Tapping on "The fear of change"

One thing is for sure: Every military family faces fear and change. War changes warriors as well as those who love them, not matter what the experiences were. Many try to deal with this by not thinking about it too much, by distracting themselves and focussing on the life and tasks at hand. But with EFT, there might be a better way.
While deployed, warriors focus on their mission, and the changes that will come due to their experiences and the fact that they have been away for so long, often seem vague.
The changes are real, even if a warrior does not come back with severe trauma, and they might remain a barrier between the person and his or her family, a greay zone that, after a few trials, everybody silently agrees not to talk about.
With EFT, there can be a way to tap on this, to help normalize the feeling of having become distant and strange to each other. As always, you need to agree with the disclaimer on this site and use your own disgression and judgment for the tapping and your wellbeing.
KP: Even though I am afraid of the changes that are coming, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I know that my partner will change, and so will I, I choose to find a way to let this be a positive and strong thing.
Even though I am nervous about the unknown, I deeply and completely accept myself.
TH: I am afraid of the changes that will be
IE: What if I don’t like them
OE: I am nervous about how he/she will cope
UE: And I am afraid that I can’t handle it, either
UN: I am scared that he/she will be changed so much that he/she has lost what I love the most
UL: And I am afraid that I will not be able to see him/her the way I used to
CB: I am scared of the changes that will come
UA: I don’t like to feel like a victim of change
TH:And I am angry that I can’t change the change

TH: What if I could relax about this fear?
IE: What if I didn’t have to find all the solutions today?
OE: What if I could take it one step at a time
UE: And what if I didn’t have to know all the answers?
UN: What if it was OK to stay in the moment
UL: And find strength in who I am?
CB: What if I could trust that I don’t have to change everything back to where it was to be OK?
UA: What if I could find a way to love what we have, even if the colors are changed?
TH: What if I could allow myself to take it one step at a time, in a way that works for me and all of us?

TH: I chose to relax about what I can’t change
IE: I chose to connect with the power I have
OE: I chose now to find out what I can relax about and what truly needs my attention
UE: And I chose to send myself the insights that I need to make a difference for you and me
UN: I can chose to release the grief about losing who we were
CB: And to take it one step at a time
UA: Honoring you and me for what we have been through
TH: And finding a powerful and positive way to move on forwrd, in a way that works for us.

TH: I am grateful for my newfound strength
IE: I am grateful for you
OE: And I am grateful for having each other
UE: Even if the colors have changed, and we both have to work to get used to this
UN: I appreciate you and what I am about to learn about you
UL: And I appreciate myself for what I am about to teach you about me
CB: I can chose to be surprisingly calm and confident
UA: Honoring our path together, what we have in common and what will always separate us
TH: In a surprisingly appropriate way, that feels right and truly works for us.

Take a deep breath, relax and see what shifts are taking place in you. Feel into your body, if you feel more relaxed, if pain and tension loose up and shift, if you feel sadness or anger coming up that need to be addressed separately. If so, please do another round, jjust focussing on yyour current feeling, and allow for it to release as well.

Thank you for your willingness and determination to never give up!


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