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Does Clutter Hurt Your Family?

The stress from owning too much stuff, and storing it in places where it doesn’t belong, isn’t just a personal issue.
It impacts everyone we love: our partner, our kids, and friends who would like to come visit, but never get invited because we feel that we need to clean up first.

No Place To Relax And Just Be
When there is clutter on counters and floors, in overflowing shelves or plastic bins (for the lack of proper storage), when the table or chairs have to be cleared before we can sit down to eat, or we are ashamed to give someone a ride because our car isn’t presentable or clean, then we are hurting others, not just ourselves.

CHAOS = Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome
Think about it: How many times have you thought that your clutter is really embarrassing? How many times were you afraid that people would come over unannounced and saw how you live?

Main Reason For Fighting
The stress from clutter is one of the main reasons why partners fight. Kids don’t know how to be focused when they are getting sidetracked by clutter and never learn how to be organized and comfortable at home.

Poor Food Choices
There is a direct link between a disorganized home, and the food choices we make.
When the house isn’t comfortable, people take to comfort food to make up for what they are missing. Clutter encourages the “couch potato syndrome”, which also adds to weight gain and physical issues.

Constant Overwhelm
Coming home at night into a cluttered home turns into a permanent feeling of stress and overwhelm, so we never get to relax and feel that we are safe, accomplished and good enough.

Loss Of Confidence – Self Sabotage
Ingrid, have you ever noticed how easy it is to stop believing that we can actually be successful? We get inspired, excited and motivated, until that time when we hit a wall and fall into an old pattern of self sabotage.
And the more often we do this, the more our subconscious mind comes to the conclusion that what we really want is just to start, not to finish. So it puts that rule in place, that finishing isn’t safe. Fear of success – remember?
The good news is that we have EFT to work through this now. We can and have to break through these self sabotaging patterns with EFT!
Tap on Healing Self Sabotage!

The Decision To Change This Is Life Changing
Yes, you may have to use willpower to step up. It might not come easy to you, and it might not sound intuitive. Sometimes, making a decision is a really big deal, and all our fears come up at once.

Let Me List Some Common Excuses:
I don’t have time… “right now”.
I don’t have money… “right now”
My partner isn’t supportive… “right now”

Can we please talk about “Right Now….?”

No Time… Right Now…
The truth is, that there is never a perfect time to make changes.
No matter how long we wait: We will always have to make a decision, deal with the inconvenience of changes in our lives, face that we have our work cut out for ourselves. Would you agree?

No Money…Right Now…
Since we don’t budget for things we know we can have, we never “have the money right now.” The question is this: If this was an expense that your child needed you to make, would you prioritize it? Would you find the money if it was important enough?
The answer is probably: “Yes.” And you know why? Because it is so much easier to give to others than to claim for ourselves.
But Clutter hurts your family, your relationships, your partner, so why wouldn’t we make it a priority to address this now, and once and for all?

No Support…Right Now…
The main reason why partners might not be supportive is, that we have tried to change before and didn’t follow through. They watched us stumble and fail too many times, and want to either protect us from getting hurt again, or protect themselves from disappointment or an expense that they don’t trust just yet.
In order to get their acknowledgment and support, we need to prove that we can do it, that we can succeed, and that we deserve to get the help we need. Big stuff is hard to do alone. To break that cycle, we might have to jump into cold water and do what we need But once they see the results, they will be more supportive and understanding in the future. Would you agree?

The Ultimate Clutter Cleanse Gives Money, Time and Support
You will donate, sell or otherwise monetize what you don’t need.
You will learn to do babysteps, consistently. This is not about carving out hours per day, but to change from clutter to clarity and consistently let go what shouldn’t be in your home.
Even if your partner isn’t in the boat just yet, you have a support group of new friends who all have the same goal: To tackle their stuff and to free their lives.
They will do the exercises with you, hold you accountable and give you the acknowledgement, love and cheers that you need to succeed.

So why ARE you holding back?
I hope you have the courage to decide that enough is enough, and you want the support you deserve to clear out that clutter once and for all.

I hope you make a decision to join us.
It will change your life. That I can promise.
And I can’t wait to welcome you to the group!

