’s story

My name is Ingrid Dinter, and I am a certified EFT coach, Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life church and rostered, alternative provider with the New Hampshire Board for Mental Health Practice. The board has no oversight over my practice.

I found EFT in early 2002, after a quest on finding out why something that has happened a long time ago, and was understood and forgiven, can still get triggered and hurt.

After exploring REIKI and Yoga, I learned about this new technique – EFT – where tapping on acupressure points combined with affirmations brought lasting relief.

I remember saying to myself : “The person writing this e-book is either a genius or…” – well, you get the idea.

I tried EFT immediately and found great relief for many memories that hurt me.

Then I began to offer it to my REIKI clients, who usually came with emotional burden as well.

It helped them greatly.

I began to take every workshop I could get to that was offered by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and studied the training DVDs and all the other available material thoroughly.

In 2006, I began teaching his content approved workshops.

In 2007, I began to co-moderate his trauma/PTSD forum, and later also his EFT professionals forum.

In early 2008, Gary Craig called me and invited me to participate in a film project about using EFT with traumatized combat veterans.

After the filming was finished, I focused mainly on coaching Veterans, and in conjunction with soul medicine institute, published the first research results in a peer reviewed magazine.

These findings were later included into a larger study.

The stress project study, a nationwide research coaching program was then conducted by many compassionate volunteer EFT practitioners, who were able to document the effectiveness of EFT even for intense combat stress.

All this work has helped EFT gain credibility and bring more attention to it’s effectiveness.

In addition to the deep work that I have been doing, I very much enjoy helping others set successful goals for themselves and their businesses, supporting unemployed people with their career change, by releasing the emotional trauma that costs them self esteem and confidence, and working in joint ventures with coaches and businesses, who are experiencing the dilemma of having to work with their client’s resistance to change and self improvement.

EFT targets the specific limiting beliefs and resistance, so that the clients can move forward with the offered programs and teachings easily.

I have been teaching EFT with passion, and am available as a professional motivational speaker.