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How To Become More Resilient By Clearing Clutter

Have you ever noticed how much your environment, especially clutter, drains your energy?

Clutter isn’t just stuff that needs to be put away. Clutter represents memories, the beloved ones as well as the traumatic ones.

It represents unresolved conflicts, memories that we don’t know what to do with, and fear of missing out or making a mistake.

Clutter instantly creates mind chatter that is lout and insisting, often even insulting to the person who is dealing with it. Think about it: When your home is cluttered: What are the first words that come out of your mouth when unexpected visitors come? Most likely something like “Please excuse the mess.” of” I am sorry, I didn’t have time to clean up.” Or “I wasn’t prepared for visitors, I am embarrassed.”

How many times have you passed on the opportunity to entertain, simply because you felt that your home wasn’t representable enough?

This constant clutter self talk drains your energy, your self esteem, your confidence.

In short: There is nothing in it for you that would help you become more resilient and feel better about yourself and your space in the world.

This is why I have been offering Clutter Clearing Classes and private sessions. Clutter is as close to home as it gets.

When you love where you live, when you are proud to share your home with others, when you are comfortable having unexpected guests, and when your business runs smoothly, because you can find your paper work easily,

When you let go of clothes that don’t fit, that have the wrong material or that are way outdated, even broken, you simply feel better about yourself.

It is incredibly freeing to get rid of stuff. And you’ll find yourself much stronger and happier when that negative mind has calmed down and gives you new room to think and breathe.

I want this for you. That’s why I offer courses on clutter clearing. It makes you more resilient and free to steer your own life.

Sometimes it’s strange how the different parts of our lives just flow together, isn’t it? But when we take a step back and look at all the things that impact and influence us, both consciously and subconsciously, it is easy to see that taking charge of clutter clearing is as healing as taking care of negative memories.

I want this strength and resilience for you!


How to be resilient after a terror attack like 9/11

When 9/11 happened, we watched in horror as the second airplane hit the twin towers.
I realized immediately that this was big, life changing danger. But I also realized immediately, that I personally was safe. And so was my family. We live 6 hours north of NYC, and whatever happened there impacted us only indirectly at that time.
So I wasn’t traumatized, the way many of our friends were. I just knew that we needed to stay put and wait.

I talked this through with a friend who is a psychologist.. Initially, she wanted to insist that I needed to process this just like everybody else. But I explained to her:
“Look, I grew up during the Cold War in Germany. At any given time, we had somebody’s weapons, nuclear or not pointing at us. We have always known that the decision of one person can wipe us out. But it didn’t.
We learned early on that life isn’t safe, that danger is real and that war happens, even in your own country, your own backyard and without it being your fault. I found shrapnel in my sandbox from WWII. Many houses were still in ruins from the bombardment of my city. You learn to focus and take care of your needs. You prepare, but you don’t panic.
You learn to be deeply compassionate, to help out where you can, but you also know that you’re personally ok.

I came to realize that many people in the US didn’t have that experience. Somehow, many of those that I talked to, who also lived far away from the attacks, had believed that nothing would ever happen here. I am not sure why…
They lost their innocence that day.
And as they didn’t know what to do, they replaced safety with helplessness.
Helplessness causes trauma. It’s a big, big deal.
So to become resilient, we need to have something strong in life, something we can fall back on, strategies, experiences, something that we know to be true.
We need to have our feet on the ground and have a solid sense of self.
And we need a purpose, a reason to make it through and move on.

I wasn’t traumatized at 9/11, but for sure, my life and the lives of many dear friends changed forever that day.

Free Training: EFT for Veterans

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Success Profile

What Is Your Success Profile? Knowing This Can Change Your Life.

In a recent workshop for transformational coaches and healing professionals, I asked the participants:

“Who of you is familiar with the law of attraction?”

Most people raised their hands.

“Who of you beliefs in it and practices it?”

The hands stayed up.

“Who of you has a million dollars?”

Silence – then laughing. Confusion….

“OK, so if you believe that like attracts like, and that you have to think the right thing to attract what you want, then what are you thinking?. Something is obviously not working in your favor the way it could!”

People looked around, trying to get confirmation from each other that they too were not sure what to say.

“I just don’t want to charge people who can’t pay me.” said one.

“I don’t think that helping others for money is spiritual.” said the other.

“I just want to teach groups and spread the word about healing.” said a third.

“Doing my transformational work is so much fun, that I’d happily do it without getting paid!” said a lady with a huge smile on her face.

I love these comments, as they reflect so clearly why transformational coaches and healers struggle when it comes to creating the income they need.

Their success model is different, they get motivated by very different goals:

Helping others, giving back, having fun, teaching groups, being in alignment with their loving and caring side are some of them.

It won’t surprise you that, even though I am a success and business coach for transformational entrepreneurs, I have a very long history of volunteering and giving much of my time for causes I believe in:

Bringing trucks into war zones, helping veterans with EFT, supporting people in need and moderating forums that bring comunities of healers together are only some of them. There were times in my life when I was a full time volunteer and it was not easy for me to acknowledge that I couldn’t keep going like this for much longer.