We are starting next Monday at 7:00pm EST, so if you want to be there for the first class (you do get a recording after), then please contact me and sign up now!
If there are any open questions, I’d be happy to answer them via email or phone.
But Don’t Wait!
Your Life is waiting for you ūüôā
You are amazing!

PS: I have even created an option to work and tap with me privately during our Clutter Clearing Adventure. Please check it out!


Clutter Cleanse

Cleansing Clutter and Discovering Gold

This is a bit vulnerable to talk about, but the lessons learned are so powerful that I want to share it with you.
Let me take a step back:
As you may know, few weeks ago, I decided to purchase a Rife Machine, a healing device consisting of generators and a laptop, that would take up some space in my office. I was excited to start using it, but didn’t really know where to put it.

I looked around: I am fortunate enough to have two offices in my house: the small office for regular office work, and a studio where I see my clients.
How is it even possible that I don’t have the space to set this up?

The somewhat embarrassing answer was…
that over the many years that I have had my healing and coaching business, paper and clutter had taken over my office.
One day I will muster up the courage to show you pictures, but I literally had small mountains of paper and stuff of all sorts stacked on shelves, across organizing systems, in bins, folders and stacking devices.

And yes, when I ran out of space, I turned into one of those people who actually moved their piles onto the floor.
Since I have two professional rooms in my home, and the studio is always organized and ready for clients, it was easy to temporarily escape the mess.
But my new Rife Machine couldn’t be in the same studio as my clients. It needed to be set up in the office, and I had a week to get ready, before my machine arrived.

Have you ever looked at piles of paper and got so discouraged that you just left the room and closed the door?
Isn’t it overwhelming to look at all that information and make decision after decision what to do with it, what to keep, what to toss and how to create systems that will work? Especially when you know that you can do better than this, but it will take time.

I have actually always liked organizing things.
There is a peace and serenity that comes from beautiful surroundings that support us in our lives. I love smart systems that assist me and my work, but I had completely lost sight of this skill, when urgent matters took over time and focus.

The piles made me feed uncomfortable.
They drained my energy. I couldn’t stand being in the orange office anymore.
I couldn’t even imagine working there and creating something of significance. On top of this, My office is in the middle of our home, so my family has to pass through it in order to get to the other side of the house.
Not a good feeling to know that they had to tolerate my inability to be organized.

So I decided to make clearing the office a priority for one week. I emptied out the trash can and put a huge laundry basket on the floor where all the paper clutter went that I didn’t need. I oiled the shredder for the invoices and business materials that can’t just be recycled.
Item by item, page by page, I picked through the piles and decided what to keep and what to toss.
And I discovered something special:

A wonderful sense of freedom!
This feeling of being free first appeared when I tossed something that I thought was dear to me because I had owned it for so long. But I realized that I really didn’t want or need it. On top of this, it wasn’t in good shape anymore, and couldn’t even be repaired. I just thought that I had to keep it because I had memories and history with it.
Bam! In the trash can it went. I knew that I could always pull it back out, but I wanted to try what it feels like to toss it.

That sense of freedom set in like a wonderful wave of comfort and space. Never again would I have to think about fixing it. Never again would I have to move it into another pile where it also didn’t fit. Never again would I have to keep this broken thing around, while I cherished the good memories even more. You guessed it: It stayed in the trash.

A wonderful sense of clarity and time
As the laundry basket filled up, the shelf emptied, and more and more open spaces appeared. Every time a shelf got cleared and organized, I felt like a stone was lifted. I couldn’t stop starting at it and enjoying that there was no call to action, no guilt feeling, no overwhelm coming from this shelf anymore. I could just breathe and focus on other things now. Yay!

I also found GOLD
As I worked my way through the many binders and handouts from lots and lots of conferences, masterminds and coaching programs that I have attended over the years, I found some of the most incredible material, valuable trainings  and incredible personal notes. I have literally invested close to $100.000,- over the years into my training and support, and revisiting all that I know, the wonderful guide books, binders full of notes and strategies that had always served me well, was wonderful. So much of this material had gotten out of sight, and it felt great to reorganize it now, so that I could have easy access again.
I had done a pretty good job at the time to keep systems, but as soon as the training was over, much of what I had accumulated ended up on the shelf.
Have you ever done this? Instead of continuously accessing your notes, you just file them away?
That was over now. I am so very grateful to all my mentors and trainers for the incredible wisdom that they have shared. This material is GOLD! And it can now be used in so many great ways again!

