EFT Level 1 AAMET Certification

EFT Level 1:

EFT workshops

All workshops are held at the Residence Inn in Concord, NH, about 30 minutes from Manchester airport.

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pmSeating is limited, please register early!

Discount available if you pre-register for Level 1 and 2 together!

Read the Curriculum Vitae of your trainer, Ingrid Dinter

Are you interested in getting a thorough, live introduction to EFT, where you can learn how to use EFT for self care effectively?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and would like to learn an effective technique that can help you relax?

Do you suffer from burnout and would like to learn an effective self help tool to help you release trauma and stress?

This AAMET approved EFT Level 1 workshop is mandatory for all EFTers who would like to acclaim Level 2 and 3 Practitioner certification in the future.

AAMET certified EFT trainer Ingrid Dinter offers this in depth, one day seminar according to the AAMET syllabus.

Course Objectives:  To enable the trainee to:

  • Have a basic working understanding of EFT
  • Use EFT for their own issues.
  • Use EFT with family & friends in a non-professional capacity.

Here is  what you will learn:

  • EFT Origins & background
  • Bridges to EFT
  • EFT Discovery Statement
  • EFT Basic Recipe
  • SUDs scale
  • Psychological reversal
  • Initial group demonstration
  • For example, constricted breathing or body flexibility.
  • The importance of hydration
  • Importance of being specific
  • The concept of “Aspects”
  • i.e. Usually multiple layers to an issue
  • The importance of persistence
  • The generalization effect
  • “Your point” concept
  • Short cut tapping
  • Dealing with excessive intensity
  • Cognitive belief shifts
  • “Borrowing benefits” concept
  • Movie technique: Demonstration on a volunteer.
  • EFT for physical issues: Demonstration on a volunteer.
  • EFT for cravings: Demonstration with group.
  • Probing questions: examples
  • The Importance of testing results
  • Trainees practice working with each other as “coach”, and/or “client” and/or observer.
  • Troubleshooting EFT – when results aren’t happening
  • Note re the “Energy Toxins” concept*.
  • Introduction to self-work with EFT
  • Trainees are encouraged to make a list of their own tap-able issues.
  • Limitations to L1 competency and ethical boundaries for offering EFT
Practical/theory balance: A minimum of 33% of course time to be spent on practical exercise including borrowing benefits from a demonstration and supervised paired work.

Please note: The AAMET Certification does not override the laws and regulations given by your state. By signing up for this workshop you declare that you are aware of your state’s regulations, the regulations of  your board for mental health practice and all other organizations. You only work within your ethical and professional scope of practice and refer to a mental health professional or medical Doctor when appropriate.

EFT workshops