Getting EFT into the VA

Many non-military EFT practitioners have emailed me asking how to best get EFT established within the VA system.
It is important to understand that the Military is a hirarchic system. In order to be effective, it is essential to talk to the right people who report to the right people. Understanding the hirarchy can make the difference between an information being forwarded or “getting stuck”.
It helps to prepare some initial questions before making an entrance: Who is in charge of what you are about to offer? How do the different departments communicate?
Also: What kind of similar techniques have already been offered, and how were they perceived? This might help to bridge between a new technique like EFT and an already positive experience (Gary Carig’s “Acupuncture without needles” slogan is a great example for this).

I find it essential, and a sign of respect to understand the rank and responsibility of the person I am talking to. The New Hampshire National guard for example made some of their material for new recruits available for me to get a start. They appreciated the interest, and it is another good way to establish rapport.
There are also many resources available online which can help you get some understanding.

Making “understanding the flow of information and the military hirarchy” the topic of our first call helps release potential feelings of intimidation , and can also protect us from the frustration of leaving important messages on the wrong answering machine.

Before trying to introduce EFT4Vets at the VA, it is important to make some calls to understand the hirarchy and flow of information. “/-gold-discount-price”>.

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