But the biggest surprise was still to come: Self Respect and Gratitude!
I found binders full of my old programs, handouts, contracts, workbooks and power point slides. I have been doing EFT for over 15 years, and in addition to teaching certification workshops, I also taught many specialty programs, business coaching programs, mindset programs, programs to support veterans, and much more.
I don’t want to sound as if I was full of myself here, but the reality is that, as I rediscovered all this material, I remembered how much time had gone into creating these, how much I had to do and learn to be able to create and conduct them, and the wonderful stories of my clients and students who participated and shared with me this journey.
At first, I wanted to put them into the laundry basket to the other paper.
But then I realized that this wouldn’t have served me.
Do you remember how I felt overwhelmed and ashamed that I had so much paper clutter in my office?
When I looked through my own training binders, this all changed. I remembered the passion and love that had gone into this work, and the excitement when students progressed. I found the self respect I had lost and the gratitude for being allowed to do this work.
I am very, very fortunate to share my passion with so many wonderful people. And I am very grateful that you are one of them!

All of a sudden I couldn’t wait to keep clearing out!
It became a fun activity to shred piles of old invoices or outdated notes, while creating appropriate spaces for the things I love and cherish.
I had always kept CDs and music in my office, but once I invested into a very simple and inexpensive CD box, that matches the theme that I like, I realized the quality of the music and recordings that I actually have. I sorted it into categories, and once the cabinet was cleared, even found space to permanently put a CD player. There is something wonderful about real books, real CDs or DVDs, and different means to enjoy it. I don’t like to have all my information in digital form.
You might prefer this and end up scanning a lot of things. But for me, the boxes that I can sort through make sense.

A blessing for our home
All of a sudden, I also began to clear out kitchen cabinets, reorganize the freezer and the drawers with silverware. I started clearing and releasing, and our family felt the shift.
It is so nice to have a home that comforts us, that is simple and loving, with beautiful items that aren’t broken, that match well and function perfectly.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I know how difficult it can be to get a good start. The feelings, memories and the sheer amount of stuff we accumulate are just too much to take sometimes.
I want you to feel good about yourself and want to make sure that you also enjoy your space and your home. I know the difference that this makes.

And I am wondering if you might be interested in joining me for a webinar on this topic? I would be happy to guide you through some of this process and help you with some EFT tapping through the emotional overwhelm.

But before I offer this, I’d like to know if this might interest you.
Please simply reply with a “Yes” or “No” to this email.
If you’d like to share more information, I’d like to learn from you which areas in your home you would like to address.
Different rooms have different energies, functions and memories. What would be the most helpful for you?

Please do leave a comment, so that I can decide if this class might be a good fit for you.
Thank you for taking the time to do this! You are so appreciated!


Some thoughts on being right

After my last post, I received some wonderful private messages that led to valuable exchange. Thank you for all the reaching out! It is so good and important to be connected :-). I truly appreciate you!

I am grateful to see how many people actually resonated with the notion that issues that have been dormant within us, maybe instilled early on through storytelling by our parents, can all of a sudden open up and take on a life of their own.

I was quite stunned to see this, and also to see how hard it was to withdraw from all the pressure and craziness that i saw happening 24/7.

But here is another truth about a need or “program” that I have found to be so instrumental:

I realized the incredible need of people to be RIGHT!

While it is wonderful and important to have a point of view, to share one’s experiences, to discuss issues that impact our lives, I have never seen so many people, myself included, all of a sudden feel that they have the ultimate truth.

I’d like to suggest the thought that it might be worth exploring¬†if there is such a thing as the truth, or if truth isn’t just something very individual, based on personal experiences, beliefs and other factors that we may or may not consciously choose. What I found in my talks with hundreds of folks from all walks of life is, that when we allow ourselves to go deeper in our listening to people’s initially stated truths,¬†and really listen with interest to the person’s personal story instead, we are most likely in for a surprise.

I have often found that the need to be right is actually a need to be heard and taken seriously, to be acknowledged for real trauma, real struggle, real pain. Being right might give us the validation that we have power and are important. But what is more important for many people than being right on facts is to be confirmed that their story really happened, that it was a big deal and that, in case of a trauma, it truly was unfair and shouldn’t have happened.

