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Success Profile

What Is Your Success Profile? Knowing This Can Change Your Life.

In a recent workshop for transformational coaches and healing professionals, I asked the participants:

“Who of you is familiar with the law of attraction?”

Most people raised their hands.

“Who of you beliefs in it and practices it?”

The hands stayed up.

“Who of you has a million dollars?”

Silence – then laughing. Confusion….

“OK, so if you believe that like attracts like, and that you have to think the right thing to attract what you want, then what are you thinking?. Something is obviously not working in your favor the way it could!”

People looked around, trying to get confirmation from each other that they too were not sure what to say.

“I just don’t want to charge people who can’t pay me.” said one.

“I don’t think that helping others for money is spiritual.” said the other.

“I just want to teach groups and spread the word about healing.” said a third.

“Doing my transformational work is so much fun, that I’d happily do it without getting paid!” said a lady with a huge smile on her face.

I love these comments, as they reflect so clearly why transformational coaches and healers struggle when it comes to creating the income they need.

Their success model is different, they get motivated by very different goals:

Helping others, giving back, having fun, teaching groups, being in alignment with their loving and caring side are some of them.

It won’t surprise you that, even though I am a success and business coach for transformational entrepreneurs, I have a very long history of volunteering and giving much of my time for causes I believe in:

Bringing trucks into war zones, helping veterans with EFT, supporting people in need and moderating forums that bring comunities of healers together are only some of them. There were times in my life when I was a full time volunteer and it was not easy for me to acknowledge that I couldn’t keep going like this for much longer.

You see: I had fun doing what I was doing. It felt right and was an amazing cause. It was what I wanted to do and I was able to reach large groups in meaningful and powerful ways. I loved that! But I just couldn’t afford it anymore.

Eventually, I got my act together and remembered that I have a background in business that I should be able to utilize to create the income that I need.

I remembered that there are highly successful and deeply compassionate entrepreneurs out there who teach what I didn’t know or had forgotten.

I remembered that I would have to hire the help and support I needed if I wanted to keep going and start growing.

And I made the decision to invest with focus so that I could reach my goals and provide for my family.

As my business grew, I began to teach others what I have learned and achieved, so that they too could step up and create the income they needed to make a difference on a much bigger scale.

The more transformational entrepreneurs I coached, the more I became aware of a pattern that fascinated me: I realized that  – what a surprise – not all coaches are created equally. Indeed, there are four distinctively different profiles, and what makes them different are such important factors as:

Their ultimate definition of success, what money means to them, what truly motivates them, how they see themselves making the biggest impact.

There are creative artists, knowledgable teachers, compassionate nurses and business savvy biz people. All of these factors determine what they ultimately want to do with their lives and their skill set, and ignoring these would have meant coaching them in a less than appropriate way.


So while for some transformational coaches and healing professionals, going after bright, shiny objects is a lifestyle and a must have, others truly just want to help by teaching groups in a strategic and systemized way.

As I was observing and learning how to help each of them be successful with who they are, I realized that nobody is either one or the other profile. Instead, in order to be truly successful, they needed to activate and embrace all four sides and bring them ito balance: Their creative artist, their wise and strategic teacher, their compassionate and giving nurse and their savvy business person. By deeply understanding what they mean , they could then set the boundaries they need and create a plan that would help them move forward.

There is more to the profiles that I discovered, and some of the issues are setting good boundaries and understanding how our own story and life’s experiences fit into our business.

Please come back frequently, as I will teach you how you can learn how to activate your success profile and make more money, have more impact, and make your story matter.

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Why People Prefer Dreams Over Goal Setting, And What To Do About It

Something strange happens when we decide to really work on living our dreams: The energy changes, and dreams turn into goals. They now need a strategy, they become tangible. Dreams feel lofty, beautiful, endless. Goals are measurable, tangible and doable. 
When this happens, people need to release any sense of being a victim. They just need to let go of any reason, fears or excuse for why they shouldn’t be able to make their dream a goal. 

Then they transform from victimization into victory. A fascinating process to watch. However, many people quit when they notice that energy shift. They miss the ease of the dream, the freedom to dream, and they now feel that the goal is not what they really want. They just quit and go back into the loftiness. For a while, they feel release and relief, then the wheel starts again.

On the way to success, it is important to take responsibility for everything that happens to us, to all our decisions, our mistakes as well as our victories. And the most important thing is to never quit. Never quit. We can’t reach our goals unless we are committed to doing what it takes. Then it is time for new dreams, on the level that is then available to us.

