I wish that I could find a place…

I wish that I could find a place…
A place where I could heal and regain faith in myself, and again feel the joy and happiness that I so long ago lost – displaced by despair and hopelessness.

A place where my friends live, if only for awhile, for I sorely need to belong…where I am accepted without judgment, and where I am loved for who I am.

A place where forgiveness reigns…where the future will become clearer and brighter…and filled with hope.

A place where I can find spirituality and wisdom, and where I can be embraced by those who know and can show me the path.

This place existed only in my dreams – until now – and I am once again me.
by Randy Kautto, Vietnam Veteran, with permission

I have seen that many Veterans, their families and everybody who loves them, became victims of war in a way that many people will never understand.

Not because they were not capable or well trained, but because they were expected to deal with the trauma of their experience alone, to toughen it out, to simply get over it without ever being listened to, supported or helped.

I feel that it is time to take on the responsibility to help those who suffer from the consequences of the missions they have been sent to fight, whether we personally agree with the political and ethical background of warfare as a whole, a specific war, any war, or not.


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  1. Noreen on December 21, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Thank you for this post.


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