So my question then became:

Would we be better off if, instead of discussing big politics for a while, we really listened to each other, assuming and knowing that the person talking, given his or her personal background, is right? Learning, acknowledging, trying to relate and honoring each other, without the immediate need to change the other person or their lives?

This is actually something we do in coaching:

We ask the right questions.

We ask the meaningful questions

We look for the missing links

We look for how a statement could be right for a person at any given time, even if the outcome is clearly not serving them

And what acknowledgment, confirmation and support might be needed, even necessary, to help them move forward.


I think we need to start building a society of coaches.

Coaching should be an integral part in our kids education, in parenting classes for parents of teenagers, in marriage classes, mandatory to have some tools to get through the deepers problems alive and in one piece.

If people jumped to genuinely interested and curious questions instead of hasty conclusions, and were willing to wait for the answers that are true for the other side, how different would our world look.

Coaching is not just a tool that helps people be more successful. It is a tool that helps people create powerful, responsible, respectful relationships that enrich their lives in more ways than they ever thought possible.

I am grateful for all the emails and comments that I have been receiving. Pelase never hesitate to share your thoughts with me. I am looking forward to getting to know you!



A Powerful Truth

It has been a while since my last post to you, and I sincerely apologize for this. The last weeks and months have been quite a whirlwind, both inside and out, and I had to take some time to pull back and reflect on who I am and what I want to do with that. I know that many of my friends and peeps feel the same at this time.
It is important to honor this.
Some Health Updates
First things first: You may or may not know that  have been dealing with some health issues, a breast cancer recurrence, that started to act up again, at least according to my doctors. I have been throwing whatever I can at this, both with western medicine as well as with an extensive holistic program.
I am not on traditional chemo, but am taking a combination of two drugs at this time. And I am doing lots of vibrational healing, EFT, Tongren, Rising Phoenix Qigong, Yoga, REIKI, Juicing, Coffee enemas, gemmotherapy, cleansing, Cell salts, a modified Gerson Therapy, homeopathy, tons of supplements,… I am looking into Rifing, creating my own homeopathic remedies, ¬†and other therapies as well. If you have a Rifing machine that I could borrow before I invest into my own, please let me know :-).
I have always believed that the best way to deal with something is to accept ALL the help we can get, not just the one that matches our belief system. And to not buy into fears or beliefs from one side only, but see myself in a bigger, holistic picture where everything has it’s place.
So please keep me in your prayers, as I have been working hard to get rid of this.
I did what I had to do in my business
My business took a step back in this process. It’s difficult to focus on launching programs and doing private sessions, when the day is filled with focussing on health. At least in the beginning.
Focus is important for everything we do, so focussing on being well has to be a full commitment with no regrets or distractions.
That’s why you haven’t heard from me. At least to some degree.
But here is the last part –¬†And this one is really big for me!
Please take a breath and just consider this for a moment:
After 2 years of being in the completely normal range, my tumor markers started to act back up when the anger and hatred with the presidential election kicked in.
I am German, so for me, much of what I heard and read struck a cord much deeper than just some news. I realized that I wasn’t just hearing it, I was resonating with it.
I got hooked. I had to say on top of what was happening.
I felt that I had to take part in this, and in preventing a history that we Germans know all too well, from repeating itself.
You may agree or disagree with me politically, but the reason I am writing this is not to change your mind or have a political discussion.
It is important to respect each other’s freedom of opinion, so please don’t send me emails about how you feel about where we are right now :-).
Downloading the wrong stuff
However, what I did notice was that I started to download that negativity, that fear, that rage. I channeled it towards a goal, but often, it became an intrusive thought, a combination of fear, disbelief, determination and helplessness.
It became quite a mess would be another way to say it. And when you put the tumor markers and those events together, you can see quite an astounding congruence.
Nevertheless, my PET scans remained unchanged from the one I had 2.5 years ago until right before the election. 2 months later, it was quite different.
We changed medication, and I trust that it will be OK, but you can see such a clear before and after, that it would be ignorant to not acknowledge the power of fear, anger and helplessness on our health.
