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EFT Certification Training

Please register now for the next EFT Certification training:

When: September 26th – 28th 2013

Location: Residence Inn, Concord, NH

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm 


Are you interested in getting a thorough, live introduction to EFT, where you can learn how to use EFT for self care successfully?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and would like to learn an effective technique that can help you relax?

Do you suffer from burnout and would like to learn an effective self help tool to help you release trauma and stress?

This EFT Level 1/2 workshop is mandatory for all EFTers who would like to become EFT certified.

AAMET certified EFT trainer Ingrid Dinter offers this in depth, one day seminar according to the AAMET syllabus.



Here is  what you will learn:

Level 1 

Level 2

  • Basics
  • EFT Origins & background
  • Bridges to EFT
  • EFT Discovery Statement
  • EFT Basic Recipe
  • SUDs /VOC scale
  • Correcting polarity reversal
  • Basic EFT Recipe
  • Finetuning
  • Importance of being specific
  • The concept of “Aspects”
  • The importance of persistence
  • The generalization effect
  • “Your point” concept
  • Short cut tapping
  • Dealing with excessive intensity
  • Cognitive belief shifts
  • “Borrowing benefits” concept
  • Demonstrations and Practice:
  • Movie technique
  • EFT for physical issues
  • EFT for cravings
  • Other, depending on group
  • Testing Results
  • Probing questions: examples
  • The Importance of testing results
  • Troubleshooting
  • Note re the “Energy Toxins” concept*.
  • Introduction to self-work with EFT
  • Trainees are encouraged to make a
  • list of their own tap-able issues.
  • Limitations to L1 competency 
  • Ethical boundaries for offering EFT
  • Enhancing the Practitioner:
  • Brief review of AAMET Level 1
  • Discussion of safety issues for self & client
  • Practitioner maintenance and the importance of continuing self-work
  • Learning more about the use of the “Personal Peace Procedure”
  • Discussing ways to rapport
  • Introduction to using intuition with EFT
  • Calibration skills
  • Techniques
  • Learn and use 3 additional tapping points
  • Learn the “floor to ceiling eye roll”
  • More on “chasing the pain” techniques
  • Tearless Trauma Technique
  • Movie Technique
  • Sneaking up on the problem Technique
  • Choices Technique
  • “Touch & Breathe” Technique
  • “Talk and Tap/Continual Tapping” Technique
  • Specific Applications
  • Introduction to working with trauma
  • Discussion of avoiding abreactions
  • Dealing with abreactions
  • Advanced Methods:
  • Finding core issues
  • More questioning techniques
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Writing on the walls concept
  • “Tail enders” concept
  • Introduction to reframing
  • Further techniques to overcome psychological reversal
  • More on testing
  • EFT via the telephone / computer
  • Delivering EFT to groups and borrowing benefits
  • Implications of working with children 
  • Legal issues and code of ethics:
  • Legal implications for having an EFT practice
  • Ethical and legal boundaries of coaching vs therapy
  • AAMET requirements & implications, AAMET code of ethics


  • Please note: The AAMET Certification does not override the laws and regulations given by your state. By signing up for this workshop you declare that you are aware of your state’s regulations, the regulations of  your board for mental health practice and all other organizations. You only work within your ethical and professional scope of practice and refer to a mental health professional or medical Doctor when appropriate.

Free Tapping Script: Managing Change – How to overcome fears of change and the future

Managing change can be challenging and difficult.
I think that most people agree that changes can feel overwhelming and leave us with a sense of being out of control. I know that I certainly felt this way many times in my life, and I am endlessly grateful that with EFT I found a way to create a powerful and meaningful shift in the way I perceive the changes, challenges and possible solutions.
Think about it: Change means facing situations whose outcome we don’t know yet. To get some sense of control, we often consult what we learned from past experiences, often even knowledge from past trauma to protect ourselves from repeating a negative outcome. But is this really the best strategy?
In truth, this way of managing change can backfire quite easily. When we revisit past trauma to overcome fears and protect us, we actually empower it again instead of eliminating it.
We give our control over to our fears instead of our confidence, new possibilities and surprising outcomes. We literally have the power to recreate past trauma when we think about it often enough.
The following tapping script might help you get started working on managing change and overcoming fears.

