Creating rapport and trust

To help someone with EFT, trust and good rapport are of the essence. If we are not considered trustworthy, then our clients don’t really care what we have to offer.
For Veterans, this is especially important and often hard, as they are trained to make quick decisions who is friend and who enemy. Many Veterans only trust other Vets, and are very suspicious of outside people.
There are many reasons for this, but I found that there are ways that often work well:
I found that a good way to establish trust is to open up a session asking what the client wants to know about me. Before talking EFT, we discuss my background, my motivation, anything that is important to him or her. I put all my cards on the table, share my story which has lead me to do what I do, answer any questions that are important to the person.
The focus of this talk is to give the client all the opportunity he or she needs to “check me out”, to test me for integrity, to find a way to relate to me.
The question “what do you need to know about me?” is a great starter question to establish rapport and trust.

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