My oncologist at the Dana Faber Cancer Institute in Boston confirmed, that many of his patients say the same: The darkness and hopelessness, and how it deeply impacts them. And when a Doctor says this – there’s gotta be something to it, don’t you think?
Why my history played Into this
Being German, I always felt that I have to have a strong point of view, that I have to be somewhat of a guardian of history and warn people of signs that I see. But is this really true? The truth was, that it held me back, that it stopped me from living and being well, that it made me angry and feel that there is no future.
And I had to admit to myself that this might just be my perception of the truth, not the truth itself.
Which of course leads to the question if there is such a thing as the ultimate truth, or just collections of facts that we put together as our version or perception of what is right… But that’s for another time to discuss…
So what’s my real job?
At this time, I think it’s fair to acknowledge that, no matter what is going on in the world, I have a specific responsibility here, a place to fill, a job to do.
And this is not speculating about what may or may not happen, but to live the way I wish others did :-).
To do what I wish was done.
To embrace the fact that the earth is an incredibly beautiful planet, and that it is miraculous how each and every thing on this planet works together in harmony.
I can’t help but think that this spirit, that creates this amazing life, that breathes meaning and purpose into every grain of sand, and microbe, anything we see, are and are a part of, must be stronger as the human ability to destroy it.
We haven’t created this life, and we’re not going to take it out.
Whether we are a part of the future of the planet or not, whether we are that important to keep around or not, that is again, for another discussion. At this point, it might just be food for thought.
We know how grand we truly are
But what I do think is reality at this time is, that there is a part of us that has always know that we are here to do something unique.
Something special.
Something grand.
It might be that part of us that at the same time has felt scared, intimidated, overwhelmed by the responsibility of doing this.
This “fear of our own power” has become a standing term in the spiritual community.
Because it knows that, once we do what we are here to do, we become a part of a movement, a missing link, a changer and healer in a way we can’t run away from anymore.
It can be quite intimidating to think that we have indeed the power to change lives, to make something better, to become a light in our community, in other people’s lives. Or to become a much bigger light than we have ever been before.
But it can also feel like a healing experience to finally allow ourselves to be big. to be grand. to be alive and well, moving forward with what we so passionately know we are here to do.
Now here’s a simple truth:
Whatever we think it is that we are here to do can be done in baby steps.
We don’t have to rush it.
We don’t have to be highly successful right from the start.
The first step is to turn into the direction where we want our lives to be one, two, five or ten
years from now.
Just turn. Don’t walk yet! Just LOOK!
Just look into that direction and imagine what it would feel like if you were already there, supported, protected, acknowledged and well.
What would that feel like?
What would yo need?
What would you need to give to get there?
What would you be willing to give up to be there?
Don’t take action, just look.
What do you see?
What would your day look like?
There is truth to saying “If you can’t see it you can’t have it” – the opposite of “if you can dream it you can be it.”
If we don’t allow ourselves¬†to see ourselves in the future, then how can we know where we are heading?
Most people spend so much time worrying about the future, which is usually built on experiences of the past. Instead, just spend an equal amount of time seeing where you will really be when you take your dreams seriously and allow yourself to spend the time to look carefully.
There is an image that will occur that you will like.
Allow yourself to fall in love with it.
Allow yourself to recognize it as your future self.
Allow yourself to be that image, to feel that it is real.
The only difference between who you are and who you will be is time.
And that time is your currency. You can use this in any way that you want.
You may know that I always had this dream:
This dream of helping Veterans and Emergency Personnel be better understood and integrated in our society.
This dream to help companies hire and support Veterans, of Veterans getting help with PTSD symptoms in a way that works for them. This dream of being a bridge between civilian society and Military culture, talking and bridging between “both sides of the aisle”, so that the trauma of war can be transformed and healed from within.
I had this dream of helping diverse communities come together, acknowledging, understanding and deeply appreciating each other’s gifts and values.
As a Professional Speaker, I have this dream of having my books published and having access to those who need to hear more about healing from trauma and integrating our lives stories into the beautiful web of our societies.
This is what I am working on.
What do YOU dream of?
Rice patty

