Millionaire Mind – How Successful People Think

What is a Millionaire Mindset?

What do successful people think, and more importantly:

HOW do they think?

Years ago, when I realized that I needed to make changes in my coaching business if I wanted to be able to create the future that my family and my clients deserve, I began to coach with people who had achieved their goals, continued to grow, and were living an authentic life with the business and income that reflected their success.

My mentors are phenomenal people: Heart centered, intuitive, skillful, smart, generous and fascinating in so many ways. They create tribes that follow them, that mutually support each other, that hold a much bigger vision than each of them could have and achieve alone.

I knew that in order to move forward, I had to reach out and connect, invest in my business and the skills I didn’t have or knew I had.

I took a leap of faith and joined those who I could learn the most from.

Here is what I’ve learned about the mindset of millionaires:

I have yet to see a wealthy, successful person who doesn’t take immediate and thorough action. My friends and mentors, who have 6 and 7 figure businesses are very busy.

Yes, they do know what they want. They do feel that they can have it. They do their mental preparations (part of which is pushing through their fears, even if they don’t know what’s possible for them yet).

They know that believing that they can have something is simply a belief.

They know that trusting that the Universe will provide is based on hope.

They implement their hopes and believes into their business plan, – of course they do.

But then they take responsibility for their plans and take action.

They create plans for the future. They map out what could be done to actually create the income they desire, the flood of clients they want.

And they get ready for it.

They build a team of highly capable experts who love what they do and work well together.

They research their target market and know exactly what people want and need.

They are always willing and ready to invest into what they don’t know, the support and training that they need.

They commit to keep going, even if a project, a launch, a plan or workshop falls flat.

They don’t give up, just because they realize that they have to modify what they thought will get them results.

They observe their business, and adjust every day.

They don’t just work in their business helping their clients, they spend lots of time working on their business, getting the word out and getting the right clients through the door.

Wealthy people take coaching and advise seriously, and they take action, even if they are not sure that they will succeed.

The one thing wealthy people don’t do is get stuck with the belief that all they need to do is trusting that the Universe will provide, just because they hope and think it will.

They include all the powerful Law Of Attraction mindset, the profound truth of “we can have what we want when we truly focus on it”, into their daily routine, but they know that they are still in charge of making it happen.

How important is it to you to create the client base, the income, the future that you want?

And what are you willing to do in return?

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