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How to create a one page business plan – Successful goal setting for 2012

Setting good goals - the third step to successDo you need help with successful goal setting?

Hi again! 🙂

I am grateful that you came back to continue on your path to creating a plan for your business and your life.
Two days ago, we talked about creating a vision. How are you doing with that?
Are you dreaming BIG? VERY BIG???  COOL!!! 🙂
Then yesterday, we discussed creating your specific mission.
There are so many ways of fulfilling a vision, that you have to be much more concrete about how exactly you want to reach your dreams.
Think about it this way:
Your vision could be: I want to travel all over the world
Your mission tells you WHERE exactly you want to go 
Now we one to step three: Your specific goals.
If you are on a journey around the world, you need to set parameters of when you want to be where so that you know that you are on track.
Otherwise, you run the risk of loving, lets say, Spain so much, that you forget to travel to France, England,Germany,….
In the end you will have had a great time in Spain, but you will have missed your ultimate goal: To travel around the world.
Does this make sense?
So come up with precise, tangible goals that you or your coach can hold you accountable for.
This takes courage, I want to warn you!
This is when the dreaming stops and the work begins.
It is good work, but it can be scary.
You might have to tap on this repeatedly to get over the resistance.
For creative people with the mind of an artist, this can feel downright threatening, as now there is the possibility of missing the goals.
There can be fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of boredom, fear of overwhelm.
Many of my coaching clients struggle with this, and we have to tap through the self sabotage that can come up.
Don’t worry, these fears usually don’t stay for long. You just have to work through them and replace them with excitement and enthusiasm.
EFT is great for this. If you need help: Send me an email, and we can do a 20 min free strategy session.
I’d love to hear from you!
OK, now that you have worked through this, here is your next step:
Come up with goals
First, financial. How much do you want to make?
Please don’t say “A Million Dollars” if you have never made that before. Your subconscious mind will not understand what “A Million Dollars” means unless you have an experience or tangible value or reason why it has to be that exact sum. 
To get started, why not take what you are making today, and simply double it?
Seriously: If you don’t know how to double your income, you certainly don’t know how to make “A Million Dollars”.
So set yourself a goal, by when you want to have doubled your income.
Set yourself a goal by when you want to have consistent, recurring income
Set yourself a goal by when you want how many clients
Set yourself a goal by when you want to teach your first workshop
Set goals for when you want your social media to be up and running, when you want to have your blog under control.
Know when you want your optin page and your giveaway to be online.
For your life, you might want to think about when you want that clutter to be gone, when you want to be on that healthy diet, when exactly you intend to join the gym, and how often you want to work out.
Set goals that are measurable.
This way you can’t overdo it.
You will notice very quickly if you overbooked yourself, when you truly put times to your goals, and put those deadlines into a calendar.
You can’t go to the gym 4 times per week when you also want to join the PTA, take dance lessons, join the reading club and spend an hour a day decluttering, while tending to two small children and working 4 hours per day in an office.
So why bother thinking that you have to have these goals?
Take it one step at a time, focus on your priorities and then get going and do something.
Put this on paper – no, put it in the calendar!
Put it on one of those huge, old fashioned calendars that cover half your desk.
Make sure that you see that calendar. This is your guideline for your life.
This keeps you on track, allows you to plan, allows you to be proactive.
it will take a bit of time to get used to being so organized, but you will see quickly how freeing it is when somebody comes with a request and you can clearly see that your calendar doesn’t allow for you to do it.
You can say “no” to requests, and you can also say “no” to the bright, shiny objects that can so easily sidetrack you from staying focussed.
Trust me: we all do this when we see an opportunity. There is just too much to do out there, too may fascinating, new things, too many responsibilities.
Only when you are clear about your goals can you begin to feel safe that you are working on your success.
In the end, nobody, including yourself, will ask you how many things you tried to do. People will ask you how many things you actually did.
Everything you tried but didn’t finish will make you feel rather guilty or not satisfied.
Satisfaction comes from accomplishing your goals, not from trying out how many things could be done.
There is a second place for your goals:
And this is right in your face 🙂
No, seriously: Having your goals on a calendar gives you a great visual, but you have to have them in front at you at all times.
Your subconscious mind will thank you for the consistent reminder of what you want to focus on, what is important to you.
Get a sticky out and put it on the bathroom mirror, with the goals for today.
Write your goals for the year on a piece of paper and hide it behind the bathroom mirror, to be discovered again December 31st.
Do what you need to do to remind yourself how important your goals are to you and what you have decided to do.
You can program your smartphone with reminders.
You can put notes in your wallet.
Bottom line: You have to get used to being OK with working on your goals at all times.
Oh, did I mention that working on being relaxed or being fit is also a goal?
If it is important to you, it is not a luxury, it needs to be a goal.
Your wellbeing is just as important as your financial wealth.
Make sure you put these goals in the calendar, too! 
Again: If you need or want something in your life and in your business, you need to plan for it and have to take it seriously.
Being relaxed is serious business, and you will be surprised how fun and easy it is to stay on schedule when you feel that your schedule supports your lifestyle and your happiness.
Tomorrow, we will talk more about the strategies you can come up with to reach your goals. For today: Just come up with what you want, be clear about t and tell yourself when you want it.
Please leave your questions and comments below. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you!

