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Free EFT Video – The Ultimate Clutter Cleanse

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September 17th 2:00pm Free EFT Tele Class, Introduction to EFT

Please join me on Thursday, September 17th at 2:00pm EST

for a free one hour “Ask Ingrid Everything” EFT Tele Class, where you can have your EFT questions answered, and we will do some powerful tapping as well.

By signing up below, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Tele class disclaimer.

This class is perfect for you if you have beginner or advanced level understanding of EFT, and are running into questions that are holding you back from being more effective, either with using EFT for yourself or using it with others.

I have been practicing EFT since 2002 and teaching it for over 8 years, so I have a wealth of information to share.

Please join our class and bring your questions!


Also please email me your questions in advance!

Can’t wait to have you!



21 CEUs available for EFT Certification Trainings Oct. 10th-12th Concord, NH


Please join us for the upcoming EFT Certification workshop:

July 25th-27th 2014

at the Residence Inn, in Concord, NH

9:00am – 5:00pm


Tuition: $399,-

Included: an extensive workbook binder, healthy snacks

For more information, please go to


EFT Certification Training

Please register now for the next EFT Certification training:

When: September 26th – 28th 2013

Location: Residence Inn, Concord, NH

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm 


Are you interested in getting a thorough, live introduction to EFT, where you can learn how to use EFT for self care successfully?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and would like to learn an effective technique that can help you relax?

Do you suffer from burnout and would like to learn an effective self help tool to help you release trauma and stress?

This EFT Level 1/2 workshop is mandatory for all EFTers who would like to become EFT certified.

AAMET certified EFT trainer Ingrid Dinter offers this in depth, one day seminar according to the AAMET syllabus.



Here is  what you will learn:

Level 1 

Level 2

  • Basics
  • EFT Origins & background
  • Bridges to EFT
  • EFT Discovery Statement
  • EFT Basic Recipe
  • SUDs /VOC scale
  • Correcting polarity reversal
  • Basic EFT Recipe
  • Finetuning
  • Importance of being specific
  • The concept of “Aspects”
  • The importance of persistence
  • The generalization effect
  • “Your point” concept
  • Short cut tapping
  • Dealing with excessive intensity
  • Cognitive belief shifts
  • “Borrowing benefits” concept
  • Demonstrations and Practice:
  • Movie technique
  • EFT for physical issues
  • EFT for cravings
  • Other, depending on group
  • Testing Results
  • Probing questions: examples
  • The Importance of testing results
  • Troubleshooting
  • Note re the “Energy Toxins” concept*.
  • Introduction to self-work with EFT
  • Trainees are encouraged to make a
  • list of their own tap-able issues.
  • Limitations to L1 competency 
  • Ethical boundaries for offering EFT
  • Enhancing the Practitioner:
  • Brief review of AAMET Level 1
  • Discussion of safety issues for self & client
  • Practitioner maintenance and the importance of continuing self-work
  • Learning more about the use of the “Personal Peace Procedure”
  • Discussing ways to rapport
  • Introduction to using intuition with EFT
  • Calibration skills
  • Techniques
  • Learn and use 3 additional tapping points
  • Learn the “floor to ceiling eye roll”
  • More on “chasing the pain” techniques
  • Tearless Trauma Technique
  • Movie Technique
  • Sneaking up on the problem Technique
  • Choices Technique
  • “Touch & Breathe” Technique
  • “Talk and Tap/Continual Tapping” Technique
  • Specific Applications
  • Introduction to working with trauma
  • Discussion of avoiding abreactions
  • Dealing with abreactions
  • Advanced Methods:
  • Finding core issues
  • More questioning techniques
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Writing on the walls concept
  • “Tail enders” concept
  • Introduction to reframing
  • Further techniques to overcome psychological reversal
  • More on testing
  • EFT via the telephone / computer
  • Delivering EFT to groups and borrowing benefits
  • Implications of working with children 
  • Legal issues and code of ethics:
  • Legal implications for having an EFT practice
  • Ethical and legal boundaries of coaching vs therapy
  • AAMET requirements & implications, AAMET code of ethics


  • Please note: The AAMET Certification does not override the laws and regulations given by your state. By signing up for this workshop you declare that you are aware of your state’s regulations, the regulations of  your board for mental health practice and all other organizations. You only work within your ethical and professional scope of practice and refer to a mental health professional or medical Doctor when appropriate.

Announcement: Next EFT Certification November 9th – 11th 2012

Are you thinking about getting EFT certified?

The next EFT Level 1 & 2 workshop is coming up on November 9th – 11th 2012, and I’d love for you to join us.


