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Are You A Thought Leader?

The other day, I was asked how I would describe my ideal clients in three words.

But something in the way the person asked me triggered a longer response. I want to share this with you. I said:

I like to work with people who are thought leaders in their field.

They have somewhat of a warrior mentality, they don’t take no for an answer, they are kind, deeply intuitive and compassionate, a bit straight forward, they can think strategically and independently, have enough people skills to get along with others. They are very creative and a bit out of the box. Sometimes it might seem like they are flying under the radar. But everybody notices that they are doing it. They don’t go unnoticed even if they are hiding. And people like them for that.

They talk a lot.

And they can’t help but know that they are here to make a difference and are willing to do what it takes to claim their space.

They are naturally successful.

Not because they start off with tons of money or because they already know what they want to do  and do it. They are naturally successful because they have the drive and determination to do what it takes to make a difference, have an impact and, as a result, to make tons of money.

Often all it really needs for them is to get the right training and support, and they are on their way.

They are natural leaders because they think differently, they see a different big picture than mainstream people do.

When they look at people, they always see something special, unique and powerful.

They can see through the bull, through the stories, and find something very beautiful, special and unique in every person they see.

They see people’s true gifts and values,

and they are not willing to compromise what is important to them.

This might get them into trouble sometimes, and some people might have declared them “unemployable” for that reason. But that’s OK. They didn’t want that job anyways…

The people I love to work with are a bit like me.

They know how to fly and they know how to fall.

They usually land on their feet, but not always. Sometimes it really hurts when they hit the floor.

But they just don’t have what it takes to quit.

They can’t quit when something is important to them.

They pick themselves up, dust themselves off, acknowledge that they are hurt, or upset, or angry, tap through this with EFT.

And then they try again.

Until they get it right.

Until they are there.

They are visionaries. They are thought leaders.

They think outside of the box, but they might not even know that they are doing that.

For them, there are no boxes. There are just opportunities waiting to materialize.

They are really fun to be around.

They listen. They speak.

They might interrupt when they think you’re done or you should be done, because they understand what you wanted to say.

They are really nice, really compassionate. And really, really interested in you doing well.

They are happy to help out. But they don’t want you to take advantage of them.

They expect you to step up and into your own power as a result of working with them.

They carry and support you only so far. Then they send you on your way.

They can’t stand self pity and whining.

Even though they might do this themselves more often than they would care to admit.

They don’t like that they do it. They wish they didn’t.

But then – everybody has stuff to work on, don’t we?

These people have learned that vulnerability isn’t weakness, it’s just honesty.

They are OK with not being perfect, because they know that they are constantly finding new ways of improving and growing.

They are excited about every discovery they make.

They love change. They love being different.

They love being the first ones to have a thought, and to lead others as thought leaders with their ideas.

They are really, really good people, often with a huge and rather traumatic story that has shaped them somehow.

They know that this is true and they own that there are things that still make them cry after all these years.

That’s why they respect others: Because they know that everybody has a story that is powerful, often hurtful and rather traumatic on some level.

They know that because they have been there. And they don’t ever compare scars.

They honor each other and they honor their clients.

They are thought leaders, tribe leaders, influencers, who are here to plow their own way.


Now how’s that for an ideal client?

I know it isn’t the three word description that I was supposed to give when asked.

But I like it anyways…


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A powerful EFT Story – Community Healing After a Suicide

I’d like to share with you a story that just happened this week to my dear friend David Kanosh. If you have been following me for a while, you know how passionate I am about bringing EFT into communities. When traumatic events happen, when a natural disaster occurs, when a tragic event shakes everybody up, it is so important to have a tool that every adult, every child, every person with or without a background in Mental Health can use to help themselves and those close to them.

David just experienced such a traumatic event, and how EFT made all the difference in the community and everybody impacted by it.

But I let him tell you his story…

David Kanosh

An EFT Moment:

Screams rang out. In a split second, a life ended a couple feet in front of me. A man jumped to his death, from a third story window.

I stood there for a second frozen, unable to process what had happened. A little hand griped my hand. I looked down at this young boy. I picked him up and started running.

We sat down inside. He still held onto my hand and I wasn’t about to let him go. My buds got his name and the name of his parents to go look for them. I kept looking down the hall waiting for his parents to come.

Minutes pased and they seemed like an eternity. Things were still a blur.