One page business plan – Defining the mission of your transformational business

Welcome back!
Did you begin to create your one page business plan yesterday?
Did you give your vision some thought?
Did you dream big? Did you see the amazing things that are going to happen in the world and what they mean to you?
I am proud of you!
Now I could imagine that doing these exercises might stir up some unresolved resistance, some limiting beliefs, some fears for you.
Please feel free to share about your thoughts and feelings in the comment box below. I’d be glad to help you address them with EFT.
So today, let’s talk about your mission.
How do you want to accomplish what you decided to do in this world?
Who exactly do you want to help in your business? What will this help look like?
Be specific about the outcome of working with you that your clients or customers can expect.
It is really important that you take some time to become clear on this.
There are so many ways of living a fulfilled, meaningful life and having a great vision for your business.
Only you can decide what exactly you want to do.
So take a breath for a moment and think about it:
Who exactly do you help?
Single women?
Transformational entrepreneurs?
Parents of children with autism?
The clearer you are, the better for those who need your services and are left with the challenge of discovering you if you are hard to find online or offline.
I find it very important to create an “Avatar”, a very specific description of your ideal client.
Who exactly is he or she?
What does she wear? What specific issues does she have?
It might even help if you knew someone that could be a “placeholder” for your subconscious mind to give you direction in who you want to work with.
What do I mean by “placeholder”?
Well your subconscious mind likes images and stories, so the clearer the vision of your ideal client is, the easier it will be to find more people like that. If you have a friend who would be a perfect candidate for your services, she could serve as a “model” to tell your subconscious what you are looking for.
“I want 10 clients like Jenny”, who have a clear business mind, a powerful, ethical dedication to helping others, who are between 25 and 63 years old, who like…, who buy…., who read…., who get excited about…, ….you get the picture?
Do you see how easy it becomes for you to paint a clear picture of someone that you would love to have in your office, when you have a specific start like that?
Great! So spend some time dreaming and creating that person in your mind.
If you don’t have a role model: Don’t worry about it. You can still be very specific and your subconscious will understand.
Now think about all the great benefits that your client wil get from working with you.
Think big. Don’t just think about the money they might be able to make, or the shift they will experience. Think about what making this money or experiencing this shift wil do for them. Think about how their life will transform because of it.
If you create a life plan, thing it through. What options will you have when you found yourself living according to your plan? What are the consequences for your family, your kids? What will happen to your relationships, your finances, your lifestyle, your health?
It is so important that you have the courage to be specific about this. Otherwise, you might end up in the old scheme of “I don’t know what I can have”, or “I don’t know what the Universe will bring me.” If you don’t ask for it, you will not get it.
So be specific, and it will be much easier for you to get what you want.
If this is your business plan, then please put everything you have done so far in one sentence:
I help (your avatar) who struggles with (the specific issues that you want to help him/her with), so that she can ( list at least 3 goals they will reach or transformations that will be achieved).
Isn’t this fun?
Isn’t it so much easier to build your business and stay on track when you know who you are serving?
Isn’t it so much nicer to plan the upcoming year, when you understand what your goals are for yourself and your family?
The key is always in being specific and having the courage to step out of your dreams into the reality of how you want to achieve them.
Please leave your feedback below. I’d be glad to answer and give you more tips.
Until tomorrow!
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Beyond New Years Resolutions: How To Create A Successful Business- And Life Plan For 2012