Never Judge PTSD – A Story Of Healing From War

“What do you think of me now Ma’am?” He asked.
My head was racing. I had worked with this Marine over the phone for several hours. His wife was there to support him. He told me his name was Joe, but I didn’t know if that was true. I did t know if he called me from a friends house or his own phone. I had no idea what he looked like and would most likely have passed him by on the street.
But I had heard his stories. Stories of intense trauma.
Vietnam did that to people. All wars do.
He was uder care of the VA and had permission to try EFT with me.
Story by story we unpacked whatever he was ready to share. He was a high ranking officer. He took command of the session, decided where to go and what to talk about.
In the beginning, we just worked on his physical stress. That’s all he could do.
But as he learned to trust me more, he began to share stories that nobody other than his pastor had ever heard.
He didn’t talk about it at the VA, and his therapist hadn’t even asked him to do so.
He asked his wife for forgiveness for some of the things he had done to her, when he was raging, infuriated and out of control, destroying so much of their relationship and hoping that she wouldn’t break up with him as a result.
As we worked together, his voice changed from session to session. It became lighter, friendlier, and had a new sense of happiness, even purpose in it.
He was stoic and monotonous when we started, now, after just a few hours, he talked with a sense of freedom and relief.
We addressed some childhood issues, memories with his father, who was also a Marine.
They were intense, some of them more dramatic than his war memories.
I was grateful that we could work through them so safely without him tuning in emotionally.

But then, there was this afternoon, when he told me that he wanted to share something that only his priest knows.
“Ma’am,” he said “I need you to understand that I am not asking for forgiveness. I have been blaming myself for this every day since it happened, since I did this. I would give my life to make it undone. I am a monster and I deserve to burn in hell for this. My guilt is my punishment and I accept that.”
“Can you talk about it?” I asked? I am here to listen
“I talked with my priest. He was trying to make me feel better. But I didn’t want to feel better. I deserve to live in hell for this.”
This was a strong man. I had learned to respect him for so many reasons. I could feel his pain and confirmed that I’d be there for him.

“So here is it.” He said: “I was a Sniper, special forces. My job was to take out the enemy before it took out us..”
“I understand that.” I replied.
“My mission that day was to blow up that civilian bus. We expected enemy forces to be in it. ” “Yes.” I said.

“But…,” he paused, overwhelmed. It took some time for him to regain his composure… “But here’s the thing: the bus was ready to leave. But then, at the very last moment, I saw a father with his son running up to the bus….”
“And I waited until they got on before I blew it up.”
I could hear the crying in his voice. But he had no tears left. He had been carrying this for so many decades.
“I talked to my priest. He was trying to tell me that maybe this was gods will!” That’s bullshit. He was trying to tell me that maybe this little boy would have turned I to a terrorist! But seriously! This was a 9 year old kid! What are the odds of that???”

“What do you think of me now, Ma’am?”

My mind was racing. Could I help him with this? What was I going to say? Was there an appropriate response? Was I the right person to help him, given the severity of the story that he had just shared? Could I even find it in my heart to talk about this differently than he did?
I realized that this was a pivotal moment for me as a healer. If I couldn’t find a way to work with him now, I couldn’t do the work I wanted to do, helping Veterans release war trauma What was my place in this? And was I prepared to take it?

All this took just a few seconds. As I listened to the silence in the other side of the phone line, I realized that I hadn’t asked him the most important question yet.
“Joe” I said “my job is not to judge you. It is not to condone or excuse what happened. My only job that I have signed up for is to help you heal what happened.”
“Please tell me more. Who were you at the time? What were you trained to do? What were the real circumstances of this?”
“You don’t judge me?”
“No. I don’t.”

“Ma’am” he said “nobody has ever asked me this. Even my therapist at the VA never wanted to know.
You see” he continued ” at the age of 8, my dad put me in a secret military cadre for gifted kids. I was raised there. I was brainwashed. They put those headphones in us and made us think things about ourselves that I can’t repeat here. We believed to be so big, so invincible. I speak Russian and Vietnamese in my sleep. I do t recall to have ever learned this. I can tighten up my muscles so hard, that they can’t even give me a shot at the hospital when I feel threatened. I just break the needle. I am in my 70s now, but I can still pick up a live size tractor if necessary. Had to do that to save someone a little while ago. I am trained and programmed to be invincible and to not think. We all were. We didn’t have a choice. ”
He told me many more stories that I promised not to share. But it became apparent, that what happened that day had a big, huge, decades long story.

