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That white feeling of not deserving...

Free Tapping Script – EFT for Feeling Undeserving To Receive Money

After yesterday’s “rant” about the epidemic of feeling undeserving amongst healers and coaches, I thought I offer you a Tapping script, so you can begin to tackle this problem.

Remember: You are a blessing to others. You are saving lives. You are transforming lives. You are important, relevant, gifted and unique.

You deserve to receive – no, you must receive, not just give to others, in order to keep going with your important work.

Of course receiving money is only one of the many things you deserve. But if you don’t have money, it is very hard to have a good life, a lifestyle that allows you to feel safe and supported while you reach out and change the world.

So here goes: EFT for feeling deserving of money… please tap along:

KP: Even though I feel undeserving of making money with what I love to do, I completely love and accept myself without judgment.

KP: Even though making money with my passion just doesn’t feel right, it feels greedy and wrong, and I am struggling with that, I love and accept myself anyways.

KP: Even though it isn’t really true that I accept myself, it is so hard to accept being poor while I do all this great work in the world, I choose to allow myself to get ready for a shift.

TH: It is hard

IE: I am struggling

OE: I really am

UE: I just can’t ask for what I want

UN: How can I ask for money?

UL: It just doesn’t feel right

CB: I can’t just ask for the money I need

UA: It is just not that easy, and I don’t feel deserving

TH: I don’t feel that I deserve to get paid, and I must admit that this really hurts my feelings

Take a breath…

What is coming up for you?

OK – let’s tap another round… Ready?

TH: I wish I didn’t have to feel this way

IE: I wonder why I do, after all I don’t question that others get paid

OE: Not feeling deserving is such a lonely feeling

UE: ANd I wish someone would take this away from me so that I could breathe again

UN: I wonder why I feel this way

UL: I really do – who told me that I don’t deserve to get paid?

CB: I wonder if it is really true that I don’t deserve

UA: And that there is anybody out there who benefits from me not having what I need

TH: I wonder who benefits from me not having what I need, and if anybody does… it sure isn’t me…

Take another breath…

What are your thoughts?

What do you feel?

Just notice it and be open to more shifting…

TH: I am beginning to see that nobody benefits when I don’t have what I need

IE: I am open to allowing myself to see this in a different light now

OE: I am open to just observing the value I bring into the world

UE: ANd to consider that nobody benefits when I don’t get paid what I need

UN: It is so strange to see myself struggling with what I am worth

UL: While I am clear on what I can do for others

CB: It is so strange to hold on to this belief that doesn’t serve me

UA: While a different belief could protect me and keep me strong

TH: I am getting ready to allowing myself to receive what I need, and I am grateful for the courage that I have to ask for it.

Take a breath…

What is coming up for you?

Some people feel anger

Some feel small

Some feel frustrated

Some feel lost.

Do you know how much you need?

I could imagine that it isn’t really clear to you yet how big your expenses really are.

Have the courage to sit down and think about this.

And then come up with a good strategy to create the income that you truly need.

If you feel you need help with this, please let me know.

I’d be gad to give you a free strategy assessment.

Please contact me so we can set this up for you as soon as possible.



Girl Looking at a Flower

Why People Prefer Dreams Over Goal Setting, And What To Do About It

Something strange happens when we decide to really work on living our dreams: The energy changes, and dreams turn into goals. They now need a strategy, they become tangible. Dreams feel lofty, beautiful, endless. Goals are measurable, tangible and doable. 
When this happens, people need to release any sense of being a victim. They just need to let go of any reason, fears or excuse for why they shouldn’t be able to make their dream a goal. 

Then they transform from victimization into victory. A fascinating process to watch. However, many people quit when they notice that energy shift. They miss the ease of the dream, the freedom to dream, and they now feel that the goal is not what they really want. They just quit and go back into the loftiness. For a while, they feel release and relief, then the wheel starts again.

On the way to success, it is important to take responsibility for everything that happens to us, to all our decisions, our mistakes as well as our victories. And the most important thing is to never quit. Never quit. We can’t reach our goals unless we are committed to doing what it takes. Then it is time for new dreams, on the level that is then available to us.

Transform For Success: Make Your Story Matter

If you are in doubt about the meaning of your unique story, and how to make it matter for yourself and others, please watch this video.

Tap along with the tapping suggestions that are being offered to help you see the true meaning of your past, your story and your life.

Please leave feedback below!