As the new year is just a few days old, you might want to think about what you want to accomplish in 2012.
This is true for your business as well for your life.
So many people talk about the law of attraction now, but when it comes to having concrete goals and visions, as well as a plan that gets them there, they draw a blank.
“I don’t know what I can have!” they say. Or: “I just want to attract abundance”. But what is abundance other than a lot of something?
YOU have to define what you want. YOU have to define which dreams are worth living for you.
YOU have to decide how you want to make money, who you want to serve and how you want to serve them.
YOU have to set the fees. YOU have to decide which college your kids will go to.
If you leave it up to “attraction”, you will not get what you want.
For the next 7 days, I want to help you create that vision.
I want to help you create a plan that works for you.
I will do this using your business as an example. But please remember:Your business is just the part of your life where you create the money to live. There is more to your life than your business, but your business or job is the only place where you create money. It is defined that way :-).
So lets get started. 
Since you are on this site, you are most likely a transformational entrepreneur, a coach or healing professional, or a person interested in holistic healing with EFT.
Do you have a vision for your life?
Not just a “that would be nice”, but a true vision?
What do you want?
How do you want it?
If you can’t name your vision, the universe can’t either.

Maybe you are asking for what you want in a negative way:
You say: “I don’t want to be poor anymore.”
Or: “I want to get rid or this illness.”. But that’s not a goal. That is just what you DON’T want!

A goal would be: “I want to have consistent, recurring income of 8.600,- by March 15th”
or “I want perfect health, optimal body weight and work out 3 times per week.”
Do you see the difference here?

One reason why this is so important is, because you can’t measure negative goals. Not being poor is not a specific number. It doesn’t mean anything. It is up to opinion. Getting rid of an illness doesn’t make you healthy. You may have one problem less to worry about, but you are not necessarily out of the woods.
Does this make sense to you?

OK, so for 2012, let’s start with your vision.
Your vision is your dream. It is your reason why you do what you do, your reason why you live the way you live.

Visions are always grand. I know that many of you might struggle with this, but it is important to not play small with your vision.
Who do you want to be? Why do you want to be that person, live that life? What is your big dream that, when you achieve it, you would consider your life to be a success?
Ask for ALL you can have, not just for what you know how to get right now.

Let’s say, you are a transformational entrepreneur, and you want to help couples.
How about your vision (and remember it to be first person present tense, because it defines who you ARE, not just something in the future):

I am a sought after and highly recommended 7 figure relationship coach, who helps couples who are going into business together strive in their relationship, so that they can build a successful business, grow closer in their private life and live the abundant and fulfilled lifestyle they always dreamed of.
Does this sound concrete?
Does this give you a warm, fuzzy feeling thinking about it?
Does this feel like you now have a purpose in your life?

How about for your private life:
I am a strong, healthy woman with a fully intact immune system who has done everything necessary to regain and maintain perfect health.
Do you love it?
Does this feel like something you’d like to have?
Go for it!
Design your vision!
Dream Big!
Dream Loud!
Wait for that warm, fuzziness that comes from feeling like you are in the right place.
You can do it!
Just be specific and joyful as you design your vision for 2012 and beyond.
This is your life and your business.
Nobody can take your dreams and vision away from you!

Please leave feedback below what your vision for 2012 is, and I’d be glad to give you feedback.

Here is to your transformation for Success!



Coaching for Coaches: Your business will grow when you take action!

Coaching for Coaches: Your business will grow when you take action!

In my experience as a business coach for coaches and healing professionals, I see my client’s success skyrocket as soon as they commit to taking action.

Working with a  coach is the first step – I don’t know a single, successful coach or EFTer who has a 5 or 6 figure monthly income, who does not have a mastermind and receive continuous, extensive coaching and training from a coach who has already achieved what she is dreaming of.


However, becoming successful requires more than getting input, feedback, support, inspiration and training.

It requires taking action upon what you learn!

A coach does NOT do the work for you.

A coach does not GIVE you clients.

A coach teaches and coaches you HOW to get clients.

But YOU have to do the work.

Working with a coach will make you busy.

You will be working more focused, more goal oriented.

You will know what your next steps are.

You will begin to implement what you have learned.

You will reach out I ways you never have before.

You will find and define your niche, your ideal clients, your programs and offerings.

