EFT for help with changing careers and finding a new job

It is fascinating to me how many different applications EFT can have.

The other day, I received a call from a recruiter who has been deeply engaged in helping long term unemployed people find a job. We talked for quite a while about the difficulties that her clients experience during their journey of finding a new job, a new calling, an employment that feels right and good to them.

She explained that for many people,  losing a job or career offsets a grieving process that needs to be lived through. Jumping into hyperactivity after losing a job might feel good in the beginning, but it does not allow for the person to find closure and get ready for a new part of his or her life.

In addition, the blocks, negative beliefs and feelings towards the situation can be extremely hindering.

With EFT, we can help release these feelings and blocks, so that the person now can look at the situation as it is, find his or her niche where success will come, present him or herself in the most positive way and literally attract the new position or opportunity that he or she resonates deeply with.

Here are some tapping suggestion that might help people to get a more positive mindset about finding a new job:

KP: Even though I am frustrated and sad that I lost my old job, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel embarrassed that I don’t have the job anymore, I chose to forgive myself now, I know that I did the best that I could

KP: Even though I am angry and overwhelmed that I have to be in this position, it’s not fair! – I completely accept and respect myself

TH: I can’t believe I am in this situation!

IE: This is truly frustrating and very overwhelming

OE: What if I don’t have what it takes to find a new job again?

UE: I  even doubt that, given my age, I would be offered the old position now

UN: I am sad and I grief that I am in this situation now

UL: It is truly overwhelming

CB: And sometimes the fear gets the best of me

UA: I don’t feel prepared for this, and it is not fair

TH: I am scared and overwhelmed, and I don’t know how to handle it

TH: What if it was important to relax now?
IE: What if I needed to find time to truly honor  what happened to me?

OE: I have so many mixed emotions going on

UE: It is hard to focus on a new career when I am still grieving so much

UN: And when my frustration about the situation is taking the best of me

UL: I can allow myself to honor how I feel before I release it

CB: I know that I did the best I could, and this can happen to anybody

UA: I forgive myself – I know I did the best I could

TH: I chose now to change my vibration

IE: I chose to feel grateful for my potential and who I am

OE: I chose to relax and shift to where I want to be

UE: I am the perfect match for many positions that need exactly what I have to offer and who I am

UN: I feel comfortable and loving when I connect with that new position and all the people involved

UL: I am grateful to have them, and they are grateful to have found me

CB: I can’t wait to get started and bring value and quality into my life and theirs

UA: And I am grateful for the positive turn that my life has taken now

TH: I am grateful for my new, perfect job

Take a deep breath and see what happens to your thoughts and feelings. Do you notice a shift? Do you feel hope? Do you allow yourself to go with the routine for a moment and then put up the wall of fear and resentment again?

Tap on that. Write down what bothers you and tap on it one step at a time. The more feelings and beliefs you release, the clearer your energetic blueprint becomes, and you begin to resonate with that which is  just waiting for you to find it.

Please leave some feedback on this post. It will help me to fine tune a program that can help others in many ways.

Thanks so much and good luck!


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17 Responses to “EFT for help with changing careers and finding a new job”

  1. Hi Ingrid!

    I haven’t tried the EFT/tapping thing yet. What areas do you see it most effective in?

    Mtn Jim

  2. Hi Jim,
    great you found EFT :-). EFT is a tool that releases stress and intensity out of memories, feelings, beliefs and even stress related physical symptoms. It is a wonderful coaching tool, as we reach our goals so much easier once we release our blocks and resistance. Check out the website, watch some videos and follow along with the tapping suggestions, and you will get a bigger picture.
    Please feel free to email me if you have anything in specific that you would like to work on.

  3. There are many reasons for the unemployment rate. But nevertheless: we can recreate ourselves and begin to follow our passion financially successfully.