Free Tapping Script: EFT For Fear Of Facing The Truth

Are you afraid to face the truth? Facing the truth about a situation is not always easy.

It can be scary and overwhelming to look past wishful thinking and facing the reality of our life, the reality of a situation or a personal relationship.

On the other hand, releasing the fear of facing the truth is the first step to a successful life.

When we have the courage to just look at things the way they are, it becomes much easier for us to make good decisions.

Facing the truth gives us options to decide what we want to do, how we want to take charge and how we want to continue to live our life.


Take a heart and tap along!


First, I’d like to encourage you to chose a topic for your tapping. Pick something that you don’t want to look at.

Rate your fear of facing it on a scale of 0-10.

Where do you feel this in your body?

For the purpose of this tapping sequence, we will assume it is in your gut and throat. But it might be a different location for you.

Just acknowledge that it is there and make a mental note of how strong it is.


Then let the thoughts go and just focus on the tapping.

No need to get upset now!


KP: Even though I have this gut wrenching fear of facing the truth, I completely accept myself and my feelings

KP: Even though I just can’t get over this fear, I just don’t want to go there, I love and accept myself, and I choose courage when the time is right.

KP: Even though I feel so overwhelmed by this thought, I don’t want to have to look at it  what if it is not safe or I get hurt badly? – I choose to be more calm and relaxed anyway. Everything happens in devine and perfect order.


TH: I am overwhelmed.

IE: I am REALLY scared right now

OE: I really don’t want to have to face this

UE: I just don’t want to, it feels too uncomfortable, too scary to me

UN: I really don’t want to have to think about this

UL: I just don’t can’t go there, it doesn’t feel safe

CB: I have this unsettling feeling of overwhelm right now

UA: This fear that I just can’t go there

TH: I have this feeling in my gut that I don’t want to face this, I just can’t, and that’s the truth!


OK, well done 🙂 Take a breath and just relax for a moment.

This is not easy. I understand. Just breathe, and get ready for another tapping round


TH: What if I could allow myself to just relax a bit

IE: What if I could feel more in control, even if it’s hard

OE: Maybe I don’t have to be so overwhelmingly fearful

UE: Maybe I could just take a peek at what is truly going on

UN: I can choose to tap along until I feel better

UL: After all, what happens happens, whether I know about it or not

CB: But when I know what’s going on, I can make better decisions

UA: And I don’t have to feel so overwhelmed and out of control anymore.

TH: I choose to feel a bit better about myself and the control that I have, even if I have to face the truth about this.


Take a breath again. Do you feel a bit more optimistic? Do you notice a shift?

Nothing has happened yet. You are in control. Just take it one step at a time and as you tap along, you will find more and more opportunities to make decisions that help you move forward.


TH: What if I could be relaxed and just let it be easy?

IE: What if I was making at least a part of this problem up?

OE: My denying of the truth doesn’t change a thing

UE: It just makes me feel uncomfortable, it makes me feel scared

UN: I choose to release this daunting fear now

UL: And I choose to begin to explore what the truth is all about

CB: I choose to be very thorough with this and honest to myself

UA: After all, I know that there is more to it than just what I am afraid of.

TH: I am grateful that I am now beginning to see this differently.


Take another breath and check in with your body. How do you feel? What is coming up for you?

Any changes? Good – take a mental note.


Let’s do one last round on Gratitude:


TH: I am grateful that I am beginning to let go of this fear

IE: I am grateful that I didn’t give up, and take it one step at a time

OE: I am grateful that I have the courage to claim my power back from this daunting fear

UE: And to begin to see opportunities where I used to only see fear

UN: MAybe I can begin to see the truth in all of it’s facets

UL: The truth is not one dimensional – there are many things I can impact and change

CB: I am grateful for my courage to put this behind me

UA: And I feel confident now that I can handle this, one step at a time.

TH: And even though I was so afraid to face this, I am grateful for the opportunities I am beginning to see.

Thank you, I am grateful for my control and strength.


Breathe. And check in with your body. How do you feel?

What do you notice?

There is so much to facing and understanding the truth, and when you have the courage to see the whole picture and not just a part of it, you will also find your strength to make the right decisions and do what you have to do to let the truth be a good thing.

Please leave a comment below!




Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT For Fear Of Failure

Do you know this fear of failure, that creeps up just when you feel you are prepared for your next project or milestone?
This fear that comes from a consistent inner voice, warning you that you might fail?
Having this fear is so frustrating.
It stops us from even trying, from even giving it your best shot.
And if we don’t try, we automatically fail.
However, since we are usually very resourceful in finding excuses, we believe that we will have a much easier time defending that we didnt try, than explaining why we failed.
I’d like to offer you a tapping script that you might find useful when this inner voice takes over your courage and self esteem and warns you beyond a doubt that you might fail.
Try it and please let me know how it worked for you!
EFT for Dealing with Fear of Failure
KP: Even though I have these deep routed fear of failure, I completely love and accept myself.
KP: Even though it is so frustrating to have this fear – I really don’t want it! – I accept all of my feelings without judgment.
KP: Even though I feel so disappointed in myself – this fear of failure is keeping me stuck! – I choose to forgive myself and the part of me that believes that I might not be able to succeed.
TH: I admit it: I am scared and stuck right now
IE: I have this sinking feeling in my chest and stomach – what if I will fail?
OE: I am overwhelmed with fear, even though a part of me clearly wants to move forward
UE: It is overwhelming and frustrating to be stuck like this
UN: I don’t even know where to begin
UL: I feel stuck and so scared to fail
CB: But a part of me can also see that I do have a chance
UA: A part of me clearly wants me to move forward, I just don’t know how yet.
TH: I see that a part of me is scared, and another part feels confident, but the two are not communicating and are really not helping right now.
Take a deep breath. Feeling stuck and scared to fail is normal. Every successful person will tell you that in order to move forward, you will face your fears over and over again. Just breathe again and accept that you are making every effort to get past this feeling.
OK? Ready? Then let’s tap another round:
TH: If I could have it my way, I wouldn’t be so scared
IE: If I cloud have full control over my feelings, I would definitely give it a try
OE: I can see how there is a part of me that clearly has courage and feels confident that I have a chance
UE: I can feel how this part of me is pushing and pulling me to feel more courageous
UN: There is a part in me that knows that I have what it takes to succeed
UL: I like this part, it is a good, courageous friend
CB: I wish that the rest of me could give up the fighting and resisting
UA: And would feel calm and confident instead that I can succeed in a way that works for me.
TH: I choose now to feel the confidence within me, and move forward in a way that works for me.
Take a breath again.
TH:  I am beginning to see that I don’t have to change completely over night
IE: I am beginning to see that I can make changes one step at a time
OE: I am grateful for the cautious part of me that wants to protect me from pain
UE: And I am grateful that I have what it takes to take the next step
UE: And even if I can’t see myself at my goal just yet
UN: It’s OK to move forward at a pace that works for me
UL: By tapping, I have already overcome the first hurdle
CB: I am not as stuck as I was when I started tapping
UA: I am farther ahead now, and it is beginning to be fun!
TH: I am grateful that I can get unstuck and move forward, – at a pace that truly works for me!
Take another breath. How do you feel?
Do you notice a shift in how you feel?
Maybe you feel safer to just take the next step?
Maybe you feel that you have more time to make the changes you wanted to make.
Maybe you feel that you can breathe deeper.
Maybe you are beginning to see that you don’t have to know al the steps to reach your goal,
but that you are growing into who you want to be, one step at a time.
When you take your time and approach your goal focussing on the next logical step, you will be surprised how quickly you can move forward.
Please let me know how this works for you!

Time Management Tips – How To Learn New Technology Without Overwhelm

Time ManagementTime Management is one of the topics that most of my coaching clients struggle with.

For transformational entrepreneurs, there is always more to learn. We often don’t have brick and mortar storefronts or offices, so the internet becomes our “home” the place where we attract clients, where we talk about what we are passionate about and what we have to offer.

The Internet changes very quickly, and ignoring the possibilities online for business growth and marketing is simply not an option.

But how much do we need to learn? And when do we learn it?

Well, the good news is that we don’t have to know everything. We just have to know enough to understand the importance of it and how it can be helpful in our marketing plan.

Yes, I do recommend that you write your own blog, auto responders and newsletters. This is your immediate connection and communication with those who you care about, and your clients and followers deserve to get to know you and not your ghost writer, no matter how good he or she may be.

A simple time management tip that can change your life 🙂

Get your calendar out. I recommend one of those huge table top paper calendars that you would usually have under your computer on your desk, and stick it on the wall.

This way, you see in big letters what the plan for the week and month is.

And then block out a designated time each day that is only for learning and studying.

In the beginning of your business, you will not have that many clients.