Finding Your Niche Or What Would You Do To Save A Loved One's Life?

Find Your Niche or: What Would You Do To Save A Loved Ones Life?

I’d like to share with you what happened on Friday over dinner.

Last weekend, I was in New York to meet with my coach Monica Shah and my amazing Revenue Breakthrough Sisters.

These Masterminds are always intense, high focus, transformational and move all of us forward quickly.

Since we are spending all day working on our business and supporting each other, all that I need at night is a hot shower and a comfortable bed in a clean environment. So I get a private room in someone’s appartment in walking distance from the venue where we meet, and I have all that I need. 

On Friday, I had a late dinner with my hosts, a young couple, who has been working in numerous Restaurants, while half heartedly trying to get a realestate license.

It was clear that selling appartements was not their passion, and they were not hiding it. They had chosen that path, because they didn’t know what else to do and thought they were at lease making a responsible choice. They let their head, not their heart determine their direction and their future.

So I asked them if they were open to answering one question that might bring them clarity. They excitedly agreed.

The question was:

“If you received a phone call that your sister was in danger, and in order to save her life you had to come up with $30,000.- in 10 days – what would you do?”


The first response was giggling and all sorts of silly ideas that wouldn’t really pay off.

Then they really thought about it.

“Hmmm…30,000 in 10 days… – I guess I would sell something”

“What do you have to sell that is worth 30,000?”

“I guess – nothing…”

“OK, think again: What could you do? What do you have to offer that could save your sister’s life?”

“I have many years of experience working all positions in different Restaurants, but I could never make that much money in that short amount of time

OK, What else?”

“I could teach something – maybe?”

“What would you teach?”

“Maybe languages…”

“Do you have access to a school that hires you on the spot and pays you $30,000 in 10 days for teaching?”


“OK, Keep going. What else could you teach?”

“I don’t know! The only other thing I know is that most Restaurants don’t know what they are doing. They loose so much money on their wait stuff and how they organize their business. I could deffinitely help them with that.”

“Tell me more. What do you know?”

“Well, I love Restaurants and have so much experience that I know what works. I can see immediately what could be improved to make it easier.”

Then she really got going:

“I can see where they are loosing money.

I can see when their staff doesn’t know what to do and I could train them. I could create strategies that work and that would help them make much more money.

I could systemize how to interview people, how to train them, how to take orders, the menues. I could help them get the right clientele through the door and teach them what they need to do to get frequent and recurrent clients.

There are so many things that they can improve.

I love that stuff. 

I’d love to help them be successful!”

– Note to reader: Do you feel the passion here? Do you feel the excitement when someone asks you the questions you need to hear to find your own answers?

 “OK,” I said – “then tell me this: Would you feel that you could come up with a program that is worth 3000.-, 6000.- or 10,000.-?”

“Yes, sure, no problem. It would easily be worth that. They would make so much more money as a result.”


I took a deep breath and looked at them: “Then WHY are you not doing it?”

All you need is to create what works

Bring it into a professional format

Make sure that you always over deliver on your offer and give the clients more than what they expect. Then hit the road and talk to Restaurant owners, until you sold your training. 

All you need is 10 clients who purchase your 3000.- training package. 

You have ten days to find them, and you have all day to reach out.

You think you can do that? You think you can create and over deliver on a package that people will be grateful to know about?”

“Yes, of course! I’d love to do that!”

So what are you waiting for?

Why are you waisting your time trying to get into real estate, when you are sitting on a future that would allow you to create this income, based on years of learning and your unique expertise?

I don’t know… how do I go about it?

I showed them a few simple steps they can take to get started.

I shared with them the programs she needs to brainstorm her ideas and put them into a teachable training sequence.

I shared with them the foundation of how to get out there and approach the restaurants.

A few minutes ago, I received a text message from the woman:

“I am organizing my thoughts. I am putting together a manual. Thanks!!!”

I am so proud of them!

In just that one conversation and a quick follow up, they let go of a vision of her future that made them feel tired and uncomfortable.

They focussed on what they love and found a way to establish a unique niche, based on their experience and expertise.


They will get the training they need in the areas that they are lacking it as they grow their business. Sometimes, they will fall down and will have to go back and change things that aren’t working. They know this and are OK with it.

They did such a fantastic job, seeing an opportunity and jumping on it. 

“All she needed to begin her new journey was the question: “If you received a phone call that your sister was in danger, and in order to save her life you had to come up with $30,000.- in 10 days – what would you do?” 

The answers are all within them. 

