EFT – a true solution for war trauma

According to the Rand study , only about 25% of soldiers who need help for either PTSD, depression or TBI are currently receiving minimally adequate care, while the number of those who receive adequate care must be estimated to be even lower. Only about 50% of those who need help for these conditions are currently reaching out for help.

Some of the reasons why soldiers are not reaching out are:

The medication that might help have too many side effects (45%)

It could harm my career (44%)

I could be denied a security clearance (44%)

My family or friends would be more helpful  than a mental health professional (39%)

My coworkers would have less confidence inn me if they found out (38%).

When I first read these statistics, I thought: “Curious that they consider the fourth reason a barrier. I see it as a wide open door!

It is obvious that most Veterans prefer to speak with a buddy or their spouse over consulting with a mental halth professional. The numbers show clearly, and military spouses confirm this, that most of  the trauma is being dealt with within the family and circle of close friends.

But are they prepared for  this responsible and overwhelming task? What tools do they have, other than their love, compassion and willingness to help, to assist their soldier? And how are they being helped themselves, to deal with their own, intense version of  the trauma of war?

I believe, that with EFT, we have a true chance to offer profound support:

The need within the Veterans’ support system tools that:

– don’t require a background in mental health ( as most spouses don’t have that, either)

– can be taught easily to ley people and even kids

– properly applied, have no known side effects

– work without purchasing expensive equipment or training

– don’t require the focus on trauma to work

– can help to take the emotional edge of, even if a Veteran doesn’t want to talk

– create community

– can be used by buddies at the front lines

– Vets can use to help others and themselves

– can be easily incorporated into other therapies

– can be used as a self help tool

– bring measurable results

– can be applied via internet and phone

– are always accessible, even in the middle of the night, when nightmares haunt

EFT does fulfill all these requirements. It is a powerful, effective self help tool, that should  be taught to everybody within the military community. Once all military personnel and those who love and care about them, can use EFT effectively, it is my belief that the number of suicides and PTSD victims will go down.

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