That this man had been systematically trained to forget about his humanness so he could do his job. So many of the troops I have worked with report this.

“Joe ” I said, when he was finished “I’d like to share something with you:
I understand why you say that the priest telling you that his was gods will is BS. And that the odds of the boy turning into a terrorist are very very slim. I understand why you want to take full responsibility for what happened that day. And I respect that.
But after listening to you, even though I am a healer not a Marine, after learning more about you, after hearing how you were raised, trained and prepared for many many years to do this job, I can’t help but seeing this differently now”

I paused, as this was huge for me, and quite frankly, it still is…

“Joe, I realize that if I had your background, your upbringing, your story, I would have done the same thing. Anybody would have. Not just you.”

There were many emotions coming up for him now, and we tapped through all of them with EFT.

Eventually we were done, and his demeanor had completely changed.
“I still have a lot to give.” He said “There are many poor devils like me who carry their mess around every day of their lives never knowing how to put it down. This EFT stuff works. I want to reach out to them and support them, too. I have a new mission in my life. No I am ready to take that on now.”

When we send our troops into war zones, we must expect for them to come back changed, injured and deeply impacted by what they were exposed to.

When they return, it is our job to take the responsibility for sending them into war in the first place. And for the things that happened while they were there. It is our job to
Never judge
Never condone
Never excuse what happened

But instead to help heal what happened with respect, listening and acknowledgement.
There needs to be a place for this in our society, where we hold and cherish our troops, and not just want them to “get themselves fixed so they can operate again.”

War trauma impacts everybody, not just the service members.
But when we learn how to acknowledge this without judgment, forgive without condoning or excusing and are truly I recreated in taking the time to listen and learn, our troops have a chance to return home
and have a place in the civilian world.

Thank you Joe for having the courage to step forward and teach me this important lesson. You have saved many lives.

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Who is the Veteran in your family?

If you have seen one of my talks about Veterans integration, you know that I always start by recognizing the service members and veterans in the audience. It is important to recognize and show respects to those who have served, and people are often surprised when coworkers or friends stand up. So often we don’t know how many people in our community have actually served at some point in their lives.

But then I also ask the family members of veterans to stand up and be recognized. Usually the parents, spouses and siblings of service members  feel connected to the service of their loved one. Children, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, an often take a bit longer to remember their family connection to military service.

But every single time, at the end of this time of recognition, with the exception of maybe a handful of people, the entire room is standing. It’s astounding to see and a powerful testimony to how much we all are in reality connected with military service and potentially war trauma.

Usually never more than two generations back

The truth is that, even if we don’t have an immediate family member who has served, we only have to go one or two generations back, and we find our military lineage, and our connection to war. We can’t run away from this. This is part of our shared history, no matter which country or generation we live in.

This is why it is even more important for us to understand that we can’t just close our eyes to our service members and pretend that none of what they are going through impacts us directly. It actually does.

We all carry certain aspects of military trauma within us. Most of us are not aware of how much this actually still impacts us today. Science has long proven that trauma changes our genetic code and can be handed down in our DNA from generation to generation. So if an ancestor experienced war trauma, we still carry those genetic mutations in our own DNA as well.

What this means is, that war trauma is not just historic trauma that impacts our troops and veterans. It is still alive, contributing to the ways we live our lives today. PTSD symptoms such as hyper vigilance, re-experiencing and avoidance impact our decision makers all over the world, many of which have served or have family members who did.

War trauma impacts all of us.

It impacts our families, our teachers, our colleagues, our clients, our friends and communities. It’s part of the entire society and all of it’s members.

When we learn to identify this very specific trauma in ourselves and address it with an vibrational medicine tool or energy healing tool such as EFT, we can release ourselves and the next generations from carrying on this trauma and it’s aftermath.

Helping our troops and veterans heal with EFT is therefore also not just a patriotic or compassionate thing to do, it is essential and important for all of us.

While Veterans and their families carry the majority of the weight, we all carry a part of it directly or indirectly.

By healing war trauma and military trauma, we are doing our planet a huge service.

I hope you can agree.

I am curious to read your comments on this.



