Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT for Taking Action

Taking continuous action is one of the most important skills that separates successful people from not so successful folks. If you have to fight with yourself every day about what action to take, if you feel resistance about doing something new and creative, something kind and focused that can help you move forward with your business and your life, the following tapping script is  for you.



KP Even though I am dragging my feet when it comes to taking action, I completely love and accept myself.

KP: Even though I am running into so much inner resistance when it comes to taking action, I feel that resistance building up like a brick wall that I can’t conquer, I completely love and accept myself anyway.

KP: Even though it is so hard for me to imagine what it will be like to take continuous action, I am completely out of my comfort zone here, I completely love and accept myself.


TH: I am out of my comfort zone

IE: In a big way

OE: I feel like I am hitting a brick wall

UE: I can’t move forward, and I can’t reach out

UN: I feel so lonely in this moment when I try to take action

UL: My fears are taking the best of me

CB: I can’t move forward, I feel way to scared

UA: I hate how stuck I feel but I can’t overcome it

TH: I can’t take action and I hate how stuck I feel about this

Take a breath…


TH: I realize that being stuck is costing me and I feel so lonely

IE: And I realize that it is costing me joy and comfort in many ways

OE: It is truly not comfortable to blame myself for not taking action

UE: And the feeling of being stuck and immobile is taking the best of me

UN: I acknowledge the feelings I have about feeling stuck

UL: And I know that there is a story to this that I might have to resolve

CB: But no matter what the reasons are that I am so hesitant to take action

UA: I can make a decision to be successful anyway, in a way that feels authentic and powerful to me.

TH: I chose now to open up to new horizons, and be in balance with being an action taker and success.

Take a breath….

TH: I am beginning to see how easy it is to take small action

IE: A small action in the right direction is all that it takes!
OE: All I need to do is make a decision about the direction I want my life to take

UE: And to take comfortable, but continuous steps into that direction

UN: I am climbing the hill of action taking one step at a time

UL: I am focusing on taking the next step and celebrating my success

CB: I am enjoying the progress I am making every day

UA: By taking action one step at a time, in a way that works for me!

TH: I clearly see that my taking action every day has brought me great benefits, and I am grateful for moving forward quickly now!


Take a breath…

TH: I am grateful that I have made a decision to take action today

IE: I am so grateful that I am moving forward one step at a time

OE: I can see how taking action is so important to me

UE: And how comfortable I am to do the right thing every day

UN: So many people are now hearing my message

UL: And they are also beginning to take action in wonderful ways

CB: Some I am inspiring, and some I am helping

UA: And they all are grateful that I am in their life and help them

TH: In a powerful way that is transformational for all of us.


I am grateful that I decided to take action every day, and I honor and respect myself for moving forward quickly.


Take another breath.

How do you feel? Can you see how taking action is helping everyone around you?

You are a part of other people’s transformation, and they are a part of yours.

Enjoy this feeling, and take action every day.

Continuous action allows you to get to where you want to be, while touching other people’s lives in more ways than you ever thought possible.

When you take action, everybody wins.

So please take action today!

Much Love


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  1. Thanks Ingrid this was helpful to both Scott & I.


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