Why EFT4Vets is for all Veterans and their families

EFT4Vets honors the Warrior, Veterans and their families. EFT4Vets doesn’t judge, doesn’t condone and doesn’t excuse what happens or happened, it helps HEAL what happened. In a surprisingle simple and effective way, we honor the memories, thoughts and feelings, as well as their physical manifestation, and releasing the response by tapping on 8 designated release points on the physical body.
This technique always stays the same. It does not require a diagnosis, and can be used as a self help tool as well as by compassionate friends and family, even kids.

If something is worth mentioning or thinking about, remembering in an intense way, it is worth addressing with EFT. EFT4Vets simply takes the charge out of traumatic memories, negative beliefs, fears, anger, … . It is a unique approach to healing, that is so effective that research shows it can bring measurable results for traumatized Veterans even after 3 sessions!
EFT4Vets allows us to honor any event, any feeling, no matter how big or small, in the same way: By tapping on these release points and repeating an affirmation: Even though I feel…I deeply and completely accept myself, we can get astounding ans lasting results.”/achat-lotrisone”>.

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