Anger Management for PTSD: Three Steps to Transforming Rage with EFT Coaching- EFT Podcast

Anger Management is a very important skill for returning troops and their families, as well as those who want to help them.

In my experience, rage happens when a person had to endure situations that are unforgivable, inexcusable and that violate what he/she believes in.
I have yest to see a soldier that is not outraged about something that he saw, was exposed to , did or couldn’t prevent from happening.
Even though EFT can take the charge out of those memories, in my experience, there are three steps necessary to truly heal rage:
Acknowledgement of what happened without judgment
Releasing the intensity with EFT tapping
Transformation of the experience, to find a deeper meaning and new purpose.
Please click on the link below to listen to the EFT Tapping podcast interview with Ingrid Dinter, conducted by Jondi Whitis from TapFest Radio

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Free Tapping Script: Managing Change – How to overcome fears of change and the future

Managing change can be challenging and difficult. Changes can feel overwhelming and leave us with a sense of being out of control. I know that I certainly felt this way many times in my life, and I am endlessly grateful that with EFT I found a way to create a powerful and meaningful shift in the way I perceive the changes, challenges and possible solutions. Please click the red “Read More” button below to receive a free EFT Tapping script that might help you get started with managing change with confidence.
I am looking forward to your feedback!
Much Love

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Thanksgiving Note

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you:
For your interest when you open this site,
For your trust and friendship
For your willingness to share and heal

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Technophobia In The Healing Profession: Why Releasing The Fear Of Technology Is Important

Remember that online marketing is a skill that is not necessarily intuitive, but has to be learned from those who already have successful businesses, who have insights into the market and understand how to use which technology properly. If you don’t understand how it all works together, there is most likely a level of training and resources missing that would excel your comfort level many fold. Learning how to market successfully online is an essential skill set and will connect those that need help and support with those who can offer and facilitate it with skill and passion.

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Technophobia: Is Your Fear of Technology Keeping You Stuck?

Learning how to market online is the missing link between having a gift and passion for helping others with EFT, and actually TELLING others that you have a gift and passion for helping them. It helps those who need your services find you easily and benefit from what you have to offer to them.

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Understanding Emotional Triggers of War Trauma

When helping Veterans, we have to be extremely mindful not to expose them to unintentional triggers. Depending on the trauma that someone has been through, even a change I voice, a picture of a depressed person or certain sounds or smells can trigger flashbacks and intrusive thoughts and cause startling and fear. EFT is an amazing tool to release the intensity of traumatic memories, negative beliefs and even related physical symptoms. However, without insights into the military mindset and world, we are risking exposing veterans to traumatizing situations unknowingly, as well as not reading their signs properly and missing out on important clues that would have helped them better.

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Testimonial from a Veteran of the war in Bosnia on EFT for self help

I was a driver on convoys in Croatia and Bosnia in early 90’s before the Dayton Agreement. It took 6 years for the PTSD, Combat Stress etc… to go full throttle on my brain, body and soul, the latter being the worst in my opinion. More than fifteen years has past and I am still fucked up, but not nearly as bad. I decided to tap on a panic attack that I had in the middle of the night. After five minutes, I felt no pain, not in my body not in my soul.

I actually fell asleep. I can only say that I tapped my way out of it. Next day, I woke up and had a great day. I am going to continue to tap and free myself from the ghosts that haunt all of us.

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