Free Tapping Chart



Why EFT works: 

The tapping on designated release points (“Acupoints”)    balances your emotional  reactions, negative beliefs and physical stress symptoms. 

The Basic Recipe: 

Evaluate your intensity about a specific event on a scale of 0 (no intensity) -10 (highest intensity) 

Repeat the 3 times out loud, while tapping on the “Karate Chop Point” KP on the side of  your hand: 

KP: Even though I have this…(affirmation with the issue), …I completely accept myself 

Tap each release points 7-9 times, while repeating the reminder phrase:

TH = Top of  head      

IE = Inside Eyebrow 

OE = Outside of Eye    

UE = Under the Eye 

UN = Under Nose 

UL = Under Lip 

CH = Chin 

CB = Collar Bone                        

UA = Under Arm 

TH = Top of  head 

Then tune into the issue, re-evaluate intensity, and repeat the basic recipe for any remaining intensity as necessary! 

If you feel that a new aspect or memory comes up, proceed as before: Rate the intensity (don’t judge!) and tap it away.