My question for you is:

If you had to come up with 30,000.- in 10 days to save the life of a loved one – what would YOU do?

If you’d like to get some help sorting out your thoughts around this, please give me a call. I’d be glad to offer you a free, 20 minute strategy session to get more clarity on your business and your next steps.


Much Love



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How To End Procrastination By Keeping Agreements With Ourselves

I am so grateful for all the wonderful feedback about the last tapping script “Tapping for “I never get what I want”.

Yes, acknowledgement must perceed healing.

We are who we are, and deserve to be successful because of our story, not in spite of it.

As you move forward on your journey to success and healing, I’d like to offer you another thought:

A simple, but effective way to deal with procrastination.

I have yet to see a person who doesn’t suffer from procrastination, on one level or another.

Postponing what we know we should do, not “feeling up to it”, low self esteem and doubting that we can finish what we start, all these and more can be indicators of being stuck.

Now, you may say “I would never procrastinate in my work, but my family suffers at times from me not being available.”

Or for you it might be more true to say “I am just too busy to get to working on my goals. There is always too much to do and not enough time in the day to do it.”

Trust me, I am not just talking theory here – I have been there myself, many times.

I guess we all have, would you agree?

I’d like to share with you a simple revelation that has been changing the world for me as well as my clients who are working on their business and are striving for success:

Your self esteem and trust that you start and finish what you want is in direct proportion to how you handle and keep agreements with yourself.

Let me explain:

Every day, we make agreements with ourselves.

We say we would exercise, declutter, take care of ourselves, make those phone calls, eat better, pay the bills on time, write that newsletter, take the kids out to an event, go on a date with our partner, write that thank you note, ….you get the idea.

Some of those agreements are important and easy to keep, others are constantly on the back burner.

Some of these agreements are because you truly want what you say you want, some are made out of guilt, to please others, or some other reason.

But then life happens, and you realize that you overcomitted yourself. 

Or you changed your mind and feel torn about that.

Or you just forgot.

Or something else happened that was out of your control, and you just didn’t get around to it.

You realize that you couldn’t keep your agreements, and even though we don’t like it, there are actually measurable consequences for this.

Think about it:

If an agreement with yourself was written, signed and enforced, including the punishment for not keeping it, you would probably be in trouble by now, right?

Not necessarily because you didn’t have good reasons for not keeping some of your agreements, but simply because you broke them, period.

You said you would, and you didn’t.

So what does this have to do with procrastination?

Actually a lot.

Because the reality is that there are consequences for braking agreements, even if they are not legally enforcable.

The immediate consequence of breaking an agreement with yourself is getting a hit on self esteem.

You loose trust and faith in yourself, every time you break an agreement.

This is the truth.

Think about it.

You feel like you let yourself down.


The next thing you loose is the confidence that you will finish next time what you started.

You are just not a good partner to yourself.

You let random things come in your way.

So how can you trust that you will finish your project if you don’t trust in your own integrity?


The next thing you suffer is your confidence when you talk about what you do or want to do to others.

On some level, you already know that you didn’t keep your agreement to yourself, so how would you be able to keep it to them?

Then, procrastination sets in.

Thoughts like “I know I should do this, but I just don’t have the time.”

Or waiting it out, letting deadlines pass, not focussing on what you need to do right now.

This is painful stuff.

Very painful and very upsetting.

Because time after time, you seem to prove your point that you just can’t trust yourself more.

That you just can’t focus, can’t do it, wil e er get it done.

It just seeps in, and the next thing you know is that you feel like you can’t get things done.

Procrastination is the result of broken agreements with yourself and others.

And there is only one way to fix this and become successful:

Look at your life and discover every agreement you have ever made that is still open and unfulfilled.

Prioritize them

Make sure that you decide about each and every one what you will do with them:

Will you keep them?

Then decide when and just do it.

Were they made in error?

There is no shame in that. Just let everybody know that you made the agreement in error apologize and fix any consequences that you breaking the agreement may have for you and others. Sometimes we have to cut our losses and  let stuff go.

That’s OK.

You need to move forward, and this is a part of it.

Then prioritize.

Make sure that the agreements that you keep first are the ones that are connected with the most important area of your life that you feel stuck in.

If you want to make more money, keep every agreement with yourself that is related to that.

And yes, that includes paying your bills, honoring a colleague, sending that thank you note.

You will feel an immediate shift in how you look at yourself and your ability to be more successful.

Then move on:

Take the next area of your life and keep those agreements.

Don’t make new plans, just do what you say you would do.

