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Oops, I might have over delivered a bit when I gave this EFT for Business and Success Interview. We had planned on doing 4 free tapping scripts, but we ended up doing eight. I just want you to have this information, so you can get started on your own journey to succes!

In the four parts of the interview, we talk at length about the four different success styles of coaches and healing professionals, the four different ways to deal with our personal trauma, and why 3 of these strategies will most likely not lead to a successful business, and also the four boundaries you need to establish in order to live a life and mission that fills your soul and not just your bank account.

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Money or House?

Do You Want Money Or Do You Want A House?

“I want to make $100.000 by June 15th.”

“I want to have enough to pay my bills and travel.”

“I want to own my own home.”

“I want to have enough money to send my kids to college.”

What is your goal for your life and business?

And what exactly does this goal mean to you, right now and in the future?

Getting clear on what exactly you want your income to do for you is possibly the most important first step when creating a plan for your business.

When you say “I want to make $100.000,- by June 15th” – why this date?

What is happening on June 15th that you feel you need 1120K for?

And why this specific amount?

Why not $98.657.- or $134,916.-?


How about that house:

Where exactly do you want to live?

When do you want to close and move in?

What style, what quire footage, bedrooms,… do you really want?

Be realistic about how much this house will cost you.

Then work towards it, starting right now.


And how about sending your kids to college?

How much exactly will this cost you?

Which college?

What else will happen during that time that you need to prepare for?


When you want to pay your bills and travel:

How high are your bills exactly?

And where exactly do you want to go?

When do you want to leave?

For how long?

Which style of traveling do you prefer: Backpack or 5 star hotel, adventure or relaxation?

Do you want to pay for people to join you? How many? Who?


Dreams into Goals

Do you see how answering these questions forces you to make decisions instead of vague dreams?

Do you feel the level of accountability when you add up your income and how much you will need?

Are you getting scared yet??? 🙂


Don’t be!

The purpose of having your business is to create income for the needs you actually have.

Money buys you things.

If you don’t do anything with the money you make, you will just see a number on your ATM screen, indicating that you could do things if you wanted to.


So really think about what you want to buy with the money you’d like to create, and very quickly you will see how your life takes a different turn.

You will find out what your priorities are.

You will find out what your values are.

You will find out what is worth working for, and what isn’t, what you can only do with, and what you can easily do without.

You will learn a ton about yourself when you decide what you will buy with the money you make.


In your mind, it will leave the ATM and be put to good work.

If you want to leave inheritance for your kids after you are gone: How much would you like to leave for them?

And do they really need this as much as they need your time with them right now?


Goals into Plans

Make a plan, and decide what you really want.

Money is just how you can get it.

But if you don’t know what you want, own it, feel it, radiate it with every part of your being, you will most likely not be able to stick it through the hard times when working on your business seems tedious and disheartening.

$100,000.- can be a number on your ATM screen, or the enabler of your dreams and a future that is waiting for you.

Money does not make your plans, it enables them.

So the more you know what exactly you want to buy with your money, what exactly you want to use it for and why, the easier it will be for you to get into a real, sincere and deeply felt alignment with what you will want to do to create it.

taking action becomes a no-brainer on your journey towards your goal.

And when you get there, in time and on budget, you can celebrate with everyone you love, everyone you want to be there.

After all: You have planned for this, worked for this, and now it is time for the party!

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What If They Say “No”?

Yes, no matter how good you are, no matter how important and relevant your services are, how passionate you feel about the work that you do and the difference that it makes in people’s lives, most people will still say “No, thank you” to working with you.

It’s not just some people, it is MOST people.

I know how hurtful and frustrating this can be, to hear your ideal clients say “No, thank you, not right now.” to the opportunity to work with you.

“If only they knew what I can do for them” is one of the biggest frustrations that many coaches experience as they reach out to get more clients.

They feel so passionate about their work and helping others, that it is almost personal when a potential client says “No, Thank You.”


And they often begin to struggle with those old abandonment and rejection issues that can get triggered when we don’t feel welcomed.

They feel lonely, silly, at a loss of words.

And the more they hear the dreaded “No, Thank You.” the more they take it to heart, take it personal.


What most people forget to see is, that they themselves say “No, Thank You” to most offers that people make to them.

Do you buy everything somebody offers?

Do you reach for the phone as soon as a commercial shows up on TV?

Do you get excited about investing lots of money as soon as a person, technique or offer seems enticing?

Of course not!


You also make choices. You decide every day wether something is for you or not.

Is this the right time, the right price, the right package for you? These are very important considerations for you as well.