Free EFT Tapping Video: How to Feel Seen And Acknowledged For Who We Are

This Free EFT Tapping Video is very dear to my heart:

I am getting so many emails from people who have never felt seen and acknowledged for who they are and what they have been through.

They have often turned that sadness and anger against themselves, wondering what is wrong with them, why they are not good enough, why their story isn’t valuable or recognizable to others.

While there is a lot to be said about having that powerful 1:1 connection with a person who can really help you feel seen and acknowledged on a deep, personal level, EFT allows us to get a wonderful and healing start even just by tapping along with a video.


I created it for you, so that you can begin to heal and transform those old feelings and step into the great value and power of who you truly are.

Enjoy, and please leave feedback below!

And if you’d like to set up a private 1:1 “Anger and Acknowledgment” consultation, which will include a personal round of tapping just for you, and an insightful and powerful talk about where you’d like to be and how you might be able to get there, please use this link to set up a time to talk:

Screenshot 2015-10-22 16.36.04

Are You A Thought Leader?

The other day, I was asked how I would describe my ideal clients in three words.

But something in the way the person asked me triggered a longer response. I want to share this with you. I said:

I like to work with people who are thought leaders in their field.

They have somewhat of a warrior mentality, they don’t take no for an answer, they are kind, deeply intuitive and compassionate, a bit straight forward, they can think strategically and independently, have enough people skills to get along with others. They are very creative and a bit out of the box. Sometimes it might seem like they are flying under the radar. But everybody notices that they are doing it. They don’t go unnoticed even if they are hiding. And people like them for that.

They talk a lot.

And they can’t help but know that they are here to make a difference and are willing to do what it takes to claim their space.

They are naturally successful.

Not because they start off with tons of money or because they already know what they want to do  and do it. They are naturally successful because they have the drive and determination to do what it takes to make a difference, have an impact and, as a result, to make tons of money.

Often all it really needs for them is to get the right training and support, and they are on their way.

They are natural leaders because they think differently, they see a different big picture than mainstream people do.

When they look at people, they always see something special, unique and powerful.

They can see through the bull, through the stories, and find something very beautiful, special and unique in every person they see.

They see people’s true gifts and values,

and they are not willing to compromise what is important to them.

This might get them into trouble sometimes, and some people might have declared them “unemployable” for that reason. But that’s OK. They didn’t want that job anyways…

The people I love to work with are a bit like me.

They know how to fly and they know how to fall.

They usually land on their feet, but not always. Sometimes it really hurts when they hit the floor.

But they just don’t have what it takes to quit.

They can’t quit when something is important to them.

They pick themselves up, dust themselves off, acknowledge that they are hurt, or upset, or angry, tap through this with EFT.

And then they try again.

Until they get it right.

Until they are there.

They are visionaries. They are thought leaders.

They think outside of the box, but they might not even know that they are doing that.

For them, there are no boxes. There are just opportunities waiting to materialize.

They are really fun to be around.

They listen. They speak.

They might interrupt when they think you’re done or you should be done, because they understand what you wanted to say.

They are really nice, really compassionate. And really, really interested in you doing well.

They are happy to help out. But they don’t want you to take advantage of them.

They expect you to step up and into your own power as a result of working with them.

They carry and support you only so far. Then they send you on your way.

They can’t stand self pity and whining.

Even though they might do this themselves more often than they would care to admit.

They don’t like that they do it. They wish they didn’t.

But then – everybody has stuff to work on,¬†don’t we?

These people have learned that vulnerability isn’t weakness, it’s just honesty.

They are OK with not being perfect, because they know that they are constantly finding new ways of improving and growing.

They are excited about every discovery they make.

They love change. They love being different.

They love being the first ones to have a thought, and to lead others as thought leaders with their ideas.

They are really, really good people, often with a huge and rather traumatic story that has shaped them somehow.

They know that this is true and they own that there are things that still make them cry after all these years.

That’s why they respect others: Because they know that everybody has a story that is powerful, often hurtful and rather traumatic on some level.

They know that because they have been there. And they don’t ever compare scars.

They honor each other and they honor their clients.

They are thought leaders, tribe leaders, influencers, who are here to plow their own way.


Now how’s that for an ideal client?

I know it isn’t the three word description that I was supposed to give when asked.

But I like it anyways…