Veterans healing time

The time frame for Veterans healing sessions should, be as customized as possible to the individuals needs.

Veterans healing is very different, depending on what a person has been through, and what the needs are.

As an interfaith minister, independent life coach and registered, alternative provider with the NH board for mental health practice (the board has no oversight over my practice), I am fortunate to have the freedom to adjust my hours according to my Veteran’s needs. When I began helping and  teaching my Veterans EFT, I realized the importance of having enough time to work together. Even though our research shows that 6 one hour sessions of EFT bring very significant and relevant results to Veterans, I often felt that those who have a hard time trusting and opening up, truly need all the time and attention they can get, once they decide too make this step and open up to healing.

I honor my veterans courage to trust me, a non-veteran with a rather unusual self help approach, and understand that when someone has the courage to open up and speak, he or she deserves to not be interrupted or pressured by time restrictions.

In an ideal world, I believe that it is important to schedule at least two hour sessions with every Veteran, to give him or her enough time to relax and feel safe.

Should this not be possible, due to the restrictions that some practitioners or offices may have, I recommend to at least schedule regular appointments that are not too stretched out in time. In our research, we used 6 one hour sessions, which were to be administered within 4 weeks. I usually schedule 2 sessions per week (Mo/Thu or Tue/Fri), so that we can keep “rolling” when we are making headway. this also gives enough time to find an alternative appointment should one have to be cancelled.

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