You will see an immediate shift in how this area of your life impacts you.


Can you imagine?

So instead of creating bigger, bolder, more fascinating goals, I encourage you to keep the agreements that you already made, and recreate the self esteem you need to move forward.

Once this is done, your life will never be the same.

Please post your experiences with this below.

Here’s to keeping your agreements!



Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT For Setting Priorities Easily


Do you struggle with setting priorities in your life?

Do you have a problem making a decision on which next step in your business is the right one for you?

Do you feel like you are on a mission, but want to go into too many directions at once?


Then you already know that this is not working.

You already know that it is very important for you to solve this problem.

You can’t chase two bunnies, as a famous person once said.

You can’t go into two directions at the same time.

when you feel that you are tying to do this, please remember that you have one mission, one life.

There is a reason why you feel torn, and getting to the underlying message is important.

You will be able to integrate it easily, one you see how it fits into who you truly are.


Let’s tap on speeding up this process:


KP: Even though I feel torn, I have two goals and callings and they don’t seem to match, I completely love and accept myself.

KP: Even though I have this conflict about which direction to go in – I would like to prioritize both at once – I choe to see clearly and easily what connects them both and the power and purpose that they are giving for my future.


KP Even though I feel torn and overwhelmed with these two missions, I choose to take a step back and realize that they are not conflicting but giving new and important meaning to my higher purpose, in a way that I am beginning to see now.


TH: It is such a conflict

IE: It really is!

OE: Both goals seem to be important

UE: It is impossible for me to integrate them both at once

UN: I can’t chose, I wouldn’t do justice to either one of them

UL: I can’t decide which direction I should take

CB: It is such a conflict – I really hate this feeling

UA: I wish that I knew what my next steps truly need to be.

TH: But I honor myself and this conflict I have, and I choose to be open to a surprising solution now.


Take a breath and notice how you feel.


Let’s tap again:


TH: What if there was a connecting piece between my two missions in life?

IE: What if there was something unique and truly meaningful for me?

OE: What if I only had this problem because I am overlooking the deeper meaning of my life

UE: And once I release the belief that I have a problem, I can easily see my next, integrated, powerful steps forward?

UN: I am beginning to open up to the idea that it might be easier than I thought

UL: I am beginning to see the bigger picture of these two conflicting messages

CB: I am beginning to embrace that my life and my mission is truly more unique than I thought

UA: And that once I have chosen to  integrate my conflict in a creative way, I will allow myself to define my mission and message more powerfully than ever before

TH: It is important to me to be authentic and congruent, and I am now integrating all of the thoughts and feelings that co-create who I truly am.


Take another breath. Do you notice a shift around your thoughts and feelings? Do you see how these seemilngly conflicting thoughts are coming together as one?

Good for you! Please email those thought to me, would you please?




And now let’s finish with a last round:


TH: I am beginning to see how the questions I have with one of my missions are being answered in the other one

IE: I am beginning to see and embrace the deeper level of liviing that this allows me to enjoy

OE: I am now ready and comfortable integrating all of me, even if it feels like a conflict in the beginning

UE: And to enjoy the reality that my true message and mission is unique and just mine

UN: I am now seeing that I can easily embrace my true calling

UL: And find an effective and authentic way to monitize my passion.

CB: I deeply enjoy the Balance I am creating with my conflict

UA: And I am now grateful that I can see my life and my future in more than one way

TH: it is powerful and amazing to be able to live my life so fully, integrating my former conflict more powerfully than I ever thought possible. Thank you for this new meaning and message in my life.


Take another deep breath.

Can you now feel the shift? Can you see how you can actually integrate the conflict you had?

So often, when we try too hard to focus on one thing, and struggle with finding the right strategies and solutions, we ignore that the answers might be easily visible when we find the deeper meaning in what seemed to be a conflict in the past.

Have an open mind, keep journaling your thoughts, “bright shiny objects” and conflicts.

Take a deeper look at them, and they will unveil their mystery and deeper truth.


Please do leave a comment or send me an email with your discoveries!
I can’t wait to hear from you! 



Transform For Success: Make Your Story Matter

If you are in doubt about the meaning of your unique story, and how to make it matter for yourself and others, please watch this video.

Tap along with the tapping suggestions that are being offered to help you see the true meaning of your past, your story and your life.

Please leave feedback below!

Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT For Fear Of Failure

Do you know this fear of failure, that creeps up just when you feel you are prepared for your next project or milestone?
This fear that comes from a consistent inner voice, warning you that you might fail?
Having this fear is so frustrating.
It stops us from even trying, from even giving it your best shot.
And if we don’t try, we automatically fail.
However, since we are usually very resourceful in finding excuses, we believe that we will have a much easier time defending that we didnt try, than explaining why we failed.
I’d like to offer you a tapping script that you might find useful when this inner voice takes over your courage and self esteem and warns you beyond a doubt that you might fail.
Try it and please let me know how it worked for you!
EFT for Dealing with Fear of Failure
KP: Even though I have these deep routed fear of failure, I completely love and accept myself.
KP: Even though it is so frustrating to have this fear – I really don’t want it! – I accept all of my feelings without judgment.
KP: Even though I feel so disappointed in myself – this fear of failure is keeping me stuck! – I choose to forgive myself and the part of me that believes that I might not be able to succeed.
TH: I admit it: I am scared and stuck right now
IE: I have this sinking feeling in my chest and stomach – what if I will fail?
OE: I am overwhelmed with fear, even though a part of me clearly wants to move forward
UE: It is overwhelming and frustrating to be stuck like this
UN: I don’t even know where to begin
UL: I feel stuck and so scared to fail
CB: But a part of me can also see that I do have a chance
UA: A part of me clearly wants me to move forward, I just don’t know how yet.
TH: I see that a part of me is scared, and another part feels confident, but the two are not communicating and are really not helping right now.
Take a deep breath. Feeling stuck and scared to fail is normal. Every successful person will tell you that in order to move forward, you will face your fears over and over again. Just breathe again and accept that you are making every effort to get past this feeling.
OK? Ready? Then let’s tap another round:
TH: If I could have it my way, I wouldn’t be so scared
IE: If I cloud have full control over my feelings, I would definitely give it a try
OE: I can see how there is a part of me that clearly has courage and feels confident that I have a chance
UE: I can feel how this part of me is pushing and pulling me to feel more courageous
UN: There is a part in me that knows that I have what it takes to succeed
UL: I like this part, it is a good, courageous friend
CB: I wish that the rest of me could give up the fighting and resisting
UA: And would feel calm and confident instead that I can succeed in a way that works for me.
TH: I choose now to feel the confidence within me, and move forward in a way that works for me.
Take a breath again.
TH:  I am beginning to see that I don’t have to change completely over night
IE: I am beginning to see that I can make changes one step at a time
OE: I am grateful for the cautious part of me that wants to protect me from pain
UE: And I am grateful that I have what it takes to take the next step
UE: And even if I can’t see myself at my goal just yet
UN: It’s OK to move forward at a pace that works for me
UL: By tapping, I have already overcome the first hurdle
CB: I am not as stuck as I was when I started tapping
UA: I am farther ahead now, and it is beginning to be fun!
TH: I am grateful that I can get unstuck and move forward, – at a pace that truly works for me!
Take another breath. How do you feel?
Do you notice a shift in how you feel?
Maybe you feel safer to just take the next step?
Maybe you feel that you have more time to make the changes you wanted to make.
Maybe you feel that you can breathe deeper.
Maybe you are beginning to see that you don’t have to know al the steps to reach your goal,
but that you are growing into who you want to be, one step at a time.
When you take your time and approach your goal focussing on the next logical step, you will be surprised how quickly you can move forward.
Please let me know how this works for you!

Free EFT Tapping Script For Making Plans Easily

EFT for getting courage to make plans. Making plans and sticking to them is an important component of long term success. However, many people prefer to “let the universe surprise them”, or rely on the law of attraction. The universe doesn’t know what you want if you don’t have a long term plan. As a matter of fact, the Universe might perceive your resistance to making plans as a statement that you don’t want any long term success. Your actions create reactions. So if you want to be abundant and free of worries, you are much better off making concrete plans. I know from experience how challenging this is for many people. And it is a very tappable issue. So I recommend using some EFT. Please follow along, if you feel drawn to this.

KP: Even though I have this deep resistance to making long term plans, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel so out of my comfort zone, if I have to put my goals into a calendar, I respect and honor these feelings without judgment.

KP: Even though it is so hard for me to overcome this resistance, I love and accept myself and I am open to seeing this differently when my time has come to be successful.

TH: I have this huge resistance to making plans.

IE: I feel it in every cell of my body

OE: I feel it in my heart, my stomach, my throat and my head

UE: I feel it everywhere, no matter what I am trying to achieve

UN: This huge resistance, this fear, this overwhelm

UL: I feel it and I can’t get past it

CB: Every time I try I get distracted

UA: And it feels so much better to just do something else instead

TH: I have all this resistance inside of me, and I don’t know how to let it go.