I offer this workshop to only a small group of people, a maximum of 12, so that you can spread out in the beautiful hotel conference room, work with each other, study, demonstrate and experience EFT for your own well being as well as getting ready to help people that might need you to step up in the future.
The limited class size gives me the opportunity to work with most of the participants at least once, and to help and mentor you intensely as you are working on improving your skills.
Learning EFT in such a small group is a great opportunity, and several of the spaces are already booked.
So here are the details:
When: November 9th – 11th 2012 
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm EST
Location: Residence Inn, Concord, NH (if you need to stay over night, you can reserve a room at the Comfort Inn next door for 70.- + tax)
Tuition: $399,-
Included: 3 ring manual binder, snacks
As you contemplate joining us, please also think about the value that you will receive by beginning the certification process. In New Hampshire, there are currently just very few Certified EFT practitioners. 
Many clients know about EFT, the demand is clearly there, but most practitioners just work with it without any formal, standardized training, and without having passed any testing or abide by a code of ethics for their work.
Being certified is your statement to “the world” that you have taken your education seriously, that you have invested into the necessary classes, have passed a test, submitted case studies, worked with a minimum requirement of 50 cases and are receiving mentoring (a minimum of 6 hours private/12 hours group in the first year). You can be a beginner in EFT to take this training. 
It is set up to help newcomers as well as more experienced EFTers to the next level.
There will be packages offered at a discounted rate at the workshop that cover these remaining requirements.
Depending on your choice of package, they will also help you get ready to start / grow your own business.
In the EFT coaching world, most of our clients come through our reputation by referral.
Getting your certification states that you are serious and tested in EFT,  and have done more than watched some youtube videos, listened to the online summit and read a manual.
When I presented EFT to the military and other organizations, being certified gave me the neccessary reputation to be listened to.
It is more professional, and you will feel much more confident.
Please email me with any questions you may have, and hold your space by using the paypal button!
Hope to see you November 9th – 11th in Concord!

EFT Videos: Testimonials for the EFT Certification Program

Nothing speaks better about the quality and effectiveness of a workshop, than the testimonial of someone who has been there.

The videos below are just some of my students, and I am so grateful that they have decided to commit to taking EFT as far as they have.

Please join us for the next EFT Level 1&2 Intensive in a small group:

When: July 6th – 8th 2012

Where: Residence Inn, Concord NH 03301

Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm (please bring an extra 30 minutes in case we need them)

Tuition: $399.-

Included: Extensive workbook, snacks and gifts 


Cheri Valentine, EFT Level 2, VIP


Helen Fernald, EFT Level 1


Dianna Serrano, EFT Level 1


 Diane, EFT Level 1&2 intensive 



Nancy, EFT Level 1&2, VIP



Stephanie, EFT Level 1&2 



Royann, EFT Level 1


Nanci, EFT Level 1



Laurie, EFT Level 1




Linda, EFT Level 1&2



Babette, Level 1&2, VIP



Elissa, EFT Level 2, VIP



Kim, EFT Level 2



Royann VIP  

Jerry, Veteran and Firefighter with PTSD, EFT Level 1&2, VIP


Amy, EFT Level 1&2

EFT 3 Day Live Training! Please join us!

EFT Certification Level 2: There is a reason a group comes together

Whenever I teach an EFT certification workshop, I am excited to learn more about the deeper reason why this particular group of people is coming together at this time.

There are four things that make a workshop successful: The training materials and curriculum, the skill level of the trainer, the devotion of the students to their own curiosity and, and this is a big one: The composition and connection within the group.

In the beginning of class, I always ask the attendants to introduce themselves and share what motivated them to come.

It is astounding to see how, without fail, after three or four people have introduced themselves, a “theme” begins to appear.

This theme is something that most attendants have in common, something within their personal background, their professional life or a specific issue that needs to be addressed.

Sometimes it is single mothers, helping elderly people with their life transition, PTSD and combat trauma, death or suicide of a loved one.

It may be that most attendants have business related issues, or would like to work on their physical appearance.

Whatever it may be in each specific class, the awe that participants feel when they see that they are not alone, that there are more like minded, passionate EFTers out there who are struggling with the same thing they are, is inspiring and rewarding.

Even though the AAMET curriculum for the EFT Certification remains the same, and I teach the materials taught by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, the issues we tap on and discuss come from the class.

So we practice the gentle techniques like the Tearless trauma technique, the sneaking up on the problem, the chasing the pain, and many others like the choices technique or touch and breathe with specific issues that relate to what the majority of the group is going through or has an interest in.

The sense of connectedness, compassion, support and judgement free acknowledgment that the group offers each other creates friendship for a lifetime.

The healing that comes from borrowing benefits from each other’s sessions change and alter lives way beyond what can be demonstrated in class.

So whenever you come to a workshop, make it a point to get to know the other participants and find out why you are in this classroom together at this time.

The results might astound you.

I am looking forward to teaching the next Level 2 workshop this weekend, October 15th and 16th at the Residence Inn in Concord!

There is one spot left! Please contact me asap if you are interested in joining us!