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Free EFT Tapping Script For Making Plans Easily

EFT for getting courage to make plans. Making plans and sticking to them is an important component of long term success. However, many people prefer to “let the universe surprise them”, or rely on the law of attraction. The universe doesn’t know what you want if you don’t have a long term plan. As a matter of fact, the Universe might perceive your resistance to making plans as a statement that you don’t want any long term success. Your actions create reactions. So if you want to be abundant and free of worries, you are much better off making concrete plans. I know from experience how challenging this is for many people. And it is a very tappable issue. So I recommend using some EFT. Please follow along, if you feel drawn to this.

KP: Even though I have this deep resistance to making long term plans, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel so out of my comfort zone, if I have to put my goals into a calendar, I respect and honor these feelings without judgment.

KP: Even though it is so hard for me to overcome this resistance, I love and accept myself and I am open to seeing this differently when my time has come to be successful.

TH: I have this huge resistance to making plans.

IE: I feel it in every cell of my body

OE: I feel it in my heart, my stomach, my throat and my head

UE: I feel it everywhere, no matter what I am trying to achieve

UN: This huge resistance, this fear, this overwhelm

UL: I feel it and I can’t get past it

CB: Every time I try I get distracted

UA: And it feels so much better to just do something else instead

TH: I have all this resistance inside of me, and I don’t know how to let it go.


Take a deep breath… just sit with these thoughts for a moment.


TH: What if making plans felt surprisingly easy to me?

IE: What if all of a sudden, I realized that I can do it, and that it is natural and comfortable?

OE: What if I began to shift my fears into excitement and spontaneous creativity

UE: What if I found excitement and great joy in getting started and creating all these exciting plans

UN: And then surprised myself with how easy the next step is to putting my goals into my calendar

UL: I would love to find this exciting and confirming

CB: I would love to feel the sense of positive expectation and preparedness whenever I look at my calendar

UA: I am willing to just try it and see what happens

TH: If I am able to see how easy my life could become if I didn’t have to wait for the next step, but could prepare for it long term.


Take another deep breath….Do you resonate with these thoughts and feelings?


TH: I am grateful that I am beginning to see planning as a fun solution

IE: I a excited that my creativity and sponsaneity now have an outlet and support

OE: I am thrilled how easy it gets to actually do what I want to do

UE: Because now it’s in the calendar and I can plan for it in a positive and constructive way

UN: I finally have time to focus on my next steps I life

UL: I finally have freedom and focus to allow myself to use the time that I need

CB: Because since I have planned for what I have chosen to achieve this year,

UA: I finally have the freedom to work on it without distraction.

TH: And even though making long term plans is still strange and new to me, I am now embracing the concept wholeheartedly and without resistance. I can’t wait to accomplish my goals and have time to play when I am done. Thank you.

Sit back, take a breath and feel into the reality of these thoughts. Do you notice a shift? A sense of beginning excitement?

Making plans just means taking your dreams seriously. It means honoring and acknowledging that you can indeed achieve what you want, even if you don’t know how you are going to do it yet.

Making plans and putting them in the calendar is a selfrespecting thing to do. You will enjoy your coming year, when you make plans.

Plan for miracles, and get ready to expect them to happen by preparing very well for that moment.

Your future will thank you!


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Time Management Tips – How To Learn New Technology Without Overwhelm

Time ManagementTime Management is one of the topics that most of my coaching clients struggle with.

For transformational entrepreneurs, there is always more to learn. We often don’t have brick and mortar storefronts or offices, so the internet becomes our “home” the place where we attract clients, where we talk about what we are passionate about and what we have to offer.

The Internet changes very quickly, and ignoring the possibilities online for business growth and marketing is simply not an option.

But how much do we need to learn? And when do we learn it?

Well, the good news is that we don’t have to know everything. We just have to know enough to understand the importance of it and how it can be helpful in our marketing plan.

Yes, I do recommend that you write your own blog, auto responders and newsletters. This is your immediate connection and communication with those who you care about, and your clients and followers deserve to get to know you and not your ghost writer, no matter how good he or she may be.

A simple time management tip that can change your life 🙂

Get your calendar out. I recommend one of those huge table top paper calendars that you would usually have under your computer on your desk, and stick it on the wall.

This way, you see in big letters what the plan for the week and month is.

And then block out a designated time each day that is only for learning and studying.

In the beginning of your business, you will not have that many clients.

So you can easily afford to spend 60-90 minutes per day learning about one topic that you don’t know enough about.

How about you make one full week your blogging week?

Monday: Learn how to setup and install a wordpress blog

Tuesday: Learn what widgets and plugins are and how to use them and which ones are recommended to get started

Wednesday: Learn how to Install your calendar and your contact form and find that perfect theme

Thursday: Learn how to google your keywords with the google adwords keyword tool:

Thursday: Learn how to write and post blog pages (If you have extra time that day, try it out and actually put your “about”, your “disclaimers” and your “services” page online.) 

Friday: Learn how to put up a post (very similar to putting up a page) and (if you have extra time that day) actually post something.

By the end of the week, you have a working blog 🙂

If you really don’t know how to do something, or you don’t want to learn al the tech stuff, that’s perfectly OK.

Maybe you want to spend your 60 minutes on finding a webmaster or Virtual Assistant (VA).

If we plan ahead for the learning that you have to do, we will have a much easier time breaking it down into manageable pieces and taking it one effective step at a time. We actually get it done. 

The final piece: When the time for learning and studying is up, it’s OK to pat yourself on the shoulder for doing such a good job, and turn our attention to a different topic.

Transformational Entrepreneurs don’t build all of their business online.

You have to have time for phone calls, events, speaking gigs and more. And you have to have time to embrace your life and your family, your charity and your hobby.

So when your time of learning is done, take a break from the computer and reach out to others.

Makes sense?

Good Luck!

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Time Management – Are You Using Your Calendar Correctly?

Time management – Are you using your calendar?


Resolution - better time management

As solopreneurs, time management is not an option, it is crucial to our success.
There is always more to do, more marketing, more calls, more online stuff and social media.
In addition, the kids have to be brought somewhere, the day needs to  be organized, programs designed and prepared.
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Yes, tapping on the overwhelm is a great way to get relief, but if you don’t have a strategy in place, you will  find yourself in the same situationoover and over again.
While time management is a whole chapter by itself, I recomennd babysteps to get your day staightened out.
Get a calendar and use it!

If you like outlook for your business, then categorize your business related things in one set of colors, and the private ones in another.
I use red for my coaching clients, as this pops out the most, and this time is not negotiable.
Then there is orange for the business related things I  have to do (everything marketing and sales related) these things are non-negotiable as well, but they may be a bit more flexible in the event that a new client needs the time slot.
Then there is  Yellow. I mark everything yellow that needs to  get done, is  business related, but  does not need a specific time of the day to get done. My bookkeeping would be one of these things. Or editing of audio and video.
Uploading my autoresponders or pre-writing blogposts. These need to be in the calendar every  day, but they are not so fixed on business times when I have to be able to reach out to others.

Does this make sense?
If you don’t use outlook, but prefer a paper version, I  recommend that you never the less find a system that works for you, use your markers or whatever you prefer and have EVERYTHING in the calendar that you intend to dothat day.
This  way, you can easily follow  through with your events, appointments and plans and don’t have to scramble when a certain time arises.

Please leave feedback below and email me with any questions yo may have!

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