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Free EFT Tapping Video: How to Feel Seen And Acknowledged For Who We Are

This Free EFT Tapping Video is very dear to my heart:

I am getting so many emails from people who have never felt seen and acknowledged for who they are and what they have been through.

They have often turned that sadness and anger against themselves, wondering what is wrong with them, why they are not good enough, why their story isn’t valuable or recognizable to others.

While there is a lot to be said about having that powerful 1:1 connection with a person who can really help you feel seen and acknowledged on a deep, personal level, EFT allows us to get a wonderful and healing start even just by tapping along with a video.


I created it for you, so that you can begin to heal and transform those old feelings and step into the great value and power of who you truly are.

Enjoy, and please leave feedback below!

And if you’d like to set up a private 1:1 “Anger and Acknowledgment” consultation, which will include a personal round of tapping just for you, and an insightful and powerful talk about where you’d like to be and how you might be able to get there, please use this link to set up a time to talk:

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Recording of Free EFT Tele Class Introduction to EFT

Hello everyone,

what I love about these free Tele classes is that they are impossible to prepare for, and the material that I can teach you is as diverse as the people on the call.

We had a huge number of signups and a surprisingly large number of people actually joining us live at 2:00pm today.

Not everybody wanted to speak up, as they are aware that the call was being recorded and made public.

After giving a brief introduction, as most participants were already familiar with EFT, we jumped in with both feet.

We did advanced EFT, which demonstrated clearly the art of delivery, acknowledgment tapping, and how to use and not use intuition.

There were many many teaching points that came up during and after the sessions that we did, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some of the participants.


What I didn’t want to demonstrate, because the format of the call wasn’t designed this way, was working on specific events, one or the core principals of EFT. we did work on very specific issues though, and the participants experienced what it is like to look behind the curtain of an issue and work with deep acknowledgement before starting the healing and transformation.

We did an almost 2 hour call, which was unfortunately interrupted 3 times by some technical issues that were beyond my control. So as you listen to the recording, please have this in mind, and just wait for a minute as the line goes quiet, until the presenter rejoined the call.

Mercury retrograde is already doing it’s work. 🙂

Please leave your comments and questions below, and also let me know what you would like to learn next!




September 17th 2:00pm Free EFT Tele Class, Introduction to EFT

Please join me on Thursday, September 17th at 2:00pm EST

for a free one hour “Ask Ingrid Everything” EFT Tele Class, where you can have your EFT questions answered, and we will do some powerful tapping as well.

By signing up below, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Tele class disclaimer.

This class is perfect for you if you have beginner or advanced level understanding of EFT, and are running into questions that are holding you back from being more effective, either with using EFT for yourself or using it with others.

I have been practicing EFT since 2002 and teaching it for over 8 years, so I have a wealth of information to share.

Please join our class and bring your questions!


Also please email me your questions in advance!

Can’t wait to have you!



Free EFT Tapping Script: How to Release Resistance and Overwhelm

This morning I woke up, feeling resistance towards something that I knew had to be done today.

I just didn’t like it. I didn’t want to do it.

I realized that my thoughts were starting to go around and round in circles, and that the thing I had to do became a moving target instead of a goal.

When I am in this mode, it is almost impossible for me to concentrate and get things done.

Just “trying to focus” usually creates even more resistance, and I might find myself getting sidetracked or even spending my time doing things that I really shouldn’t be doing right now.


Such as writing blogposts, when I should be focusing on getting things done… 😉

But since I am at it anyways, I might as well share with you what I was tapping on.

And then I’ll get off the internet. I have things to do 🙂

So here is what I have been tapping on:

Please say these tapping statements out loud. Don’t just read them or tap without saying the words.

Really take the time to sit down and tap each word while focusing on what seems to be in the way.

Hold the idea of what you are resistant to in your mind, with honesty and a willingness to do whatever this situation requires.

You are powerful and unique, and you are prepared to take this on victoriously, no matter how much resistance you are feeling right now.

You can do this!

Now let’s go ahead and tap together!


KP: Even though I feel so much resistance to getting this done, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel this resistance, this fear in my body, I love and accept myself and release any judgment

KP: Even though I feel so crappy and blocked right now, I completely love and accept myself without judgment or doubt


TH: I feel this resistance

IE: I feel it in my heart

OE: I feel it in my stomach

UE: I feel it in my head and throat

UN: This resistance is everywhere

UL: This fear is all over me!