You must read and agree with the disclaimers on this website before trying it.
If you are new to EFT, please watch the short “Introduction” video on the right to learn where the tapping points are, and download a free tapping chart

And please make sure to sign up for the FREE 90 minute EFT tapping Tele class on Friday, February 11th 2011. If you can’t join us, you will get access to the recording shortly after.

KP Even though I am afraid of the changes that I am facing, I completely love and accept myself
KP: Even though I am so uneasy, this is a very big deal for me and I truly don’t know the outcome yet, I allow myself to feel surprisingly calm and peaceful anyway.
KP: Even though I am pretty overwhelmed with all the changes that I am facing, I deeply and completely accept myself. And I forgive myself for not feeling much control right now; I know that I can take it one step at a time, in a way that truly works for me.
TH: I feel so out of control with all the changes that are coming
IE: It is scary to face these changes – how can I know that I will succeed?
OE: It is so overwhelming to face all these unknowns, and I really don’t like it
UE: I am afraid to mess something up when I don’t know what I am doing
UN: I deeply acknowledge my feelings – yes, it is hard
UL: I understand how difficult this is, especially since there are so many things that I don’t know yet
CB: I completely accept these feelings, even though I don’t like them
UA: And I accept that I am truly not in control of the future, but I am in control of all present moments
TH: I accept myself and my feelings without judgment – I know it’s hard, but I am ready to succeed anyway

Take a breath…

TH: What if I could find a way to be surprisingly at peace, even though changes are lurking?
IE: What if I could allow myself to feel in control in the present moment, even if I don’t know the big picture yet?
OE: What if I could step into my power and realize that many of my fears are just reflections of things that happened a long time ago
UE: And what if I realized that there may be open doors that I can walk through safely and comfortably?
UN: I am curious to find out how I will deal with all these changes
UL: I can’t wait to see which inner powers this will allow me to explore
CB: I allow myself to feel confident in the present moment, no matter what the future seems to bring
UA: Because truthfully: The future has not happened yet, most of my fears deal with my perceptions of the past.
TH: I allow myself to relax and realize that nothing is set in stone yet –I can prepare for the changes one step at a time.

Take a breath….

TH: I love how relaxed I feel now
IE: I am grateful for the new opportunities that I am beginning to see
OE: I am grateful to realize that I might be more powerful than I thought I was
UE: If I release my fears of the future and take it one step at a time
UN: I respect myself for my ability to never give up
UL: I honor myself for all that I have been through
CB: Even if my past still haunts me: It is over now and I know this already
UA: I am grateful and curious that I am beginning to see the changes in a different light
TH: Thank you for beginning to realize that nothing is set in stone, and I can feel safe and in control, no matter, what.

Take a deep breath and notice how you feel.
Do you notice shifts in your thoughts? In your feelings? In your body?
Acknowledge them and if necessary, tap another round on what comes up for you now.

Hope this helps you get started.

I am looking forward to your feedback!

Much Love

Dealing With Change FREE EFT Tele Class Feb 11th!

Is dealing with change taking the best of you? Are you afraid of a job transition, a career change, a relationship that is  coming to an end?

Join us for this FREE 90 minute EFT Tele Class on

February 11th 2011 at 7:00pm EST!

Please make sure you fill the EMAIL ADDRESS in FIRST and your FIRST NAME BELOW! Thanks!


Every beginning also opens up new doors. However, when we have fear about dealing with change, we will most likely have trouble seeing them.

EFT Tapping is a very powerful way to open the doors for life change, and to feel calm and confident as you are progressing on your way. Only when you feel like you want to move forward can you begin to actually take the necessary steps to move forward in a new direction.

I know that for most people change is complex and much more complicated than they are willing to admit in the beginning. A  successful career change, for  example, is much easier when we are in a state of excitement and positive curiosity. However, most people also have to deal with grief, sadness, feeling overwhelmed and misunderstood, with self esteem issues and often the trauma of losing the previous job.

A new relationship brings up fears stemming from old partnerships. Even weight loss brings up the trauma from having lost weight before and then gaining it all back again, and maybe a whole array of other memories and hurt feelings that need to be dealt with.