Understand why they say “No”

And of course, most of these choices are not just about the offers that you are presented with.

Instead you take your whole life into account:

You reflect if it is the right time to make the purchase.

Does this offer have value for you right now?

Is the problem it solves a priority for you right now, or just something nice to have?

Are you personally invested into getting results, or does the offer come at the wrong time?

Is it just another “bright, shiny object”, or truly your next logical step?


There are so many factors that might impact a decision to work with you.

The most important one is to show up at the right time.

Show up in your client’s life at the time they truly need you.

Show up with an offer that is insightful and shows that you truly understand the situation.

Show up repeatedly, understanding that your clients are not waiting for you to come.

Develop a relationship

Most people need to be approached 9-12 times before they make a decision, before they open your email, before they understand that help is available.

You have to be there for them as they are going through that process.

Let them know you care.

Let them know you understand.

Let them know you have their back, and don’t hard sell them into working with you.

Represent your vision and your values every step along the way.


There are many different ways that you can show up in somebody’s life.

The 1:1 personal connection is always the best way to help them get to know like and trust you.


Is working with this client important enough to you to invest the time and energy to stay in contact with this client?

If so, then your chances to be there at the right time, the time when your client is ready to make a move on the problem you can help with, will be very high.


If you truly believe that you have a great value to offer to a client, don’t give up on him or her just because they don’t need you at the time you first connect.

Instead, build a great relationship that helps them to get to know, like and trust you, connect with them in different ways over the course of time, and build your connection and reputation around your brand and your values.

And most importantly: Never believe that people say “No” to you personally.

Just as you have the right to say “No” to most offers you receive, either because the timing, product or price point aren’t a good fit for you right now, so can and will your potential clients in the beginning.

If you take people’s saying “No” to your offer personally, please consider working with a trained EFT practitioner and tap those triggers away!



Why Focussing On A Niche Can Ruin Your Business

“I just don’t know what my niche is.” “I know I just have to focus more!” I don’t know who my ideal client is yet.”
These are some of the statements that I hear from so many coaches and healing professionals who want to start a business.
They have been taught that having a niche is essential for success, and that they have to be as specific as they can possibly be, in order to be successful.

Now, while this is true to some degree – if people don’t know what exactly you do, they can’t hire you – I have also found that this is is often the reason why future entrepreneurs never get of the ground.

I have seen so many people struggle with deciding on their niche for months, sometimes years.

I have watched them hit a wall, feel lots of shame and guilt, and come up with a better business idea, every time they tried to focus.

I have observed them  loose the joy, the excitement about building a coaching business, and saw their practice go sideways, if not downwards quickly.


Since you are reading this blog post, you can probably relate to this.

And as a business coach for coaches and healing professionals, I felt that we have to do better when we want to help people who can’t decide on a niche. We have to take them seriously, especially since so many people truly have this problem.


As I was observing my clients and colleagues, I could quickly see that there are certain similarities when people struggle with focus.

They are very capable, intuitive, easy to excite.

They have “bright shiny object syndrome” as if there’s no tomorrow.

They are not interested in achieving one goal, they want to achieve many goals.

They don’t see helping others primarily as a great way to make money.

Instead, they see it as a form of self expression.

They do it because they love it.

They have fun with it.

It is a great way to spend a day and feel amazing.


They are fascinated by all the different opportnities in their field, and they feel sad and bogged down when they are told that they can pick only one.


I call these people “The Artist – Profile”.

Creative, fun loving, easy to excite, very passionate with a huge inability to focus.

Artists don’t struggle with making money, unless they try to really do the right thing and work for it the way they were taught.

Artists feel entitled to getting paid.

Artists don’t want to make money to build wealth, they want to make money to spend it.

So now what?

Can people with a dominant Artist – profile not build a business?

Yes, they can. For sure!

But not by picking one niche and focussing (they suck at that, remember?).

Instead they need the freedom to have fun doing what they love.

They need to have a package in place that they can offer in a modified version to anybody who wants to work with them.

They have to have the structure to say yes to opportunities as they arise, and to be able to express themselves through the diversity of their personal and professional abilities.

Artists need to play.


If it’s no fun, they won’t do it.

So there are 3 ways to create income as an “artist profile”:

Partner with someone with a strong “Teacher profile”, who can structure the chaos and create the focus for you, or hire an office manager or other staff member to take this responsibility over. Or, and this might surprise some, find a way to teach what you do.

The teaching will not create massive amounts of income in the beginning, but it will allow you to create a product that speaks for itself.

Activate your inner teacher, which is the focussed, systemizer, and know exactly when you have to let your artist or your teacher make decisions in your business.