You see: I had fun doing what I was doing. It felt right and was an amazing cause. It was what I wanted to do and I was able to reach large groups in meaningful and powerful ways. I loved that! But I just couldn’t afford it anymore.

Eventually, I got my act together and remembered that I have a background in business that I should be able to utilize to create the income that I need.

I remembered that there are highly successful and deeply compassionate entrepreneurs out there who teach what I didn’t know or had forgotten.

I remembered that I would have to hire the help and support I needed if I wanted to keep going and start growing.

And I made the decision to invest with focus so that I could reach my goals and provide for my family.

As my business grew, I began to teach others what I have learned and achieved, so that they too could step up and create the income they needed to make a difference on a much bigger scale.

The more transformational entrepreneurs I coached, the more I became aware of a pattern that fascinated me: I realized that  – what a surprise – not all coaches are created equally. Indeed, there are four distinctively different profiles, and what makes them different are such important factors as:

Their ultimate definition of success, what money means to them, what truly motivates them, how they see themselves making the biggest impact.

There are creative artists, knowledgable teachers, compassionate nurses and business savvy biz people. All of these factors determine what they ultimately want to do with their lives and their skill set, and ignoring these would have meant coaching them in a less than appropriate way.


So while for some transformational coaches and healing professionals, going after bright, shiny objects is a lifestyle and a must have, others truly just want to help by teaching groups in a strategic and systemized way.

As I was observing and learning how to help each of them be successful with who they are, I realized that nobody is either one or the other profile. Instead, in order to be truly successful, they needed to activate and embrace all four sides and bring them ito balance: Their creative artist, their wise and strategic teacher, their compassionate and giving nurse and their savvy business person. By deeply understanding what they mean , they could then set the boundaries they need and create a plan that would help them move forward.

There is more to the profiles that I discovered, and some of the issues are setting good boundaries and understanding how our own story and life’s experiences fit into our business.

Please come back frequently, as I will teach you how you can learn how to activate your success profile and make more money, have more impact, and make your story matter.


EFT Certification Training

Please register now for the next EFT Certification training:

When: September 26th – 28th 2013

Location: Residence Inn, Concord, NH

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm 


Are you interested in getting a thorough, live introduction to EFT, where you can learn how to use EFT for self care successfully?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and would like to learn an effective technique that can help you relax?

Do you suffer from burnout and would like to learn an effective self help tool to help you release trauma and stress?

This EFT Level 1/2 workshop is mandatory for all EFTers who would like to become EFT certified.

AAMET certified EFT trainer Ingrid Dinter offers this in depth, one day seminar according to the AAMET syllabus.



Here is  what you will learn:

Level 1 

Level 2

  • Basics
  • EFT Origins & background
  • Bridges to EFT
  • EFT Discovery Statement
  • EFT Basic Recipe
  • SUDs /VOC scale
  • Correcting polarity reversal
  • Basic EFT Recipe
  • Finetuning
  • Importance of being specific
  • The concept of “Aspects”
  • The importance of persistence
  • The generalization effect
  • “Your point” concept
  • Short cut tapping
  • Dealing with excessive intensity
  • Cognitive belief shifts
  • “Borrowing benefits” concept
  • Demonstrations and Practice:
  • Movie technique
  • EFT for physical issues
  • EFT for cravings
  • Other, depending on group
  • Testing Results
  • Probing questions: examples
  • The Importance of testing results
  • Troubleshooting
  • Note re the “Energy Toxins” concept*.
  • Introduction to self-work with EFT
  • Trainees are encouraged to make a
  • list of their own tap-able issues.
  • Limitations to L1 competency 
  • Ethical boundaries for offering EFT
  • Enhancing the Practitioner:
  • Brief review of AAMET Level 1
  • Discussion of safety issues for self & client
  • Practitioner maintenance and the importance of continuing self-work
  • Learning more about the use of the “Personal Peace Procedure”
  • Discussing ways to rapport
  • Introduction to using intuition with EFT
  • Calibration skills
  • Techniques
  • Learn and use 3 additional tapping points
  • Learn the “floor to ceiling eye roll”
  • More on “chasing the pain” techniques
  • Tearless Trauma Technique
  • Movie Technique
  • Sneaking up on the problem Technique
  • Choices Technique
  • “Touch & Breathe” Technique
  • “Talk and Tap/Continual Tapping” Technique
  • Specific Applications
  • Introduction to working with trauma
  • Discussion of avoiding abreactions
  • Dealing with abreactions
  • Advanced Methods:
  • Finding core issues
  • More questioning techniques
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Writing on the walls concept
  • “Tail enders” concept
  • Introduction to reframing
  • Further techniques to overcome psychological reversal
  • More on testing
  • EFT via the telephone / computer
  • Delivering EFT to groups and borrowing benefits
  • Implications of working with children 
  • Legal issues and code of ethics:
  • Legal implications for having an EFT practice
  • Ethical and legal boundaries of coaching vs therapy
  • AAMET requirements & implications, AAMET code of ethics


  • Please note: The AAMET Certification does not override the laws and regulations given by your state. By signing up for this workshop you declare that you are aware of your state’s regulations, the regulations of  your board for mental health practice and all other organizations. You only work within your ethical and professional scope of practice and refer to a mental health professional or medical Doctor when appropriate.