Suddenly I realized the karate chop on my hand was being tapped. I felt my fingers being tapped on. I turned to look and saw the young boy that I had picked up and ran with, was tapping on my finger points. “You’re the doctor. This is what you do. Just like you taught us. Will it work?” he asked.

I smiled and told him that it would work. We tapped together for a couple of minutes.

The boys parents came in, picking him up and going away. I got up and continue to tapping.

Announcements by the MC went out about the emergency. A prayer was led and a moment of silence followed.

I instructed my guys to go out into the auditorium to tap along with people. Other people came up asking for me to lead rounds of tapping for this situation. I had presented at the this convention before, so many were familiar with the tapping routine of EFT.

I started to lead everybody in the auditorium through EFT. As I started to lead everyone, in the door came numerous psychologist and psychiatrist whom I had trained personally in a seminar just weeks before about the use of EFT for PTSD and emergencies.

As the doctors came in and took over, I went into a side room with a couple of my best and most trusted tappers. I cried. I gave myself permission to cry. I tapped. I cried.

I left that room to go back into the auditorium. I saw all the people tapping together.

That same young boy who tapped on my fingers, came running over to me and gave me a hug.

I sit here now and still wonder about that man who took his own life. There will be thousands of questions left unanswered. What I do know is that many people started on a journey of healing by tapping.

People ask me why I have such a missionary-like zeal in sharing EFT. If I can just help one more person…

I usually end my posts by typing “It is well”. I want to type that again.

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You Can’t Chase Two Bunnies

Many people have asked me how I was so successful: Beat cancer, loose 44 pounds, build a 6 figure business, and all the other large and small milestones that I am glad I reached over the years.

The answer is easy: You have to decide and focus! You can’t chase two bunnies.

When you want to heal an illness, you have to constantly ask yourself:

Does this action, food, behavior, relationship, book, treatment,… bring me closer to my goal? Read more…

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Breast Cancer Survival – Time To Celebrate!

I want to shout it from the rooftops and dancing in the rain!
I am cancer free!
Tumor markers have not only remained in the very healthy normal range below 40 (from 114.6 last year), they have again dropped to now 18.9! YAY! YES! HAHAHA!!!
Several physical exams confirm that the 2-3 cm tumors are completely gone, even though I was told last year that this would be impossible (with the traditional methods).
There is NO pain, not even a side effect from the one medication I take, and all other values are completely normal as well.

I am committed to continuing my holistic regimen in addition to the hormone therapy that I do, for the rest of my life, and to maintain all the lifestyle changes that have helped me so much. And yes, this includes to never eat sugar or drink alcohol, to do about 25 different things, supplements,… every day, to do daily coffee enemas and using a chi machine and infrared sauna, to drink essiac tea religiously 3 times per day, as well as CapsolT and Curamed 750, cell salts, Mold cleansing, being perfectly alcaline and at my ideal weight, and much more, in addition to growing and eating from my own organic garden, and juicing large amounts of green juices and wheat grass every day.

It’s involved, it’s time consuming, it’s fun, and it gives me that wonderful feeling of fighting for and celebrating every day.
Every single time that I choose to do something for my health feels like a strong, strong statement to the universe that I want to live, want to be here, and want to enjoy every moment of my life and with my family to the fullest.

Being healthy is a commitment, and it can be scary to take full responsibility. But we are never alone. I am so grateful for all the amazing support I have been getting along the way, and the doors that opened once I asked that one life changing question to my now super supportive and wonderfully excited medical team:

“Is it really impossible to get rid of this, or do you just not know how to do it?”

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Vietnam Veteran Bob Culver on Finding Gratitude and Peace through EFT Tapping


A couple of days, I received a call from my friend and Vietnam Veteran Bob Culver, who is currently battling cancer.

He was completely overwhelmed with gratitude.

He had just learned that Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and Eric Huurre, the producer of the documentary “Operation-Emotional Freedom” had collected both donations as well well wishing emails and letters for him.

Bob was completely speechless, and wanted to find a way to thank everybody individually for their generosity and kindness.

So I offered to get on a conference call line and record his message to the EFT community and other Veterans. Here it is:

Please understand that this is an uncut version, as I wanted to make this available to you as quickly as possible.


If you’d like to contact Bob or send him a card or token of appreciation, please email me, as the official donation page on is currently under construction.