Join us on February 11th by signing up in the form above, and please forward this free information to your friends and family!

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The Truth About Goal Setting: There is nothing you want upstream!

EFT Cert-1I’d like to share a story about goal setting. It is a story that is inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

Imagine this:

There is a woman sitting in a canoe. She is struggling to go upstream. She puts her paddle in the water, and she’s fighting to move forward. And Spirit is sitting by the side of the river, watching her efforts with amazement.

Eventually, Spirit asks the woman: “Why are you struggling so hard? What is your benefit of going upstream?”

The woman answers: “Going upstream is an amazing challenge! Going upstream lets you face your fears. Going upstream lets you face your limitations. Going upstream allows you to deal with the challenges, to strengthen your muscles and improve your abilities. When you go upstream, you show that you are not afraid, but you challenge the world and show your strength. There is great value in going upstream! “

“Hmmm – I see…” says Spirit and leans back, calmly watching the woman as she continues to struggle her way upstream.

As the day comes to an end, right before the sun sets, Spirit gets up again and kindly asks the woman, if she gives was open to him sharing something with her.

And as the woman nods her head, Spirit leans forward and says with a friendly voice:

”There is nothing you want upstream.”

There is nothing you want upstream because upstream is where you come from. You took what was valuable with you and then continued with your life. Upstream means going back, but there is no going back in time.

Whatever you do in the future has to be downstream.

Whatever happened is in the past. No matter how much you struggled with it, how much you still feel haunted by it: It is over. Please understand that.

It is great and wonderful if you want to prove yourself to the world.

But if you want to prove yourself, because you were abused as a child, because you were misunderstood, because nobody believed in you, you are struggling for the wrong reasons.

If you’re trying to do something grand, because your parents never did, because you people were misrepresented or disrespected, because somebody in your life like that you and that you would never amount to anything, this is the wrong motivation. All of this is in the past. And it wasn’t right to begin with. It hurt your feelings, it made you uncomfortable, and there was nothing good about it. All of this stuff is upstream, and no matter how much you try to transform it, it is still in the past and only exists in your thoughts and memories and how you chose to deal with them.

Okay, so now let’s take a look at what it means to go downstream.

Downstream is your life as it is NOW. No matter what happened behind you, your life is always downstream and with the flow.

You simply can’t go back, and create a different life. And if you realized that whatever happened in the past is over, you wouldn’t even feel the need to do so.

Of course you can decide to turn your canoe around and try to struggle your way back upstream, but the truth is, that you will not be getting anywhere no matter how much effort you put behind it.

Yes, you might have to heal from things that shouldn’t have happened, but the healing also happens in the here and now. You are not living in the past, no matter how much you think you do or should.

Just dream with me for a moment.

Allow yourself to imagine what would happen if you took all that energy you needed to be able to struggle with the river, and instead used it to turn your canoe downstream and face the obstacles as they naturally present themselves. . Imagine facing your life, instead of your past.

Imagine looking at what’s ahead of you instead of what’s behind you. Imagine being able to use the essence of your life’s experiences and obstacles to create your positive future in the life that awaits you downstream.

Imagine taking yourself so joyfully serious that you learn to focus on your goals, and recognize the opportunities in whatever it is that presents itself to you downstream. Picture the joy, the curiosity and fascination when you allow yourself to be surprised by what life has in stock for you.

Imagine the changes that could take place if you simply made the decision to forgive (not condone or excuse, but to forgive!) what happened upstream.

It is true that most people spend their lives between going back and forth between trauma and worry:

Trauma is the stuff that has already happened; worry is that which hasn’t happened yet.

When do they begin to live in the now?

The only thing that is truly happening is that you are sitting here at your computer reading this blogpost. Everything else is either in the past or in the future. That’s OK! There is nothing wrong with stopping to worry about things we can’t change. Rather spend your time and resources on the things that you can change.

Think about this for a moment: Which goals do you want to set? How do you want to live? If you had it your way, what would your life look like?

Let’s talk about this more next time.

Please leave feedback below! I’d love to learn what you think about this.

Much Love to You!


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Thanksgiving Note

Thanksgiving is many circles of love: A story ...