Your business will unfold in front of you, as soon as YOU are ready to take action.

I know how challenging it is to take continuous action.

Therefore, I have created an EFT tapping script and audio for you that can help you get motivated and take focused and intentional action every day.

To download my EFT for taking action Tapping script and audio, please go to:

Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT for Taking Action

Taking continuous action is one of the most important skills that separates successful people from not so successful folks. If you have to fight with yourself every day about what action to take, if you feel resistance about doing something new and creative, something kind and focused that can help you move forward with your business and your life, the following tapping script is  for you.



KP Even though I am dragging my feet when it comes to taking action, I completely love and accept myself.

KP: Even though I am running into so much inner resistance when it comes to taking action, I feel that resistance building up like a brick wall that I can’t conquer, I completely love and accept myself anyway. Read more…

Free Tapping Script: Improve Concentration – How To Concentrate Better With EFT

Business Card Board

Image by mtsofan via Flickr

If you are like most people, concentrating on one thing for a long time can be challenging.

So many things are going through your mind, so many expectations and demands, that it becomes easier to react than to prioritize what to spend the next hour or day with.

The expectation from many employers that people should be able to multitask has deepened even further the belief that we should be able to do everything at once, and that we are not good enough if we just do one thing at a time.

Even though research has shown that it is much more effective to do one thing at a time than to work on a multitude of things at once, we still don’t feel that focussing on one thing only would be OK.

Here is a tapping Sequence that some of  you might find helpful, especially when there are so many opportunities in your life that it is hard to set a goal.

Thanks! I am looking forward to your feedback!


KP: Even though I can’t focus today, I deeply and completely accept myself

KP: Even though I have such a problem focusing on what I should do, I accept myself anyway, I know I have a lot on my mind

KP: Even though it is so frustrating that I am struggling to concentrate, it seems like the only thing I can focus on is not focusing, I chose to set my priorities according to what my next mission is, and do only what brings me closer to my goal


TH: I can’t focus, my mind is going all over the place

IE: I wish I had finished what I need to do and do something else now

OE: I can’t focus, it’s impossible

UE: I just can’t focus; there is so much on my mind!

UN: I am really struggling here

UL: It is hard to know that I am not doing the right thing

CB: I know that I should be able to focus, and I blame myself for this problem

UA: But a part of me just wants to get out of here and be distracted

TH: It is so hard to be focused when a part of me just wants to get away!


Take a breath


TH: What if I could see this differently now?

IE: What if I didn’t have to see this so judgmentally?

OE: What if I could acknowledge all my emotions without any judgment or overwhelm

UE: Because the truth is that there are many ways to see all this

UN: I acknowledge my overwhelm

UL: There is always more to do

CB: And a part of me is afraid to make a decision and sink my attention into it

UA: Because there is so much more to do, and it could all be important.

TH: I now release my judgment and see my conflict in a new light

Take a breath…


TH: I see all my different options clearly now

IE: I see clearly how they can all be important and good

OE: I realize that there are many different things that I could do

UN: The question for me now is: Which one brings me closer to my goal

UL: I love my goal and whatever gets me closer

CB: I realize how many things I can now do that are clearly good and helpful for my goal

UA: And I release the need to do what isn’t helping me on my mission.

TH: I chose to make my passion my mission, and do whatever I can to be successful with it.

TH: I love my new focus and sense of control

IE: I never knew that I was that powerful

OE: It is so great to feel focused and in control

UE: Until the mission is finished, and I get ready to set my next goal

UN: I am ready to enjoy the moment while focusing on what brings me closer to my mission

UL: It is so exciting to feel comfortable setting great goals

CB: I am surprised how quickly I can finish what I focus on

UA: And how relieved I feel when it is all done

TH: I am grateful for my focus and that I have chosen to finish up quickly.


Take a breath again. Relax and notice how you feel.

Do you notice a shift? Do you feel more relaxed and able to set new priorities?

If memories come up, limiting beliefs or other thoughts, make sure that you address them with EFT.

Enjoy and please leave your feedback below!