I will be glad to forward whatever I receive for him.


Free EFT Tapping Script: How to Release Resistance and Overwhelm

This morning I woke up, feeling resistance towards something that I knew had to be done today.

I just didn’t like it. I didn’t want to do it.

I realized that my thoughts were starting to go around and round in circles, and that the thing I had to do became a moving target instead of a goal.

When I am in this mode, it is almost impossible for me to concentrate and get things done.

Just “trying to focus” usually creates even more resistance, and I might find myself getting sidetracked or even spending my time doing things that I really shouldn’t be doing right now.


Such as writing blogposts, when I should be focusing on getting things done… 😉

But since I am at it anyways, I might as well share with you what I was tapping on.

And then I’ll get off the internet. I have things to do 🙂

So here is what I have been tapping on:

Please say these tapping statements out loud. Don’t just read them or tap without saying the words.

Really take the time to sit down and tap each word while focusing on what seems to be in the way.

Hold the idea of what you are resistant to in your mind, with honesty and a willingness to do whatever this situation requires.

You are powerful and unique, and you are prepared to take this on victoriously, no matter how much resistance you are feeling right now.

You can do this!

Now let’s go ahead and tap together!


KP: Even though I feel so much resistance to getting this done, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel this resistance, this fear in my body, I love and accept myself and release any judgment

KP: Even though I feel so crappy and blocked right now, I completely love and accept myself without judgment or doubt


TH: I feel this resistance

IE: I feel it in my heart

OE: I feel it in my stomach

UE: I feel it in my head and throat

UN: This resistance is everywhere

UL: This fear is all over me!

CB: I have all this resistance right now

UA: I really do and I am observing this in awe

TH: So much resistance, resistance all over me!

Take a breath and just acknowledge that this resistance feels physical and emotional


TH: I wonder what I am so afraid of

IE: I wonder how this resistance is serving me right now

OE: I wonder how this is keeping me safe and protected

UE: I wonder how I know that this is right for me right now

UN: I might feel threatened and the need to protect me

UL: But I might not know if this threat is real

CB: I am willing to consider that I am just etting triggered

UA: I am willing to consider that there is a better way for me right now

TH: I am willing to step back and relax for a moment, knowing that everything is exactly how it needs to be right now.

Take a breath.

How do you feel?

What comes up for you?

Do you need to tap another round on this?

When you feel ready, lets tap again:


TH: I am beginning to feel the relaxation in my body

IE: I am beginning to experience what safety can feel like

OE: I am relaxing my shoulders, my stomach and my throat now

UE: I am taking a breath and just let things be

UN: I am grateful that I am seeing what’s before me now

UL: In a new and different light, separate from my fear

CB: I am starting to see that I have what it takes now

UA: That I can do this, no matter how I feel

TH: And even though I felt so overwhelmed by all this resistance, I feel safe and relaxed, letting that tightness and wall go right now.

Take another breath.

What do you feel now?

What do you experience?

Maybe you’d like to do another round?

Here we go!

TH: I am grateful that this resistance is loosening up now

IE: I am grateful that I am beginning to feel more powerful and strong

OE: I am grateful that I can see why I was so resistant before

UE: I am grateful that I can embrace what I need to do next

UN: It really isn’t that scary all together

UL: It really isn’t that uncomfortable to face what I resisted before

CB: I am seeing how I am prepared to do what I should be doing now

UA: And how I can find my own way to do it, a way that feels really good and powerful to me

TH: And even though I was so resistant to doing this before, I am grateful for how powerful and in control I now feel.


You are well prepared to take on what you resist to. You have what it takes. You are amazing and unique, and well prepared to take the next baby step towards your goal.

Go for it!

All right, it is really time for me to get started and do what I signed up to do today.

I am ready and prepared now, and I know that it will realistically only take a few minutes, maybe an hour to get it done.

Everything else was just fear and feeling overwhelmed and side tracked.

Gotta go!

Sending much love



Breast Cancer Recurrence – Dealing with the diagnosis

I just want to share this with you as well.
You know, when I was first told that there was a cancer recurrence, my first reaction was: “I don’t want to die!”
That was quick and immediate.
And it had both: a sense of self pity and huge fear.
Everybody would nod their head, everybody would tell me that they understand. And many people would give me an energy of “poor thing”. I noticed that this was keeping me stuck in fear and cluelessness. 
And also: What a strange thing to say, as we ARE going to die eventually. So what’s the point of saying this as my big statement of commitment?