Image by controltheweb via Flickr

I am grateful for this wonderful holiday, that reminds us to take a moment and be grateful for  our families and friends, our clients and the amazing opportunities that are coming our way every day.
Gratitude vibrates even higher than love.
Gratitude allows us to connect with the reality of who we are and take an intention and dream into the here and now.

Try this exercise:

Say out loud: I intend to be successful. Do you feel the power behind this?

Now try this:

I am grateful to be successful.

Do you notice how different this feels?

When we are grateful, we claim the moment, our goal and dreams and realize that we are already there.

Whatever we dream of, we already have. How can we claim it and enjoy it?

Think about it: Would you like to live to  be 100 if this means living in desperation and misery, abandoned and isolated?

Or would you like to live fulfilled with anything you can imagine that makes you happy?

When you reach the content and happy stage, time frames seem to shift, to be less relevant.

It is a here and now stage that is truly amazing and wonderful.

It is not just the amount of time that we live, but especially the quality time that we live that makes our life worthwhile.

You can have this now, you don’t have to wait until you reach old age.

When you focus on your financial wellbeing:

Do you truly want just a certain dollar amount, or in fact the opportunities that financial independence can bring you?

You can already design financial independence and live and grow daily without having to wait until a specific amount is there for you.

Creating wealth requires linear thinking, a plan, and flawless execution of  that plan.

And you don’t have to intend this plan, you can create it today and stick to it!

You can be grateful for the existence of your plan and live it’s execution every day from this moment on.

Much easier than hoping for riches or other future values, right?

As you know, I  have been working with very traumatized people, including combat veterans and their family members.

There is often not much to  be thankful for, when you look at what they have been through from the outside.

However: The control that they gain over time is that they ask themselves: How can I possibly let this experience work for me?

We do have the freedom to  chose what we want to do with our lives, including our traumatic memories, and how we look at our obstacles:

When we give thanks, we can step into the inner powerr that can allow us to let them be a good thing. Not because we condone them, but because we can use them i our own way to grow and learn.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you:

For your interest when you open this site,

For your trust  and friendship

For your willingness to share and heal

And for the amazing gifts that being connected with you has brought into my life.

Thank you so much for being there!

You are more appreciated than you will ever know.

With Love and Gratitude


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Technophobia In The Healing Profession: Why Releasing The Fear Of Technology Is Important

2010 Ongushi LASIK

Image by ongushi via Flickr

When I started helping people with EFT, I felt very overwhelmed with all the technology that is out there and that I needed to learn to enhance my business. I had to invest quite a bit of money to learn from skilled and successful internet marketers how to implement online strategies into a coaching business. Today not a day goes by where I don’t learn something new from my mentors and amazing experts out there who are willing to share their expertise freely and readily, teaching others grow a successful online business.

Knowing my own, never ending journey, which has actually turned out to be very fun and exciting, my heart goes out to many of my dear and extremely skilled colleagues and fellow healers and coaches, who own or work in a private healing practice have a conflicted relationship to using modern technology to improve their business. I know what it is like to struggle with getting a news letter up to speed, with using blogging, social media and search engine optimization to improve a practice and reach out to potential clients. I very much remember feeling that I don’t have enough time to invest into the learning process, and what it is like  to feel overwhelmed and incompetent about what my next step needed to be.

Read more…

Technophobia: Is Your Fear of Technology Keeping You Stuck?

Gambling erupted once more following a recessi...

Image via Wikipedia

This past year, I have invested quite a bit of money into technology and internet marketing training with Connie Ragen Green, Jeanette Cates and Lisa Suttora, and I am about to learn more on Big Seminar this weekend with Armand Morin and his team of top notch trainers and marketers.

You might say: What has Helping people with EFT, whether it is Veterans or long term unemployed job searchers to do with internet marketing?” Well, the truth is that for mt was the missing link between having a gift and passion for helping others with EFT, and actually TELLING others that I have a gift and passion for helping them.

When you know how to work the internet properly, which information to put where, what your blog, your website, your business cards and articles should look like to reach the largest amount of people, you can reach out so much more effectively. And best of all: People can actually find you easily, connect with you and discover how you may be able to be of service for them. Just imagine for a moment what your life would look like, if you hadn’t found those websites and information that changed your life.