CB: I have all this resistance right now

UA: I really do and I am observing this in awe

TH: So much resistance, resistance all over me!

Take a breath and just acknowledge that this resistance feels physical and emotional


TH: I wonder what I am so afraid of

IE: I wonder how this resistance is serving me right now

OE: I wonder how this is keeping me safe and protected

UE: I wonder how I know that this is right for me right now

UN: I might feel threatened and the need to protect me

UL: But I might not know if this threat is real

CB: I am willing to consider that I am just etting triggered

UA: I am willing to consider that there is a better way for me right now

TH: I am willing to step back and relax for a moment, knowing that everything is exactly how it needs to be right now.

Take a breath.

How do you feel?

What comes up for you?

Do you need to tap another round on this?

When you feel ready, lets tap again:


TH: I am beginning to feel the relaxation in my body

IE: I am beginning to experience what safety can feel like

OE: I am relaxing my shoulders, my stomach and my throat now

UE: I am taking a breath and just let things be

UN: I am grateful that I am seeing what’s before me now

UL: In a new and different light, separate from my fear

CB: I am starting to see that I have what it takes now

UA: That I can do this, no matter how I feel

TH: And even though I felt so overwhelmed by all this resistance, I feel safe and relaxed, letting that tightness and wall go right now.

Take another breath.

What do you feel now?

What do you experience?

Maybe you’d like to do another round?

Here we go!

TH: I am grateful that this resistance is loosening up now

IE: I am grateful that I am beginning to feel more powerful and strong

OE: I am grateful that I can see why I was so resistant before

UE: I am grateful that I can embrace what I need to do next

UN: It really isn’t that scary all together

UL: It really isn’t that uncomfortable to face what I resisted before

CB: I am seeing how I am prepared to do what I should be doing now

UA: And how I can find my own way to do it, a way that feels really good and powerful to me

TH: And even though I was so resistant to doing this before, I am grateful for how powerful and in control I now feel.


You are well prepared to take on what you resist to. You have what it takes. You are amazing and unique, and well prepared to take the next baby step towards your goal.

Go for it!

All right, it is really time for me to get started and do what I signed up to do today.

I am ready and prepared now, and I know that it will realistically only take a few minutes, maybe an hour to get it done.

Everything else was just fear and feeling overwhelmed and side tracked.

Gotta go!

Sending much love



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Free EFT Tapping Script: Lack of Focus

When you feel like you can’t get anything done, and the daily tasks and responsibilities are bouncing around in your head, it can be helpful to pause for a moment to sit back and just take a deep, conscious breath.

Then use this Tapping Script to gain focus and prioritize what you want to do:

Remember to first tune into your body and discover where that feeling of unrest and loss of focus resides.

Is it in your chest?

Maybe your forehead?

Maybe in your belly?

Just take notice of how intense it feels, on a scale of 0-10, and if there are any beliefs or specific emotions connected with this feeling.

Then start tapping:

KP: Even though I can’t focus right now, that’s OK, I can love and accept myself anyways

KP: Even though I have so many thought bouncing around, I love and accept myself and my creativity

KP: Even though it is frustrating that I can’t get anything done right now, I respect  self for trying and for doing the best that I can


TH: It is so frustrating!

IE: It really is!

OE: I feel so bad sometimes

UE: I feel like an idiot that I can’t focus

UN: I really should be able to do better

UL: It is frustrating and overwhelming to not get anything done

CB: I really don’t like this feeling

UA: I am embarrassed that I have to deal with this

TH: It’s frustrating and overwhelming, and I don’t know what to do.


Take a breath. Did this sound true to you?

What else is coming up? Just acknowledge it. It’s OK.

We all feel this way sometimes. Let’s just keep tapping!

TH: I wonder why I have so many great ideas

IE: I wonder if I have to feel so overwhelmed

OE: I really do wonder

UE: And there should be a better solution for me

UN: If only I could harvest these thoughts and ideas

UL: If only I could execute them the way that I’d like

CB: That would be so much fun, to have that kind of results

UA: I’d really love that, and I might get ready to become strategic now

TH: I have tons of great ideas, and I am getting ready to focus them on what I really want


Take a breath. How are you feeling?