I realized that in order to find a way to really move on, I had to reframe:
“I want to live!”
And I am willing to do whatever it takes to do that.
What happened next, I was not prepared for:
I was shocked to feel resistance. The inner yes came much slower that I expected it to be. I knew that, in order to mean something and transform something, the yes had to come as loudly and quickly as a thunder in a thunderstorm that was hanging directly over my head:

“Do I want to live? – YES! BOOM!”

And it didn’t…
I didn’t want to die, but I was afraid of the changes I needed to make.
It felt like a huge undertaking.
A scary one.
If I really wanted to live, there could be no compromises, I had to find the best solutions for me.
I couldn’t cut corners, I couldn’t accept excuses.
And I realized that this had to be an ongoing, lifelong process without a finish line.
No wonder I was hesitant

Healing Breast Cancer – Making changes to safe my life

Feeling Grateful For Change. For the second time now, the Breast Cancer Tumor Markers came back completely normal. YAY! My Oncologists told me that this can’t be done, that they can only control growth with medication, but not reverse it.

But after implementing a very long list of complementary/alternative therapies in addition to the hormone therapy, my tumor marker went from 114.6 (up to 40 is normal), to 43.3 in 10 weeks, 22.3 in another ten weeks, and this is where it remained at the last check up.
In addition, my doctor couldn’t feel any tumors, while they had been 2-3 cm before. So that’s really, really good news. smile emoticon
And I do want to share with you that my life is nothing what it used to be:

My focus has changed and
My desires have changed.
My resources have changed and
My goals in life have changed
My food has changed, and
My sleep has changed.
My thoughts have changed and
My talk has changed.
My ability to ask for what I need has changed and
My ability to feel vulnerable and open has changed
My detox has changed and
how I oxygenize and alkalize my system on a daily basis has changed.
My work has changed,
My message has changed.
My programs have changed and
My clients have changed
My friends have changed.
My relationship with my family has changed.
My hair has changed, and
My body has changed.
My workout has changed and
My shopping has changed.
My home has changed.
My hobbies have changed.
My goals have changed and
My dreams have changed.
My budget for supplements has changed and
My gardening has changed.
My reading has changed and most of
My daily habits have changed.
My breakfast has changed and my lunch has changed.
My dinner has changed and my snacks have changed.
I am NOT drinking alcohol
I am NOT eating any sugar
I am juicing every day and start my supplements at 6:00am
Everything and anything that made me sick had to change.
This was the one and only priority in my life.

And as a result, my life is full of things that are worth living for, and the things that didn’t work for me had to leave.

My doctor now insists that this can only be a temporary result and I shouldn’t have my hopes up long term.
I think my doctor has to change, too…

Breast Cancer Healing through Native American Spirituality, Ritual and Friendship

What is the next level after “Deep Gratitude”? Now would be the time to use it…

After posting my first update on Thanksgiving, I received a message from one of the most inspirational and biggest souls and healers, who it is an honor to also call a dear friend David Anton Kanosh, a member and leader of the Tlingit Tribe in Alaska.
It came completely unannounced in the middle of the night. It took me by surprise, leaving me stunned and humbled, and so very grateful. I let his words speak for themselves:
Hello Ingrid,
I have been so happy to hear of your progress.
I have worked with many people who are in similar situations (Cancer Survivors)
who are alive many years later.
We have been gathering at the Great Tree.
The Great Tree is also known as the Tree of Life.
When we heard of your progress, over 1000 of us gathered at the Great Tree.
We lifted up you and our praise to The One Who Is Above Us.
The ones who led the prayers were women who survived cancer.
I asked the tribal mothers to lead the procession.
One looked at me and she said that she seemed to think that my friend was perhaps German and had cancer.
She is a very powerful healer.
She was diagnosed with a level 4 breast cancer. She died, but then came back to life and recovered completely.
She has been doing this work for 25 years now.
It was her who led the procession and prayers for you.
Last night, when the processions and prayers were done, the northern lights appeared.
The colors were pink, yellow and light green.
Pink or red is very unusual in the northern lights.
The tribal mother gave me an evergreen tree sapling, to plant in the path of righteousness for you.
Blessings to you and your family.