Online marketing is a skill that is not intuitive, but has to be learned from those who are already successfully doing this, who have insights into the market and understand how to use which technology properly.

While I am very excited about the 4 day Seminar (in Las Vegas, of all places…), I am also determined to teach you what I learn and use successfully, so that you can gain confidence with the technology and move forward with confidence.

Learning how to market successfully online is an essential skill set and will connect those that need EFT and healing with those who can offer and facilitate it with skill and passion.

This is a very exciting ride… Hope you will join me!

Remember that having a gift alone is not enough. Even if you suffer from technophobia, we have to find ways to communicate to others that we are here and available to help. Being able to do this online, from the comfort of wherever you are or need to be in the world, effectively and on real time is helping many get access to the help and healing they need and desire Tomorrow, I will offer you a tapping suggestion that might help you release the fear of technology.

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EFT for decision making

Hi There!

Thanks for the great feedback on yesterday’s post on writer’s block!

For today, I’d like to pick out an aspect that many of  us find truly difficult to deal with:

A red-hot iron rod from which heat transfer to...

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Once we sit down and want to get started on a project, we get so many good ideas that we truly don’t know which one to pick  anymore. So we start with one, then the next one, work on two or three simultaneously, only to find that nothing really gets done and finished.

For an online business entrepreneur, this mindset can cost dollars and cents, as whatever isn’t finished can’t be offered to  others who  might be interested in purchasing it.

But how do  we chose what to do next? And what do  we do  with all  the good ideas we have?

Let me answer the second question first (and you bet that I know this from experience, as the flow of good ideas is a blessing as much as a curse for me, too).

The answer is simple: Write them down!

Just brainstorm them. Don’t judge or rate them, they are what they are right now.

I purchased a small pocketbook with a metal cover and a built in pen for  this  purpose. So I never run the risk to not be able to take notes while I am away from my computer.

The trick is to have them in one place, one note book, one folder, so that we don’t get sidetracked by trying to find the notes we already took. Read more…

Gaining EFT experience, not just knowledge!

If you’d like to join us for the EFT training, please sign up before Saturday, May 14th to receive an early sign up discount!

Sunday in a week is a very special day for me:

On May 23rd, I will once again be teaching an introductory level EFT workshop, with some focus on working with Veterans. This is special, as I believe that a live workshop is truly the best way to learn EFT.
I say this with so much conviction, because live trainings were truly what enabled me to achive the effectiveness in EFT that I have today.
Naturally, I have watched Gary Craigs DVDs many times, read the emofree newsletter and moderated his Trauma/PTSD forum and his Practitioners forum, but all the live trainings with Gary and other skilled practitioners were what truly got me on the way.

It was during those live, hands on workshops, that I met other practitioners and was able to experience and witness EFT healing first hand.
It was then that I could step up to the microphone and ask my questions that had bothered me for some time. It was in the community of like minded people, many of which became my friends, that I realized the phenomenal gift that we have with EFT.
I continued to attend Gary’s and other workshops even after I realized that I was good and effective with EFT.
Every class gave me new insights, widened my horizon and allowed me to observe and study EFT from aspects that I would not have been able to learn by myself.

It was a big deal for me to attend those classes, as I am in NH, and Gary taught all over the US, but it was worth it, as I was very serious about learning.

I am grateful that I can pass this knowledge and my personal experience with EFT on to my students.

The next training in NH will be Sunday, May 23rd. 

We will have the time to be specific, to really go in the background of EFT and to explore many different ways of applying it.

I keep the class size small enough to be able to work with many attendants individually or in small groups. My goal for this class is to help you gain knowledge, experience and confidence, and help you shift to a higher level of awareness, where healing becomes a part of life, and we embrace our natural choices, leaving the feeling of victimization behind.

It will be fun and very powerful. Tomorrow, Friday May 14th I will present EFT to the NH Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team “DBHRT”, of which I am a member, and I have already received interest for the workshop. I have currently 6 spaces left, so if you were on the fence, please make sure that you claim your spot soon. I truly hope you can make it!