Do you notice a shift?

Good! Let’s continue!


TH: I am ready to see the bigger picture of my try goal

IE: I am ready to see how all my ideas fit nicely together

OE: I am ready to discover how they can be done one at a time

UE: In a creative, fun and logical way that truly makes sense to me

UN: It is so great to see the bigger picture

UL: It is so great to see my big dreams and goals

CB: I am ready to begin to see the big strategy

UA: That will allow me to love what I do, one step at a time

TH: And even though I was overwhelmed by all the things that were bouncing through my head, I love how I feel now, centered and ready to create what I want.


Take a breath…

You did well!
How are you feeling?

What thoughts came up for you?

Did you have memories popping up in your mind?

Did you notice resistance that you were not prepared for?


Let’s do another round, and let it go!

TH: I notice the resistance without any judgment

IE: I acknowledge that it’s there because I needed it at a time

OE: I see how important it was to be always protected

UE: and to be a moving target, no matter what I did

UN: I am glad that these times are over now

UL: I am glad that I can do whatever I want

CB: It is so freeing to acknowledge what was and let it go in an instant

UA: And to celebrate my creativity, one step at a time

TH: And even though I struggled so much with focus, and my thoughts were bouncing around all the time

I am grateful and relieved to feel how powerful I am right now.


Great job!

Just keep tapping, if something comes up for you. You can do it and it’s valuable what you do.

Remember that all these thoughts and ideas fit together somehow.

And once you see the bigger picture, you will easily see what the next baby step must be.


Sending much love



Tapping Insiders Club

Get this 2 hour EFT for Business Interview

Tapping Insiders Club

Oops, I might have over delivered a bit when I gave this EFT for Business and Success Interview. We had planned on doing 4 free tapping scripts, but we ended up doing eight. I just want you to have this information, so you can get started on your own journey to succes!

In the four parts of the interview, we talk at length about the four different success styles of coaches and healing professionals, the four different ways to deal with our personal trauma, and why 3 of these strategies will most likely not lead to a successful business, and also the four boundaries you need to establish in order to live a life and mission that fills your soul and not just your bank account.

When you click on the link above, you’ll get to the info page for the Tapping Insiders Club. In the top right corner is a tab saying “already a member?” Click on it, and it will lead you to the site!

How to Make Decisions Free EFT Tapping Script

Free EFT Tapping Script: How To Decide What You Want

Hi There,

We talked yesterday about what success really is:

Being able to live a life you’re proud of.

But I heard so many of you cringing when it came to deciding what kind of lifestyle would make you proud.

Of course, there are lots of thoughts, beliefs, memories, trauma that may be holding you back.

EFT is a powerful tool for releasing the memories that are not serving you in creating your goals.


I’d like to offer you a free tapping script to help you get into alignment with creating a vision for success.

Please refer to the free tapping chart to see where those tapping points are, and get started:

Ready? Great!


KP: Even though I have this sinking feeling when I think about what I really want, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KP: Even though I feel blurry and unsure when it comes to living a life I’m proud of – what if I can’t have or keep what I want for long?- I just relax about this now and take it one step at a time.

KP: Even though I struggle with creating a real and solid vision for my future, I just can’t see it yet, I love and accept myself anyways.

KP: So here I am

IE: I am really struggling

OE: I really am

UE: I want to have a vision

UN: I want to know what I want

UL: But I am scared to come up with a vision

CB: I want to know what I want

UA: But I have this fear creeping up

TH: It is scary to think about what I want – what if I can’t have it.

Take a breath…


TH: I really don’t have a clear vision of my future

IE: I have thoughts and ideas, but noting seems clear

OE: I don’t even know who I want to work with

UE: I want to work with “Everybody”, helping “anyone” in my business and my life

UN: What if I make a mistake?

UL: What if I make a huge mistake?

CB: I am so scared to make a huge mistake when I try to make a decision

UA: I am afraid to take that step – what if I get it wrong

TH: I have this sinking feeling when I try to make a decision – what if I get it wrong?


Take a breath.

Did this hit a nerve?

Good! Then let’s tap again.


TH: Well, what IF I get it wrong?