So you can easily afford to spend 60-90 minutes per day learning about one topic that you don’t know enough about.

How about you make one full week your blogging week?

Monday: Learn how to setup and install a wordpress blog

Tuesday: Learn what widgets and plugins are and how to use them and which ones are recommended to get started

Wednesday: Learn how to Install your calendar and your contact form and find that perfect theme

Thursday: Learn how to google your keywords with the google adwords keyword tool:

Thursday: Learn how to write and post blog pages (If you have extra time that day, try it out and actually put your “about”, your “disclaimers” and your “services” page online.) 

Friday: Learn how to put up a post (very similar to putting up a page) and (if you have extra time that day) actually post something.

By the end of the week, you have a working blog 🙂

If you really don’t know how to do something, or you don’t want to learn al the tech stuff, that’s perfectly OK.

Maybe you want to spend your 60 minutes on finding a webmaster or Virtual Assistant (VA).

If we plan ahead for the learning that you have to do, we will have a much easier time breaking it down into manageable pieces and taking it one effective step at a time. We actually get it done. 

The final piece: When the time for learning and studying is up, it’s OK to pat yourself on the shoulder for doing such a good job, and turn our attention to a different topic.

Transformational Entrepreneurs don’t build all of their business online.

You have to have time for phone calls, events, speaking gigs and more. And you have to have time to embrace your life and your family, your charity and your hobby.

So when your time of learning is done, take a break from the computer and reach out to others.

Makes sense?

Good Luck!

Please leave your comments below.



Successful Networking – How To Attract Clients And Grow Your Business Through Live Events

Successful networking is key to getting a solid, enthusiastic client base.

It is so much easier to connect with potential clients who would benefit from working with us at life events and in personal groups than through social media or online listings. Meeting potential clients face to face, having the time to shake their hand, make a personal connection and establish a relationship is invaluable.

I know that as transformational entrepreneurs, the word “sales” is often a trigger. Many people feel that they should “attract” clients without having to sell or market. 

But in truth, if you want to be successful, it would help to be willing to expand this view. Your intention determines your experience, and if you go to an event with the intention not to sell or market, but just to meet likeminded people and see what happens, then the people who are actively looking for help will have a hard time finding you. If you are out there with the intention to attract clients, then your potential clients can find you easily. Does this resonate with you?

You might want to consider releasing your resistance to getting the word that you are trying to attract clients out there, with EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping. There are free Tapping charts on this blog. Please feel fee to explore!

What not to do on networking events:

However, there is a huge pitfall that I warn all my business clients of, and I want to share this with you:

When you attend networking meetings, the common belief is that you go to get referrals.

Networking for referrals is a strategy that works well for companies who have well known, established services to offer.

Auto Mechanics, CPAs or Real Estate Agents would be some good examples.

However, for transformational entrepreneurs, coaches and healing professionals, this strategy usually doesn’t pay of at all.

Here is why:

There are two “hats” that you can wear when you join a networking meeting: Your “sales hat” and your “marketing hat”.

You can’t wear both – you have to decide so you attract the right people to talk to.

Three reasons why referral marketing is the wrong strategy for networking events:

1. In your business as a transformational entrepreneur, you will have a very hard time finding people who are willing to refer you and your specific technique, unless they have experienced your gifts and talents as a client first.

When you go to networking meetings, and talk about what you do to people who don’t understand, you will spend the evening “selling” that your technique works, scrambling to get people to believe you.

So you are not selling your services, you are selling the validity of your techniques or modalities.

At the end of the day, you will have some great conversations that lead themselves to friendships and more interest (hopefully), but no new paying clients.

2. In addition, you will have to try to “sell” people into “selling” your services to people they know (=leads).

But they still don’t know what exactly you stand for, so why would they put their reputation out on the line and risk the relationship with the clients they referred?

Business people don’t do that.

3. When you wear your marketing hat to get referrals, instead of your sales hat, what you are actually doing is trying to avoid having to sell your services yourself. Maybe you don’t like selling, so you establish good relationships with people who know people, hoping that they will step in and become free sales people for you.

Why would they want to do that?

They don’t own your business, they don’t really understand your business, so everything they could do to help you is on the level of doing you a favor (a few exceptions might be there, but this is the general situation in our field).

Remember that “transformational entrepreneur” doesn’t really mean much to most people in the business world, and they would not go out into their client base and refer people to you, unless they feel that they are truly knowledgable and have experienced results with you that they want to communicate.  

