One Page Business Plan For Coaches – How To Create Your Small Business Strategies And Action Steps

Hey again! It is so great to see you back.

Did you read through the first three steps we talked about below and took action? Do you know what your vision is, what your mission entails, and have you set your goals?
Remember that everything we talk about here can be easily translated into a successful life plan.
Good for you ! 🙂
OK, then you are now ready for the next step:
Take one goal at a time and come up with the strategies to reach it.
This gets even more uncomfortable for some people than what we have done so far, and you might notice some resistance and an initial “I have no idea!” feelings in your stomach or throat, but you’ll get over it when you truly begin.
If you feel overwhelmed at this point, please don’t wait to contact me for a strategy session!
Contact me asap, as we should be able to come up with a plan and a strategy to help you move past the self sabotage.
I am sure that you agree: You need a plan to follow, or your business success will be left up to coincidence and good luck.
After deciding on your strategies, you will come up with the specific action steps that you can take to do what you want to do.
As you get into this, you will notice that you might actually have a lot more in place than you think.
You might see that you feel drawn to doing things in a specific way, and that you are already good at it. We will talk a lot more about this in the future, as your personal style is so important for your success, but you truly need to put your strategies and action steps onto a piece of paper to get on track.
Ready? Great! Here we go:
Take the first goal you set for yourself, and break it down into the different ways how you could achieve it.
For example, let’s say your first goal is to have an extra 5000.- per month within 3 months.
How many clients to you need for this? Make a decision!
How many products to you need to sell? Decide!
How many programs will you teach? Decide what you want to teach
Now to your action steps:
Let’s say you decide you need 5 new clients per month
Where will you get them? Make a plan of what you are willing to do
If you want to work with them in person, make a plan of the steps you are willing to take to connect with potential clients.
How will they learn about what you do?
Some examples for finding 5 new clients per month could be:
Join the local BPW and arrange for a speaking gig
Join the local chamber of commerce and join the meetings
Get speaking gigs with the local radio and community TV
Create a monthly networking meeting for like minded entrepreneurs
Check out meet up groups in your area
Reconnect with 5 old customers/clients per week and see what they are up to. Rekindle good relationships
Start a local marketing campaign with people who might also serve your potential clients (massage therapists, realtors, whatever your business is).
Keep going! You are doing well! 🙂
Do you get the idea?
Coming up with strategies that are doable and successful will really get you thinking, and see what you might already have been doing, what needs tweaking, what works and what brings no return at all.
Let go of what doesn’t work.
Do more of what does.
Offer solutions that nobody else can offer and do it on a continuous basis. People will find you.
Yes, it is very important that you do things continuously.
Showing up once at a networking meeting might not do your business much good, but doing it regularly and creating those relationships might be a very wise choice.
Once you brainstormed all the ideas that you might be able to do for all your goals, decide on the top 3-5 per goal that you will actually implement.
You might decide to Call 5 old clients per week
To join 3 local networking groups
To make 3 cold calls per day
To bring your wordpress blog up to par and blog daily
To join Facebook and connect with 15 new friends per week.
Whatever you decide, put your action steps on the one page business plan. 
Make sure that you can read them easily.
Maybe you want to have a few copies around the house and one in your smartphone.
don’t try new things before you have accomplished the ones you decide to do.
Staying on target is key.
Just make that decision, and then go ahead and do it.
Every day. 
No excuses.
As you can see, creating a business and coming up with a one page business plan can be as exciting and rewarding as it can be challenging.
Do you have help with the challenges?
Do you work with a coach?
It is truly important to run your thoughts by someone who listens and can ask the right questions.
The crisper and clearer your vision, your mission, your goals, your strategies and your implementation is, the better for your business.
I’d be glad to talk with you about creating a strategy that might work very well.
Please contact me and we can set up a phone strategy session!
Tomorrow we’ll talk a bit more about coming up with an accurate budget.
After all, your business needs to make you money, or else it is not a business.
Something that we do for fun and enjoyment without the intention of creating an income is called a hobby.
You are certainly entitled to great hobbies.
I highly encourage them!
But this is not what we talk about here.
Here it is about your business, so let’s stay focussed and come up with money making strategies.
Sounds good?
GOOD!!! 🙂
I am so proud of you for making it this far!
Please leave your feedback and your questions below.
Much Love

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