The Art Of Vulnerability

As a spiritual entrepreneur, your business is an extension of who you are.

Your business brings out the best of you.

And it brings out the worst of you.

In your business, you can’t hide. You can’t pretend to be someone else. At least not for long.

For many transformational entrepreneurs, this is a very scary thought.

They try to be strong, determined, focus on being powerful.

But then it hits them:

“I can’t do this!” “I don’t know my niche!” “I don’t know why someone would pay for working with me!”

“I can’t call people!” 

And so much more.

But even worse, every belief they ever had about self worth is beginning to haunt them now.

They started off feeling great, and within a short time, they don’t feel victorious any more.

I have seen this many times.

I have been through this myself.

I have more than once experienced the fears that come with growing, personally as well as proffessionaly.

And when my clients get there, I am able to hold space for them and their fears.

They never have to fear that they are alone.

They get consistent support, tapping, coaching and strategies to help them reach out and move forward.

Being vulnerable is an art form.

Making our weakest side our most powerful side is a challenge as much as a blessing and a skill.

Don’t hide your vulnerability.

Instead, make your story matter!

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