EFT Advanced Seminar

Have you completed the EFT Introductory Level training, and are you hungry for more? This fun and hands on two day EFT Advanced Seminar is for dedicated EFTlers, who want to enhance their intuition further and take their skills to the next level.

We will explore the gentle techniques, that make EFT so powerful when nothing else works. You will feel comfortable eliminating a problem before your client has even tuned into it.

We will practice many ways of neutralizing emotional issues and physical symptoms, finding new ways to core issues, tail enders, writing on
the walls, etc. Borrowing Benefits and other EFT concepts will round up the picture. You will also learn how to work over the phone.

Your active participation will enhance the experience and give you profound skills and confidence in using EFT.
Duration: 12 hours
What is included: Great snacks and drinks, very thorough handouts and a certificate of completion will be given at the end.

Order the original EFT DVDs here, before or after the workshop!
Registration required!
Seating is limited. Please register early! Email us:http://www.eftforvets.com/contact-us/!  

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