EFT for getting through the Covid 19 - Lockdown.

During the Corona Virus lockdown, we offered free, weekly supportive EFT Tapping classes to help as meany people as possible cope and thrive.

These zoom calls were recorded and published, with the OK of all participants, as they contained so much "gold" for everyone who joined. While some Tapping sessions were geared specifically to the issues at hand, others helped participants deal with the bigger picture of life, the loneliness, the sense of loss, not knowing what to do or just the general feeling of anxiety and overwhelm.

Over time, we had many "regulars" join us, who created a tight bond between them.

Others were drop ins who joined only once or twice. In the end, everybody got what they needed, and by watching these videos, you will also see how the crisis and our own coping mechanisms changed and evolved.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way, and hope that you will gain benefits and personal healing and insights into EFT.

Enjoy, and please leave feedback below!