Take a deep breath… just sit with these thoughts for a moment.


TH: What if making plans felt surprisingly easy to me?

IE: What if all of a sudden, I realized that I can do it, and that it is natural and comfortable?

OE: What if I began to shift my fears into excitement and spontaneous creativity

UE: What if I found excitement and great joy in getting started and creating all these exciting plans

UN: And then surprised myself with how easy the next step is to putting my goals into my calendar

UL: I would love to find this exciting and confirming

CB: I would love to feel the sense of positive expectation and preparedness whenever I look at my calendar

UA: I am willing to just try it and see what happens

TH: If I am able to see how easy my life could become if I didn’t have to wait for the next step, but could prepare for it long term.


Take another deep breath….Do you resonate with these thoughts and feelings?


TH: I am grateful that I am beginning to see planning as a fun solution

IE: I a excited that my creativity and sponsaneity now have an outlet and support

OE: I am thrilled how easy it gets to actually do what I want to do

UE: Because now it’s in the calendar and I can plan for it in a positive and constructive way

UN: I finally have time to focus on my next steps I life

UL: I finally have freedom and focus to allow myself to use the time that I need

CB: Because since I have planned for what I have chosen to achieve this year,

UA: I finally have the freedom to work on it without distraction.

TH: And even though making long term plans is still strange and new to me, I am now embracing the concept wholeheartedly and without resistance. I can’t wait to accomplish my goals and have time to play when I am done. Thank you.

Sit back, take a breath and feel into the reality of these thoughts. Do you notice a shift? A sense of beginning excitement?

Making plans just means taking your dreams seriously. It means honoring and acknowledging that you can indeed achieve what you want, even if you don’t know how you are going to do it yet.

Making plans and putting them in the calendar is a selfrespecting thing to do. You will enjoy your coming year, when you make plans.

Plan for miracles, and get ready to expect them to happen by preparing very well for that moment.

Your future will thank you!


Please leave your comments below.



Marketing Your Healing Practice – How Much Technology Do You Really Need?

When it comes to marketing your healing or coaching practice, using the internet can be very overwhelming.

Most transformational entrepreneurs don’t have enough technological background to understand how internet marketing actually works.

So they spend hours after hours trying to figure out their blog or website, finding the button to upload a picture, and the word “Autoresponder” leaves them shrug their shoulders.

I have certainly been there. More than two years ago, I felt that I just can’t be successful in my coaching practice until I have all this figured out.

So I took charge, and started to travel the country to learn from the best.

I did a number of programs, live workshops, tele classes and a mastermind program with Connie Ragen Green and Jeanette Cates, who is famous for her “tech tamer” programs. I joined Armand Morin’s AM2 Mastermind program, went to big Seminar and many other live events. I went to unseminar with PAt O’Bryan and learned from some of the forerunners in internet marketing and online business. I have attended many more workshops and purchased lots of outstanding programs to help me get through the hurdles of feeling comfortable and knowledgable online.


I am very grateful for the continued support I am receiving and all the learning that I am able to do.

However, for my coaching clients, I highly recommend to not invest so much in the beginning.

A transformational entrepreneur who is still working on reaching the 6 figure mark is usually very well served with the following:

A wordpress blog

An autoresponder/newsletter program

A freebie to get people to optin

A presence on Facebook, twitter and linkedin.

It is very important that you are able to gather your site’s visitor’s email addresses, so that you can serve them in your newsletters and build a good relationship.

Relationship marketing is everything in this economy, where people are very mindful about who they spend their money with and who they trust enough to take advise and coaching from.

Nobody would sign up for an expensive program with you until you have proven your skill level, have established a relationship that makes your visitors feel that they know, like and trust you.

Yes, there is a lot of information out there about all the wonderful things you can do online, and if you have the time to learn, and it truly fascinates you, there is nothing wrong in learning more about what is possible.

But it can also sidetrack you from making those personal phone calls, meeting potential clients in person and always think about the package that you have to offer to help others in their life or business.

Nothing is more important than those personal connections. So please make sure that you don’t overdo your focus on the internet, and leave the house to meet people instead.

For everything you don’t know how to do, just get a webmaster. These are people who are skilled and trained to solve your online problem in minutes, where it would take you hours to even find out how to learn what needs to be done.

Having a professional looking blog, a free giveaway with an optin box, an auto responder service and a presence on Facebook, twitter and linkedin is truly enough to support you in growing your business as a transformational entrepreneur.