As an Artist, your business has to represent life style, fun, freedom and passion.

You can’t focus, but you can dominate the chaos.

An exciting life can await you, if you understand this strength.

And now, go help somebody, heal somebody and have fun in the process!


Your life is waiting 🙂


Please  leave your feedback below.





Reminder State

How to help a client in the “Reminder state”

Over the years, I have been able to identify four significantly different states of healing that can hold clients back from building a lucrative, transformational business. Understanding what this means and how to help them can make all the difference, not just for their income, but also for the rest of their lives.

As a business coach, I have to make sure that my clients don’t try to build a business on unresolved issues that are still haunting them and holding them back.

The most difficult stage of healing is the “Reminder state”. In this state, the client has the mindset that she is the living proof for an injustice that happened, and if she ever moved on from the pain she feels, she would condone the trauma somehow.

In my work with combat veterans I have seen many times, how soldiers hold onto the pain of loosing a buddy, because this is the only way they know how to honor his life and the way he died. Other people hold on to the pain they felt when they were abused, because they believe, often subconsciously, that if they ever let go, they would give into their perpetrator’s belief that what happened wasn’t really a big deal, or that it was even their fault.

The reason this is the most difficult stage to overcome is, because the level of self identification and even pride of self sacrifice for the cause is so great, that the person feels very resistant, sometimes even attacked by the offer to release the response to what happened. The belief that nobody will ever understand how bad it was, which is, of course true, holds them in a state of “You are either for me or against me.” “You (the practitioner) have to help me feel better, but you will never be able to fully release my pain!”

One characteristic of people in the reminder state is that they work VERY HARD on releasing their problem. They work on it every day. They go to any partitioners. They share very openly how intensely they are trying to get rid of the memories, and how bad they have been. Their trauma, at some point, becomes a prison, a life style of trying to heal, but then withdrawing back into “Nobody can help me, no matter how good they are.”

People in the reminder state have a certain sense of defensiveness around them. Their traumatic story has trained them to decide very quickly if someone is either friend or enemy, and if they feel even slightly misunderstood, they easily put even friends on the enemy side. They are used to the loneliness, and the repetitiveness of their thoughts, and deep down they see their lives as permanently altered, even though they will never give up hope.

In business, I have seen that people in the reminder state are usually not successful, as long as they buil their message on the trauma they are reminding the world of.

Instead of drawing clients that are happy to pay them what they are worth, they draw people with similar trauma, and they sister up with them.

Instead of building a business, they begin to build a support group.

As a coach, I help them understand which part of their story is ready to be turned into a business. There are parts that are truly flexible and wonderful, and many people would pay to get help from them. We don’t have to build our business on the part of us that is suffering. Instead, we can benefit from the wisdom we always had, or the wisdom that we feel very powerful and comfortable with, that is a result from overcoming our story.

The part of the story that is in reminder state, on the other hand, deserves more attention than a business plan can provide.

This part deserves compassion, as well as a vision. With skillful EFT, clients begin to see that there are many ways of honoring what happened and doing the past or people justice. This can be very challenging in the beginning, but it is truly a powerful and meaningful path.

Please let me know your thoughts!


Show up in people's lives

How To Get Clients: Show Up In Their Lives!

A common mistake that many new business owners make is, that they focus most of their energy on how they look in public:

They want a beautiful blog, a great facebook page, nice business cards, and a perfect elevator speech.

They are unsure what they do and how to talk about what they do, and get hung up on this when they consider talking to potential clients.

But the truth is, that there is a very easy way to get clients:

Show up in their lives and ask them how they are doing.

I really mean this:

The most common mistake that coaches and healers make who are new to building a business is, that they hide behind online tools, blogs and social media.

They would do so much better if they simply left the house and talked to everybody they meet about their new passion.


Imagine you had a back problem and are taking the bus to work.

Next to you sits a chiropractor, who notices that you are hurting and offers expert advise and his services.

If it feels right, and you trust that he is an expert, you would sign up with him, wouldn’t you?

How about the person is a massage therapist instead?

If you trust that she has a solution, you would sign up with her as as well, right?

It doesn’t matter much if the person offering support was an EFT practitioner, a yoga instructor, a therapist or a personal trainer:

If you feel good about her, feel that she is an expert and has a solution to your problem, you would sign up.


Because the “know, like and trust-factor” gets established, and you feel that the person shows up in your life for a reason.

Chances are, you would even consider ways to get help that you never thought about before, if only you feel that the expert next to you knows what she is talking about.

