EFT…a miracle for Veterans? A Testimonial from a Vietnam Veteran

I just received this email from one of my Vietnam Veterans, who was a medic and then a first responder for many years.
He sent this out to his friends and Vet councelor, and gave me permission to post it.
To protect his privacy, I have changed his name to Robert. He is very excited to talk to other Veterans and practitioners about his experiences.
Please send me an email if you’d like to connect with him.

Here is “Robert’s” email:
Hi Folks,
Most of the people I’m sending this video to are vets or vet counselors, for reasons that will become obvious. To them I have this to say: Ingrid Dinter (on the video) did a 4 hour EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session with me last week… those hours were filled with some of the most emotionally charged moments of my life.
I told her one of the biggest problems in my life was RLS (restless leg syndrome), mostly because I’ve had to take Vicodin for over a year to manage it.
The VA has had me on every drug available to treat this problem over the last 4 or 5 years… some worked for as long as 2 years, but then Vicodin (a narcotic) was the only thing I could count on to allow me to sleep at night. When the RLS began, I would go 3 days without sleep putting me at times at the brink of suicide. I actually thought of asking doctors to amputate my legs… yes, it was that bad. About 3 hours into the EFT session, the RLS in my legs had disappeared… and I hadn’t taken any Tramadol or Vicodin that day… the 2 drugs I use to manage my RLS.

This week I was schedule to meet with an ortho surgeon at the VA because my Baker’s cysts (fluid sacs behind the knee) caused so much pain when standing that I was starting to use a cane again. The swelling behind the knees was visible to both my doctors.
The cortisone shot that the surgeon gave me a year ago, which relieved the pain up until recently, then it came back. (The pain on standing and sitting was 8 on a scale of 1 to 10… 10 being the worst pain I’ve ever felt.)

I told Ingrid about the Baker’s cysts simply because I winced in pain when I stood up to go to the bathroom; the fact that the pain has disappeared is a side effect of our work together, and it was not a separate issue we adressed. Another thing that really blew me away was this: My pain when standing went from an 8 to a 1 or 2. I’m still baffled… and cancelled the surgery!

I had been taking an absolute minimum of 40 mg. of Vicodin a day to control the RLS (usually more like 60 mg). In the last two days, I’ve taken 25 mg each day and have had the best two nights sleep in as long as I can remember. (It’s 3:00pm and so far today I’ve taken 5 mg. I have never taken less than 20 mg at a time to get results.)

Now to another aspect of this 4 hour session: After 40 years of suffering from guilt and a feeling of inadequacy, I finally realized that my “job” as am medic with my first patient in Vietnam who was one of five victims from a direct hit by an RPG (rocket propelled grenade), was to be with him, comfort and reassure him while he was dying. I didn’t know that until a few days ago while doing EFT with Ingrid. I felt horrible that I couldn’t save his life, even though there was nothing I could have done for him medically. I drank, smoked pot, took acid, shot heroin, cocaine, speed, barbiturates, valium, demerol… in the early 70’s I put anything and everything into my arm to get relief from the guilt and nightmares. One of the main reasons I was chemically dependent (mostly pot and booze) until I was 36 was because I felt so guilty that I couldn’t save that kid who was full of shrapnel… not to mention the guilt because I was supposed to be with my crew the day all of them were killed by a mine.
When I just wrote that last sentence, I did not shake or feel any anxiety whatsoever; before this one EFT session last week, that wouldn’t be possible. In the past, I was sometimes able to hide the emotional turmoil externally, but internally I was always a nervous wreck.

EFT is not just for vets… it’s for anyone who has experienced any form of traumatic stress: traffic accident, spousal abuse, rape… for some it can come from simply witnessing a traumatic event. I’m thinking there are few people on this planet who would not benefit from this “miracle” of non-invasive treatment for certain psychological disorders… keep in mind, I’m not a therapist and don’t even play one on TV. Please don’t hesitate to write or call if you have any questions you think I might be able to answer.

In Kindness

Here’s the link: http://www.emofree.com/splash/video_vets.asp

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s there are few.


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