Makes sense?


Successful Networking to get clients:

So what should you do instead?

Instead, whenever you go to a networking meeting, join a club or talk to people who might relate to and be interested in your work, wear your “sales hat”.

Try to see everybody in the room as a potential client.

Don’t worry about referrals, worry about finding people who would like to work with you 1:1. Even if you meet very influential people, try to see them as clients.

The more influential they are, the lesser the chances that they stand up for you and refer their friends and family to you, after just having spoken briefly in a networking meeting. You are not asking for favors, you are asking for business, remember?


Your best referrals will come from raving fans, people who have experienced first hand what you are escapable of.

In my experience, whenever I go to a group or meeting, I meet several people who would greatly benefit from working with me.

I don’t look for people who will refer me to someone they know, I look for people who personally need my help.

This is a much faster way to grow your business through networking events than looking for referrals.

I hope this helps your business success!

Please leave a comment below!



Business Plan for Small Business Owners: Mindset for Budget

Create a successful BudgetHello again! Great to see you back!

I am so proud of you for moving forward with your one page business plan.

By now, you should have four things on your plan:

Your vision

Your Mission

Your Goals

Your strategies and action plan.


Now we come to a very important part, that makes many of my business coaching clients cringe:

Your budget.

Your budget is extremely important, as it will determine if your business is successful.

Please don’t make the mistake that many transformational entrepreneurs make and say to yourself that you don’t need much.


Would you give me permission, for a moment, to give you an unfiltered “rant”?


Thank you. Here we go:


It is important to be honest about the money you absolutely need.

The money you would like to have

And the money that would be luxury, but really nice to have as it would move you forward.

If you don’t know how much you are spending, and how much you need to keep your business open, 


I had clients who gave me a budget that was so low that it was below the poverty line.


I mean: REALLY???

Is that how you want to live your life?

Is this the reason you want to invest all this time to build a transformational, authentic business?

To live below the poverty line?


I honor you for your wonderful intentions and your ability to live with not much at all, but as your business coach I must tell you that this is not enough.


Building a business is not about just scraping by.

It is about doing well.

It is about creating a future for yourself, and those that you care about.


Think about it this way: Your business is supposed to help others.

If you can’t guarantee that you have budgeted for the money you need, you will run the risk of having to shut down.

What about your clients?

What about those who count on you?

Will you tell them that you just didn’t want to make enough money to keep going?


I know that many of my clients struggle with asking for what they are worth.

We have to tap with EFT a lot on deservingness, overwhelm, shame and guilt.


That’s OK – don’t blame yourself for feeling this way.

Many people, especially transformational entrepreneurs, healers and coaches, struggle with that.

But it is so important that you release these feelings and replace them with good self esteem.

You can do very well helping others, touching many lives, being truthful t yourself and others.

The money you make can even create jobs as you outsource what you can’t or don’t want to do yourself.


It will give you the freedom to be spontaneous, to treat your family to some wonderful things.

After all: They are in the same boat with you, supporting and carrying you all the way.

They deserve to benefit, and so do you!


So if you feel that you truly don’t need much to get by, please think again:

How much do you need, just to keep your business going?



Your Coach



Cell phone


Marketing materials

Computer and Software

Cell Phone

Business trips


Continued Education

Professional Connections





Gas for your car


We have only just begun.

How about books, programs, professional clothes?


What else do you need (this is very different, depending on what you do)


Now look at your private life


Please don’t tell yourself that you can always buy things second hand, and that you don’t need to go out for dinner.

Of course that’s possible.

But you can ask for more.

You don’t have to play small.

Do you want to visit your kids or grandkids more often?

Do you want to travel?

How about some theater tickets?

This is not luxury. You need to be able to relax and take a breath.

You need to have what you need to be happy.


If you make so little that you can’t even visit your kids in another state, then your life becomes tough.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Now, this rant is of course not meant for all transformational entrepreneurs.

So if you don’t find yourself in it, that’s OK.

But maybe you found some inspirational moments in this as well.


Please make sure that you are realistic about how much you need, and then add 20%


You need to have extra. For unforeseen items, to fix certain things.

Your taxes (have you calculated those in?)


Some people find this process of writing down EVERY aspect of their life that they pay for.

It feels good to realize that asking to get paid is not a luxury, and not unspiritual.

Instead it is a responsible and mature way to take charge of your life and make a difference in a powerful way.


You can do it, too!


