Emotional Freedom Techniques Certification: AAMET EFT Level 2

Emotional Freedom Techniques Certification and EFT Tapping Training

included: extensive handouts, Certificate of CompletionThis intense training is mandatory for earning the AAMET Practitioner Level Certification!

Please email us if you already have taken a Level 2 seminar with us, and would now like  to become certified!

The number of participants is limited to keep the workshop personal and your learning and healing experience as profound as possible.

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This workshop is the first step to getting certified by AAMET, and is a great learning experience for anybody interested in learning EFT!

This AAMET EFT Level 2 Certification is for the dedicated EFTer who wants to take EFT to the next level and use Tapping within his/her scope of practice.

Here is what we will do:


Here is what we will do:

Enhancing the Practitioner:

  • Brief review of AAMET Level 1
  • Basic discussion of safety issues for self & client
  • Practitioner maintenance and the importance of continuing self-work
  • Learning more about the use of the “Personal Peace Procedure”
  • Discussing ways to rapport
  • Introduction to using intuition with EFT
  • Calibration skills



  • Learn and use 3 additional tapping points
  • Learn the “floor to ceiling eye roll”
  • More on “chasing the pain” techniques
  • Learn and practice 3 invaluable, additional tapping techniques
  • Learn about “touch & breathe” technique
  • Learn the “talk and tap/continual tapping” techniques
  • Introduction to using positive choices


  • Introduction to working with trauma
  • Discussion of avoiding abreactions
  • Dealing with abreactions


Advanced Methods:

  • Finding core issues
  • More questioning techniques
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Writing on the walls concept
  • “Tail enders” concept
  • Introduction to reframing
  • Further techniques to overcome psychological reversal
  • More on testing
  • EFT via the telephone / computer
  • Delivering EFT to groups and borrowing benefits
  • Implications of working with children
  • Implications of working with animals


Legal issues and code of ethics:

  • Legal implications for having an EFT practice
  • Ethical and legal boundaries of coaching vs therapy
  • AAMET requirements & implications, including current AAMET code of ethics.


The minimum requirements for AAMET to accept you as a certified practitioner are:

– Taking the EFT Level 2 workshop

– Successful passing of Multiple choice exam

– Submission of at least three case studies

– Working with at least 25 clients for a total of at least 50 hours

– Obtaining at least 6 hours of private , or 12 hours of group mentoring per year


We are offering To help you become AAMET certified, we offer two Mentoring packages:

Package 1: Covers the above minimum support and mentoring as required by AAMET

Package two: Offers all the mentoring required by AAMET, plus 4 live workshops (instead of the 1:1) with additional VIP time, live Tele Seminars, email access, and much more.

Please contact us to find out if you are eligible for the mentoring program and which program works best for you!


Disclaimer: The AAMET Certification does not override the laws and regulations given by your state. By signing up for this workshop you declare that you are aware of your state’s regulations, the regulations of  your board for mental health practice and all other organizations. You only work within your ethical and professional scope of practice and refer to a mental health professional or medical Doctor when appropriate. By signing up for this workshop, you declase that you have read, understood and agreed with the following :

AAMET Code of Ethics

Healing Now Disclosure Statement and Client Informed Consent

Healing Now EFT Workshop Disclaimer

Healing Now General Disclaimer


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