David gave me permission to share this with you.
I don’t even know what to say…

I guess “thank you” is all I can come up with for now.

Healing and beauty is all around us. We breathe it in and we breathe it out. Giving is like exhalation, receiving is like inhalation. Both is necessary to be alive.
Thank you David.
Blessings to you and yours…

Gotta go cry now…


A few days later, David shared the following:

Work is continuing until the winter solstice. That is our New Year’s day.
The tribal mother handed back to me the obsidian Crystal skull which she held the entire time as she meditated and prayed for you. Now it is in the room with the other crystal skulls, with ambient healing vibrational music playing 24/7.

Most often, we keep to ourselves as a people. Something shifted and we are now sharing our healing with the world.

On Tlingit new year day, also known as the winter solstice; I will meditate and pray for you for 24 hours while I hold the obsidian crystal skull.

Three intertribal drum groups composed entirely of veterans will drum, sing and dance at the beginning of my meditation and prayer, at the halfway point and at the end.

Rough translation of the song:

“The people come to One Who Is Above Us and sing a new song.

The people come to One Who Is Above Us and dance a new dance.

Life begins anew. It is well.”

Please know…

that I am holding everyone in my heart today. This is a special day of healing for all of us.
Like so many times before, David and his tribe are leading the way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words can never express the gratitude I feel for this wonderful gift I have been given.
It is well.

Breast Cancer Survival: My Thanksgiving Note to Friends

On Thanksgiving 2014, in the midst of a snowstorm that knocked out power and put our turkey dinner at risk, I decided to share with my Facebook community what I had kept quiet for a while. I wanted to be able to focus on healing and get some results before I stepped out there, talking about Breast cancer healing and the mindset that I found helpful to support the holistic healing path for myself, that included both western medicine, hormone therapy and oncology, as well as a very intense holistic and mental-emotional program.

I was, as I shared before, a bit hesitant to talk about this on my blog, as I have been using it for my Business coaching trainings and EFT Tapping Trainings. And of course I intend to continue to do this, as it is what I do and love.

It is just time to put this part of who I am out there as well, as it certainly impacts who I am, how I live, what I teach and what I believe in. I just want you to know this about me, so that you can decide better if I am right for you at this time.

Open book. Always 🙂

Healing from Breast Cancer

Something very special to be grateful for:
The day before Thanksgiving 2004, I had breast cancer surgery, and we were grateful to celebrate with dear friends.
In 2014, I have another reason to celebrate: You see, I was diagnosed in June with a cancer recurrence that hadn’t spread but was inoperable. Oncologist recommended hormone therapy and watching tumor marker. I was told that they most likely won’t be able to shrink or cure this, but to control it for a long time.
After getting over the sheer terror of that news, which only cancer survivors can understand, I realized that I had to do my own research, and over time came up with a protocol of life changes that truly left no stone unturned.
It’s the most involved thing I have done in my life and I wrote up my daily schedule, 3 pages of different healing modalities, for my Onc, in case he asks:
“Do you take anything else?” 

Within 2 weeks of the diagnosis, he checked me again and stated in disbelief “This has shrunk by 50%!”
Then we found a tumor marker which in healthy people is between 0-40.
Mine was 114.6.

I continued my healing, different healing and nutritional and also mental emotional practices with my very dear and trusted friends.

I decided not to talk about this with anybody other than a very close circle of friends and healers who were supporting me on my journey. You know who you are, and I love you so very much for all that you have done for me!!!

I knew that I needed to be focussed on healing, not on fear,

and I didn’t want any secondary gain whatsoever, just because this happened. 

I lost 17 pounds in the process and am healthier than I have ever been.

In September, the tumor marker that we were trying to “keep stable for as long as possible” had dropped by almost 2/3 from 114.6 to 43.3!

I added a few other things to my protocol, and two days ago I found out that it is now…drumroll… 22.3!

I am not out of the woods yet and the changes I have been making are certainly permanent.
But the tumors can hardly be found, no pain, no side effects whatsoever other than a bit of hair loss from the hormone therapy.
My doctor was stunned and described this as highly unusual.
And then he said “It seems you’re responding well to the treatment”.
LOL! Which one are we referring to?
The tumors went from 3 cm to barely there 🙂

Please keep me in your prayers. It’s a very good Thanksgiving!