IE: I can always adjust what doesn’t work

OE: what IF I get it wrong?

UE: Who will judge me, who will abandon me?

UN: What IF I get it wrong?

UL: What’s the worst thing that can happen?

CB: I am creating a vision

UA: I am creating a livable dream

TH: Even IF I get it wrong, I can start today to create my new vision.




TH: I am beginning to see that I can think and dream anything I want

IE: I can think of my life in any shade, any color

OE: I can create a vision that works for me

UE: I can create a goal that feels amazing and real

UN: I can do whatever I want with my life

UL: I can make it work for me and everybody I love

CB: I can allow myself to be successful today

UA: And move towards my dream in a powerful way that I love

TH: And even if I make a mistake along the way, I allow myself to adjust what didn’t work, and move forward anyways.

Take another breath.

Does this make sense to you?

How do you feel?

Tap on any memory, any belief that is coming up for you now.


Last round:

TH: I love to see how I am getting the courage

IE: To allow a vision for my life to bubble up

OE: I love to see how I am gaining the confidence

UE: To dream bigger and bolder than I ever have before

UN: I love to see how easy it is getting

UL: To follow the dreams I have always had

CB: I am grateful to see how real it becomes

UA: TO walk towards my goal in baby steps now.

TH: And even though I was so scared to create my own vision for my life, I allow myself to let that vision and dream bubble up now. Here it is. I can see it. I can have it. I am ready now.


take a breath.

Sit with this for a moment.

Do you realize how something is shifting?

Chances are, that you have always known your dream.

Chances are that you have always known who you are, or who you could be, if people or circumstances weren’t holding you back.

Rekindle this dream, and make a decision to do what you need to do to pursue this dream successfully.


If you need help with this, please sign up today for a free, 20 minute Success Strategy session.

It is my gift to you, to help you sort out who you want to be and where you need to go.





Free EFT Tapping script: EFT for Cravings – When the shame about your weight holds you back from your success

As a success coach, I help many people understand what success can mean for them and which steps they can take to get what they want.

However, one of the most common reasons why people don’t see that they can be successful in their lives is, that they have a huge wall of shame around their physical appearance.

There is so much blame and avoidance around weight, that they just can’t seem to be able to let it go.

I love to help them with this, and I am delighted to offer you a free EFT tapping script that will help you see the connection between weight and success in a different light.

If unsure where the tapping points are, please refer to the free chart under “free stuff”, or the videos on this site.

KP: Even though I feel so much shame about how I look, I choose to love and accept myself.

KP: Even though I am so ashamed that I have let myself go like this, and my stuff is so visible to others now, I am open to forgiving myself – I know that it’s been much harder than I am willing to admit.

KP: Even though I feel so much shame around my food cravings and what the overeating has done to my body, I love and accept myself without any judgment. I know that, even though I don’t like what happened to me and my body, I did the best that I could.

TH: I am so embarrassed

IE: I feel so ashamed!

OE: What was I thinking?

UE: I can’t stand the way that I look

UN: It is so embarrassing to be overweight and out of control

UL: It is so embarrassing and I feel so ashamed

CB: I feel so ashamed and self conscious about my weight and the way I look

UA: SOmetimes I just want to hide, and never show up again

TH: I feel so hopeless around this issue, and I just can’t seem to shake it

Take a breath. How do you feel?

Notice any shifts. It is possible that many different emotions are now coming up for you.

See where they show up in your body and tap on them with EFT, until you feel more relaxed.


Next round:

TH: I wonder why I feel that I have to be ashamed about how I look

IE: I wonder why I can’t just acknowledge that food is helping me cope when things are hard

OE: I wonder why it is so hard for me to admit, that sometimes food is the only “friend” I have, and I would miss it dearly if it wasn’t readily there

UE: I wonder if it is right to feel all that I feel

UN: Maybe it is OK to acknowledge that I am doing the best that I can

UL: And I refuse to give up on my goals, but I need comfort along the way

CB: I am just going to consider to be kind with myself

UA: And to allow myself to see the bigger picture of what I do

UL: Maybe it is fine to see that food is helping me some times

CB: And that I don’t need to blame myself for knowing that I need help

UA: I know that I need help and comfort to succeed

TH: So I am ready to ask for what I need and prepare myself for a surprising shift.