Much Love


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Free Tapping Script: Managing Change – How to overcome fears of change and the future

Managing change can be challenging and difficult.
I think that most people agree that changes can feel overwhelming and leave us with a sense of being out of control. I know that I certainly felt this way many times in my life, and I am endlessly grateful that with EFT I found a way to create a powerful and meaningful shift in the way I perceive the changes, challenges and possible solutions.
Think about it: Change means facing situations whose outcome we don’t know yet. To get some sense of control, we often consult what we learned from past experiences, often even knowledge from past trauma to protect ourselves from repeating a negative outcome. But is this really the best strategy?
In truth, this way of managing change can backfire quite easily. When we revisit past trauma to overcome fears and protect us, we actually empower it again instead of eliminating it.
We give our control over to our fears instead of our confidence, new possibilities and surprising outcomes. We literally have the power to recreate past trauma when we think about it often enough.
The following tapping script might help you get started working on managing change and overcoming fears.

You must read and agree with the disclaimers on this website before trying it.
If you are new to EFT, please watch the short “Introduction” video on the right to learn where the tapping points are, and download a free tapping chart

And please make sure to sign up for the FREE 90 minute EFT tapping Tele class on Friday, February 11th 2011. If you can’t join us, you will get access to the recording shortly after.

KP Even though I am afraid of the changes that I am facing, I completely love and accept myself
KP: Even though I am so uneasy, this is a very big deal for me and I truly don’t know the outcome yet, I allow myself to feel surprisingly calm and peaceful anyway.
KP: Even though I am pretty overwhelmed with all the changes that I am facing, I deeply and completely accept myself. And I forgive myself for not feeling much control right now; I know that I can take it one step at a time, in a way that truly works for me.
TH: I feel so out of control with all the changes that are coming
IE: It is scary to face these changes – how can I know that I will succeed?
OE: It is so overwhelming to face all these unknowns, and I really don’t like it
UE: I am afraid to mess something up when I don’t know what I am doing
UN: I deeply acknowledge my feelings – yes, it is hard
UL: I understand how difficult this is, especially since there are so many things that I don’t know yet
CB: I completely accept these feelings, even though I don’t like them
UA: And I accept that I am truly not in control of the future, but I am in control of all present moments
TH: I accept myself and my feelings without judgment – I know it’s hard, but I am ready to succeed anyway

Take a breath…

TH: What if I could find a way to be surprisingly at peace, even though changes are lurking?
IE: What if I could allow myself to feel in control in the present moment, even if I don’t know the big picture yet?
OE: What if I could step into my power and realize that many of my fears are just reflections of things that happened a long time ago
UE: And what if I realized that there may be open doors that I can walk through safely and comfortably?
UN: I am curious to find out how I will deal with all these changes
UL: I can’t wait to see which inner powers this will allow me to explore
CB: I allow myself to feel confident in the present moment, no matter what the future seems to bring
UA: Because truthfully: The future has not happened yet, most of my fears deal with my perceptions of the past.
TH: I allow myself to relax and realize that nothing is set in stone yet –I can prepare for the changes one step at a time.

Take a breath….

TH: I love how relaxed I feel now
IE: I am grateful for the new opportunities that I am beginning to see
OE: I am grateful to realize that I might be more powerful than I thought I was
UE: If I release my fears of the future and take it one step at a time
UN: I respect myself for my ability to never give up
UL: I honor myself for all that I have been through
CB: Even if my past still haunts me: It is over now and I know this already
UA: I am grateful and curious that I am beginning to see the changes in a different light
TH: Thank you for beginning to realize that nothing is set in stone, and I can feel safe and in control, no matter, what.

Take a deep breath and notice how you feel.
Do you notice shifts in your thoughts? In your feelings? In your body?
Acknowledge them and if necessary, tap another round on what comes up for you now.

Hope this helps you get started.

I am looking forward to your feedback!

Much Love

The Truth About Goal Setting: There is nothing you want upstream!

EFT Cert-1I’d like to share a story about goal setting. It is a story that is inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

Imagine this:

There is a woman sitting in a canoe. She is struggling to go upstream. She puts her paddle in the water, and she’s fighting to move forward. And Spirit is sitting by the side of the river, watching her efforts with amazement.

Eventually, Spirit asks the woman: “Why are you struggling so hard? What is your benefit of going upstream?”

The woman answers: “Going upstream is an amazing challenge! Going upstream lets you face your fears. Going upstream lets you face your limitations. Going upstream allows you to deal with the challenges, to strengthen your muscles and improve your abilities. When you go upstream, you show that you are not afraid, but you challenge the world and show your strength. There is great value in going upstream! “

“Hmmm – I see…” says Spirit and leans back, calmly watching the woman as she continues to struggle her way upstream.