Thank you for let ting me share this and for having an open mind.

I respect you for this and for your courage to do the right thing for yourself and others!


Much Love


One Page Business Plan For Coaches – How To Create Your Small Business Strategies And Action Steps

Hey again! It is so great to see you back.

Did you read through the first three steps we talked about below and took action? Do you know what your vision is, what your mission entails, and have you set your goals?
Remember that everything we talk about here can be easily translated into a successful life plan.
Good for you ! 🙂
OK, then you are now ready for the next step:
Take one goal at a time and come up with the strategies to reach it.
This gets even more uncomfortable for some people than what we have done so far, and you might notice some resistance and an initial “I have no idea!” feelings in your stomach or throat, but you’ll get over it when you truly begin.
If you feel overwhelmed at this point, please don’t wait to contact me for a strategy session!
Contact me asap, as we should be able to come up with a plan and a strategy to help you move past the self sabotage.
I am sure that you agree: You need a plan to follow, or your business success will be left up to coincidence and good luck.
After deciding on your strategies, you will come up with the specific action steps that you can take to do what you want to do.
As you get into this, you will notice that you might actually have a lot more in place than you think.
You might see that you feel drawn to doing things in a specific way, and that you are already good at it. We will talk a lot more about this in the future, as your personal style is so important for your success, but you truly need to put your strategies and action steps onto a piece of paper to get on track.
Ready? Great! Here we go:
Take the first goal you set for yourself, and break it down into the different ways how you could achieve it.
For example, let’s say your first goal is to have an extra 5000.- per month within 3 months.
How many clients to you need for this? Make a decision!
How many products to you need to sell? Decide!
How many programs will you teach? Decide what you want to teach
Now to your action steps:
Let’s say you decide you need 5 new clients per month
Where will you get them? Make a plan of what you are willing to do
If you want to work with them in person, make a plan of the steps you are willing to take to connect with potential clients.
How will they learn about what you do?
Some examples for finding 5 new clients per month could be:
Join the local BPW and arrange for a speaking gig
Join the local chamber of commerce and join the meetings
Get speaking gigs with the local radio and community TV
Create a monthly networking meeting for like minded entrepreneurs
Check out meet up groups in your area
Reconnect with 5 old customers/clients per week and see what they are up to. Rekindle good relationships
Start a local marketing campaign with people who might also serve your potential clients (massage therapists, realtors, whatever your business is).
Keep going! You are doing well! 🙂
Do you get the idea?
Coming up with strategies that are doable and successful will really get you thinking, and see what you might already have been doing, what needs tweaking, what works and what brings no return at all.
Let go of what doesn’t work.
Do more of what does.
Offer solutions that nobody else can offer and do it on a continuous basis. People will find you.
Yes, it is very important that you do things continuously.
Showing up once at a networking meeting might not do your business much good, but doing it regularly and creating those relationships might be a very wise choice.
Once you brainstormed all the ideas that you might be able to do for all your goals, decide on the top 3-5 per goal that you will actually implement.
You might decide to Call 5 old clients per week
To join 3 local networking groups
To make 3 cold calls per day
To bring your wordpress blog up to par and blog daily
To join Facebook and connect with 15 new friends per week.
Whatever you decide, put your action steps on the one page business plan. 
Make sure that you can read them easily.
Maybe you want to have a few copies around the house and one in your smartphone.
don’t try new things before you have accomplished the ones you decide to do.
Staying on target is key.
Just make that decision, and then go ahead and do it.
Every day. 
No excuses.
As you can see, creating a business and coming up with a one page business plan can be as exciting and rewarding as it can be challenging.
Do you have help with the challenges?
Do you work with a coach?
It is truly important to run your thoughts by someone who listens and can ask the right questions.
The crisper and clearer your vision, your mission, your goals, your strategies and your implementation is, the better for your business.
I’d be glad to talk with you about creating a strategy that might work very well.
Please contact me and we can set up a phone strategy session!
Tomorrow we’ll talk a bit more about coming up with an accurate budget.
After all, your business needs to make you money, or else it is not a business.
Something that we do for fun and enjoyment without the intention of creating an income is called a hobby.
You are certainly entitled to great hobbies.
I highly encourage them!
But this is not what we talk about here.
Here it is about your business, so let’s stay focussed and come up with money making strategies.
Sounds good?
GOOD!!! 🙂
I am so proud of you for making it this far!
Please leave your feedback and your questions below.
Much Love