Most of your clients feel the same way:

When they meet you in person, when they get a chance to talk with you privately, when they know that you are real and kind and happy to help with your expertise, they will not compare you to others, they will simply sign up with you.

In the beginning, don’t spend too much time on trying to make new connections, instead get those business cards out that you already have, reconnect with friends and family, let everybody know that you are available to help where help is wanted and needed, and you will be surprised how quickly your practice fills up!

Trust that people need you, and be available to them in a way that works for them.

When you are available to your clients, your clients will get interested in working with you, too.

I am certain that there is lots of resistance coming up for you as we speak.

What are your thoughts on this?

Please leave a comment below!

Much Love


Stop trying to be perfect - be relevant instead

Stop trying to be perfect – Be relevant instead!

I want to be honest and climb on a BIG soap box for a moment:

We need you to be relevant, not perfect!

I am a bit tired of hearing so many people telling me that they are not perfect, that they think they should be perfect and that as long as they are not perfect they can’t charge for their services or help other people.

Who do we think we are that perfection is even an option?

Are we not always learning and growing?

Are we not always changing and adapting?

Are we not constantly shifting and moving, exposing ourselves to new people and information that changes lives?

Wanting to be perfect means wanting to stop growing.

It means wanting to stop changing and experiencing things we don’t know yet.

Why in the world would we, as transformational healers and coaches want to do that?

What makes us believe that we need the perfect childhood or else we will always be stuck in healing one more thing about us?

What makes us believe that our past can hold us back?

We are moving forward, wether we like it or not.

We are growing and expanding daily, no matter what happened to us when we were five years old.

We are learning important life skills, gain wisdom and open doors that we wouldn’t even know exist if it wasn’t for the, often hurtful, story that taught us this.

Why are we fighting this truth and instead try to find out just another thing that could help us stay small?

What if we weren’t even “stuck”?

What if we were not a victim of our past, but made a conscious decision to not do anything at all with all the wisdom we’ve been given?

What if being stuck was a choice that we can make just as well as we can make any other choice?

From way over a decade of experience with helping people I can tell you with certainty that everybody has a traumatic story in their background. Actually, most people have many, many stories.

And I have learned to never compare one to the other, trying to see which one is worse.

Instead, I believe that, if it is important to my client, it is important to me and our session. We work on taking the charge out of what happened, healing the memories, so to speak, with EFT Tapping.

But then what?

What do we do with that experience?

Does it loose its importance just because it looses it’s traumatic feeling?

I believe that the opposite is the truth:

Now, as we are able to talk about what happened, we can also talk about what we learned.

We have a story, not just knowledge.

We know who we are because of, and not in spite of what we experienced in our lives.

At which time does a life lived scream “I have to be perfect!?”

What is perfect? What is healed?

What if we just got this thought out of our minds for a moment and instead focused on being relevant?

Who we are and what we’ve learned is relevant to others.

Not because we are perfect, but because they need us to be us, prove that it can be done, show that, yes, everybody has the right to live, even with a traumatic past and unsupportive people in our past.

As a healer and success coach, I want to inspire you to look past the fact that you got hurt.

Of course you did!

That’s why you are who you are today.

But what you do with this experience is truly up to you.

You can get stuck in playing small, find just another thing wrong with you and your past and try to find just another block that stops you from being relevant.

Or you can do the opposite and accept that healing should be a part of our daily spiritual and human “hygiene”, the thing we do on an ongoing basis to keep ourselves on track, and in alignment with what we are here to do.

We can accept that our lives purpose is NOT to heal ourselves and become “perfect”, but to learn to take responsibility and be relevant for those who need us to help and inspire them.

I know that this thought might feel a bit “out of the box” for some, and I apologize if I hurt any feelings.

But please know that I see so much more in you than you might see yourself.

Most people do.

Most people think much higher of you than you think of yourself.

Just own it and be relevant to someone.

Change some lives because of and not in spite of who you are and what you’ve learned.

I can promise you: You will surprise yourself with how “perfect” you will begin to feel, once you understand that everything in your life might just be in perfect order.


We need you to be relevant, not perfect!

The Teacher

The Transformational Teacher – Spreading The Word Of Healing

There are transformational coaches and healers who truly only want a limited number of clients. They see their mission in helping others through speaking and teaching HOW they can help themselves and others.

A transformational teacher is a great systemizer, and can think things through start to finish. This profile is able to streamline what the artist gives her for ideas and input, and to put it into a framework that others can easily understand and follow.

In a transformational business, the teacher profile does the marketing. She understands how to explain the purpose and benefits of a program or service, how to see the bigger picture in a hands on way, and how clients can reach their goals in a step by step way.