As the day comes to an end, right before the sun sets, Spirit gets up again and kindly asks the woman, if she gives was open to him sharing something with her.

And as the woman nods her head, Spirit leans forward and says with a friendly voice:

”There is nothing you want upstream.”

There is nothing you want upstream because upstream is where you come from. You took what was valuable with you and then continued with your life. Upstream means going back, but there is no going back in time.

Whatever you do in the future has to be downstream.

Whatever happened is in the past. No matter how much you struggled with it, how much you still feel haunted by it: It is over. Please understand that.

It is great and wonderful if you want to prove yourself to the world.

But if you want to prove yourself, because you were abused as a child, because you were misunderstood, because nobody believed in you, you are struggling for the wrong reasons.

If you’re trying to do something grand, because your parents never did, because you people were misrepresented or disrespected, because somebody in your life like that you and that you would never amount to anything, this is the wrong motivation. All of this is in the past. And it wasn’t right to begin with. It hurt your feelings, it made you uncomfortable, and there was nothing good about it. All of this stuff is upstream, and no matter how much you try to transform it, it is still in the past and only exists in your thoughts and memories and how you chose to deal with them.

Okay, so now let’s take a look at what it means to go downstream.

Downstream is your life as it is NOW. No matter what happened behind you, your life is always downstream and with the flow.

You simply can’t go back, and create a different life. And if you realized that whatever happened in the past is over, you wouldn’t even feel the need to do so.

Of course you can decide to turn your canoe around and try to struggle your way back upstream, but the truth is, that you will not be getting anywhere no matter how much effort you put behind it.

Yes, you might have to heal from things that shouldn’t have happened, but the healing also happens in the here and now. You are not living in the past, no matter how much you think you do or should.

Just dream with me for a moment.

Allow yourself to imagine what would happen if you took all that energy you needed to be able to struggle with the river, and instead used it to turn your canoe downstream and face the obstacles as they naturally present themselves. . Imagine facing your life, instead of your past.

Imagine looking at what’s ahead of you instead of what’s behind you. Imagine being able to use the essence of your life’s experiences and obstacles to create your positive future in the life that awaits you downstream.

Imagine taking yourself so joyfully serious that you learn to focus on your goals, and recognize the opportunities in whatever it is that presents itself to you downstream. Picture the joy, the curiosity and fascination when you allow yourself to be surprised by what life has in stock for you.

Imagine the changes that could take place if you simply made the decision to forgive (not condone or excuse, but to forgive!) what happened upstream.

It is true that most people spend their lives between going back and forth between trauma and worry:

Trauma is the stuff that has already happened; worry is that which hasn’t happened yet.

When do they begin to live in the now?

The only thing that is truly happening is that you are sitting here at your computer reading this blogpost. Everything else is either in the past or in the future. That’s OK! There is nothing wrong with stopping to worry about things we can’t change. Rather spend your time and resources on the things that you can change.

Think about this for a moment: Which goals do you want to set? How do you want to live? If you had it your way, what would your life look like?

Let’s talk about this more next time.

Please leave feedback below! I’d love to learn what you think about this.

Much Love to You!


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Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT For Releasing The Fear Of Technology

Fear of TechnologyFear of technology is holding many gifted transformational entrepreneurs back from moving forward with their business.

It feels daunting and overwhelming to think about all the different programs, all the social media, the blogs and website technology that is now available. I completely understand this, as I have been there, too.

I always recommend to my coaching clients to outsource anything that they don’t know how to do themselves and that they don’t want to learn.

This is truly important and can be a lifesaver and “insanity saver”. 

I have a Virtual assistant and somebody who helps me with the graphic design. And as my business grows, I will hire more people to help me with what I don’t want to, or don’t know how to do.

However, in order to be successful, it is so important to not be afraid of technology.

Technophobia is truly not helping, and the anger and resentment that you may feel will not support you in spreading the word about what you do to those who are looking for help.

I highly recommend you tap on these feelings, so that you can make decisions with clarity if you’d like to learn or outsource a tool that you need.

Here is a free EFT Tapping Script to release fear of technology and help you be comfortable and feel in control.

Please leave your comments below!


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