  4. I have just starteed doing EFT and I find it difficult to say things whilst tapping I knoew what my problem is, being unemployed, cant fall pregnant 10 years now and a host of other problems, I feel so overwhelmed when I tap like I cant seem to find words in my expansive vocabulary to express what I am feeling, It is helping though pulling those weeds to plant those beautiful flowers – POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS

  5. Do you have a video for that?

  6. What would be helpful? What kind of video would you like? You can download a video on http://www.ifindmeajob.com.

  7. Hello Ingrid,

    I just watched your free video presentation on job loss and followed the EFT around, and I AM AMAZED! I have known EFT for quite some time and have used it. Your explanations on job search fears/job loss fears and the EFT protocol was superb! I can’t thank you enough for making this available:)

    What really resonated with me was the clear connections you established between being stuck and the trauma of lost significance/shame/ fear of failing our or others’ expectations about us AND the lack of closure. Let me explain. I am an immigrant and until now I hadn’t realize that what is holding me back is the belief that I will never be able to revive the feelings of significance in my professional life, the lucrative career and the genuine and supportive connections I had. I was wrapped up in the loss of my identity, and it never occurred to me that “it is OK to feel the loss”; most importantly, I must let go of those expectations I had in order to open the door to the desire/ commitment to job search in a new country. I was glued to those expectations, and caring the emotional burden in my back (literally) instead of clearing up my emotional field and readying myself for new possibilities.
    I feel relief! THANK YOU!

  8. how can I use eft to get me a good job and true love.

    I am tired of staying at home, I am looking for where I can be going from morning to night.

    I am so bored of this house so how can I use eft to provide me a good job.

    I am looking for a girlfriend, how can I use eft to get one, I am not really feeling the one I have now and I am tired of it actually. How can I get a new grilfriend with eft.

  9. Rotimi, it sounds like you are ready for a big change in your life. Please know the difference between causes and symptoms of a situation. I would think that your personal situation is a result, a “symptom” of something much deeper. I highly suggest that you find an EFT practitioner who can begin to discover with you what is really going on, why you are in the situation you are in, and what steps you could choose to begin to shift.
    Certainly, you can use EFT to work on the immediate feelings you have. That would be a good idea to begin to take the edge of and help you think clear and gain focus.
    EFT does not bring you a few home or girlfriend, but it can help you get rid of thoughts or beliefs that make you feel stuck.

    Please keep me posted.


  10. Hello Ingrid,

    I’m a web developer.ı’m looking for career opportunity in a new country. But my problem is lack of self confidence. Even though i have necessary skills, i feel that i’m not talented. Could you please tell me how to over come from this


  11. Ronny, there are many reasons for low self esteem, and EFT is a wonderful tool to get to the bottom of this. Not trusting our full potential is an expensive and frustrating experience, and it is fascinating to see how even old beliefs can shift easily when we get to why we feel this way. Another obstacle that many people face is a lack of marketing and sales skills. They believe they are not good enough, but what is actually happening is that they just don’t know how to let the world know that they exist and would love to work. Makes sense?
    I’d be glad to offer you a free 20 min strategy session so we can decide what might be best for you. Please contact me if you feel that this might help you.

  12. Hi,
    Returning to work after a long time out and illness is what I have been working on. I have trained in EFT and still find other people’s tapping scripts inciteful Especially how to use the positive parts and how to just be with what is now. I appreciate what you said about time to truly honor where I am now. Maybe I do need to give myself more time is the concluson, and I am open to the possibilty that I maybe be more ready than I think, that it can be very good just to shift attention into a new focus.
    Thank you for the incites and your gifts,

  13. hi ingrid i would appreciate a eft script for loud tinnitus in my ears i have deafnes in left ear. i am traumatised. my father was also in a german concentration camp.we have something in common. i will be practising other scripts on your website. thank you. i havent had much help so i would appreciate some with eft. regards Amy

  14. I am sorry to learn about your tinnitus. This is a tough one to get rid of, one of the very few things that seem to be a bit harder to tackle. My suggestion: Tap on the specific sounds you hear, as well as your associated feelings that come up. However, I have often seen that tinnitus is related to specific traumatic memories. Do you have somebody to work with with EFT on this?

  15. This helped me tremendously. I just did it and I feel so much more at peace and yes, even looking forward instead of dreading the future.
    thank you

  16. Hi Ingrid,

    I’ve been tapping for a new job, a specific one that I have applied for and really want to get. I already was contacted by the employer to complete a first step online and I imagine the next step will be an interview. I want to be prepared for that inteview, I want to demonstrate that I am the perfect match as the scritp for this excersice says. For long time I have sabotaged myself thinking I might not have all the correct anwers for an interview or that they will require me to have some specific knowledge or experience I don’t have and therefor I won’t get the job. Is there anything else you would recommend to get ready for this interview or whatever the next steps are?

  17. Hi Mayra, congratulations on this opportunity. Would you like to contact me so we can talk? There is no one specific answer to this. It depends on your self talk, your previous experiences, the feelings and beliefs that you might have. We should explore what you want to work on.