The teacher is the planner that, if not supported by the other profiles, will be very happy teaching the same course over and over again, simply because it works and is successful.

The teacher is not motivated by making money as a purpose in itself, but making money makes so much sense to her that she has no problem charging what she knows she needs.

The teacher gets motivated by audiences and the power of her mission and message. If you accidentally leave a soap box lying around, the teacher will not miss the opportunity to jump on it and share what she has to say.

The teacher understands clearly that, in order to have a safe life, she needs to make money. She is comfortable charging for the time she invests into her business, but struggles a bit with charging for untangible “transformation of the client.”

The teacher will be successful in her transformational business, but unless she is supported by the other profiles, she will niche herself in on a comfortable level and not move much from there. She will repeat what she has been doing, and earning what she has been earning.

To move forward in her business, the transformational teacher needs the creativity of the artist, and learn to implement how the Transformational business person thinks.

The teacher keeps the business on track in her mission and organized in it’s systems.

Sharing a mission is an important and integral part of a transformational healing or coaching business


Free EFT Tapping script: EFT for Cravings – When the shame about your weight holds you back from your success

As a success coach, I help many people understand what success can mean for them and which steps they can take to get what they want.

However, one of the most common reasons why people don’t see that they can be successful in their lives is, that they have a huge wall of shame around their physical appearance.

There is so much blame and avoidance around weight, that they just can’t seem to be able to let it go.

I love to help them with this, and I am delighted to offer you a free EFT tapping script that will help you see the connection between weight and success in a different light.

If unsure where the tapping points are, please refer to the free chart under “free stuff”, or the videos on this site.

KP: Even though I feel so much shame about how I look, I choose to love and accept myself.

KP: Even though I am so ashamed that I have let myself go like this, and my stuff is so visible to others now, I am open to forgiving myself – I know that it’s been much harder than I am willing to admit.

KP: Even though I feel so much shame around my food cravings and what the overeating has done to my body, I love and accept myself without any judgment. I know that, even though I don’t like what happened to me and my body, I did the best that I could.

TH: I am so embarrassed

IE: I feel so ashamed!

OE: What was I thinking?

UE: I can’t stand the way that I look

UN: It is so embarrassing to be overweight and out of control

UL: It is so embarrassing and I feel so ashamed

CB: I feel so ashamed and self conscious about my weight and the way I look

UA: SOmetimes I just want to hide, and never show up again

TH: I feel so hopeless around this issue, and I just can’t seem to shake it

Take a breath. How do you feel?

Notice any shifts. It is possible that many different emotions are now coming up for you.

See where they show up in your body and tap on them with EFT, until you feel more relaxed.


Next round:

TH: I wonder why I feel that I have to be ashamed about how I look

IE: I wonder why I can’t just acknowledge that food is helping me cope when things are hard

OE: I wonder why it is so hard for me to admit, that sometimes food is the only “friend” I have, and I would miss it dearly if it wasn’t readily there

UE: I wonder if it is right to feel all that I feel

UN: Maybe it is OK to acknowledge that I am doing the best that I can

UL: And I refuse to give up on my goals, but I need comfort along the way

CB: I am just going to consider to be kind with myself

UA: And to allow myself to see the bigger picture of what I do

UL: Maybe it is fine to see that food is helping me some times

CB: And that I don’t need to blame myself for knowing that I need help

UA: I know that I need help and comfort to succeed

TH: So I am ready to ask for what I need and prepare myself for a surprising shift.


Take another breath…

How does it feel to admit that getting help would be great?

You deserve to be supported. Nobody can be successful without support.

Yes, food doesn’t really solve problems, but it does bring comfort, and sometimes that I so important that we are willing to give in and binge.

So let’s do one more round:

TH: I am releasing my self judgment – I know I am doing the best I can

IE: It is hard sometimes, and food has been my friend

OE: It’s been a good friend for as long as I needed it

UE: But now I am ready, and I can’t wait for the shift!

UN: It will be fun to replace food with a great, exciting goal!

UL: It will be fun to fall in love again with who I truly am

CB: I can’t wait to get started and do what I love

UA: And to ask for the help I need, not just food to stuff down.

TH: And even though I have blames myself for the way I handled my cravings, I am so grateful to shift and see who  truly am.

take a breath, and get ready for a surprise.

Feel the shift. It may be gentle or powerful.

Trust that you get exactly what you need today.

Get ready to fall in love with who you are and what you are made of.

You have what it takes to be successful , whatever that might mean for you!

Please leave a comment below!

Much Love