Veterans healing from betrayal and anger

Many Veterans have a deeply ingrained feeling of betrayal and anger about it. As a healing practitioner, it is important that we honor and acknowledge this experience and feeling. Betrayal has many faces, but no matter what someone has experienced, he or she will most likely feel anger and rage about it. When a Veteran begins to talk about feeling betrayed, it is important not to judge, but to listen with compassion and confirm the betrayal.

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Creating rapport with Veterans and their families

For most Veterans, working with a non-military coach, even talking with a non-veteran is very difficult. In my experience, most Veterans only trust veterans, and only share what they have been through, with a hand selected number of people.

In my experience, it helps when a practitioner starts the conversation with the question: “What do you need to know about me?”

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Relaxing or Healing?

The word “healing” does not go down great with some Veterans. It has a feeling of new age, woo woo, and is not acceptable. For the sake of rapport, I often start a conversation by replacing the word “healing” with “relaxing”.

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