Take another breath…

How does it feel to admit that getting help would be great?

You deserve to be supported. Nobody can be successful without support.

Yes, food doesn’t really solve problems, but it does bring comfort, and sometimes that I so important that we are willing to give in and binge.

So let’s do one more round:

TH: I am releasing my self judgment – I know I am doing the best I can

IE: It is hard sometimes, and food has been my friend

OE: It’s been a good friend for as long as I needed it

UE: But now I am ready, and I can’t wait for the shift!

UN: It will be fun to replace food with a great, exciting goal!

UL: It will be fun to fall in love again with who I truly am

CB: I can’t wait to get started and do what I love

UA: And to ask for the help I need, not just food to stuff down.

TH: And even though I have blames myself for the way I handled my cravings, I am so grateful to shift and see who  truly am.

take a breath, and get ready for a surprise.

Feel the shift. It may be gentle or powerful.

Trust that you get exactly what you need today.

Get ready to fall in love with who you are and what you are made of.

You have what it takes to be successful , whatever that might mean for you!

Please leave a comment below!

Much Love



That white feeling of not deserving...

Free Tapping Script – EFT for Feeling Undeserving To Receive Money

After yesterday’s “rant” about the epidemic of feeling undeserving amongst healers and coaches, I thought I offer you a Tapping script, so you can begin to tackle this problem.

Remember: You are a blessing to others. You are saving lives. You are transforming lives. You are important, relevant, gifted and unique.

You deserve to receive – no, you must receive, not just give to others, in order to keep going with your important work.

Of course receiving money is only one of the many things you deserve. But if you don’t have money, it is very hard to have a good life, a lifestyle that allows you to feel safe and supported while you reach out and change the world.

So here goes: EFT for feeling deserving of money… please tap along:

KP: Even though I feel undeserving of making money with what I love to do, I completely love and accept myself without judgment.

KP: Even though making money with my passion just doesn’t feel right, it feels greedy and wrong, and I am struggling with that, I love and accept myself anyways.

KP: Even though it isn’t really true that I accept myself, it is so hard to accept being poor while I do all this great work in the world, I choose to allow myself to get ready for a shift.

TH: It is hard

IE: I am struggling

OE: I really am

UE: I just can’t ask for what I want

UN: How can I ask for money?

UL: It just doesn’t feel right

CB: I can’t just ask for the money I need

UA: It is just not that easy, and I don’t feel deserving

TH: I don’t feel that I deserve to get paid, and I must admit that this really hurts my feelings

Take a breath…

What is coming up for you?

OK – let’s tap another round… Ready?

TH: I wish I didn’t have to feel this way

IE: I wonder why I do, after all I don’t question that others get paid

OE: Not feeling deserving is such a lonely feeling

UE: ANd I wish someone would take this away from me so that I could breathe again

UN: I wonder why I feel this way

UL: I really do – who told me that I don’t deserve to get paid?

CB: I wonder if it is really true that I don’t deserve

UA: And that there is anybody out there who benefits from me not having what I need

TH: I wonder who benefits from me not having what I need, and if anybody does… it sure isn’t me…

Take another breath…

What are your thoughts?

What do you feel?

Just notice it and be open to more shifting…

TH: I am beginning to see that nobody benefits when I don’t have what I need

IE: I am open to allowing myself to see this in a different light now

OE: I am open to just observing the value I bring into the world

UE: ANd to consider that nobody benefits when I don’t get paid what I need

UN: It is so strange to see myself struggling with what I am worth

UL: While I am clear on what I can do for others

CB: It is so strange to hold on to this belief that doesn’t serve me

UA: While a different belief could protect me and keep me strong

TH: I am getting ready to allowing myself to receive what I need, and I am grateful for the courage that I have to ask for it.

Take a breath…

What is coming up for you?

Some people feel anger

Some feel small

Some feel frustrated

Some feel lost.

Do you know how much you need?

I could imagine that it isn’t really clear to you yet how big your expenses really are.

Have the courage to sit down and think about this.

And then come up with a good strategy to create the income that you truly need.

If you feel you need help with this, please let me know.

I’d be gad to give you a free strategy assessment.

Please contact me so we can set this up for you as soon as possible.