EFT4Vets training on February 27th-28th

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Helping Veterans and their families heal requires more than EFT skills.

Working with the Military is in many ways different from any other community. Understanding how to create rapport and trust, the true meaning of the Warrior’s path, specific issues to address, and what not to talk about, and very creative and innovative approaches to EFT is essential for successful work.

On February 27th/28th 2010, I offer a two day EFT4Vets intensive, to help prepare Veterans and their families, and those who wish to help them, understand and prepare for this  important work.

Where: the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, NH (just over the Mass. border).

When: February 27th-28th 2010

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Cost: $279.- ($249.- early sign up before February 1st)

Included: An extensive manual, Certificate of Completion

sign up: [email protected]

Here is the full description:

In this EFT4Vets 2 day workshop, attendees will learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) skillfully and successfully with returning Veterans and their families.
EFT has been showing very convincing, positive and lasting results even for the
release of severe combat trauma.
Read the Research results!
Watch the EFT for Combat Veterans video on the home page for a demonstration!
But helping Veterans and their families heal from the trauma of war often requires
much more than just an effective tool to releasing past trauma.
To truly understand how we can help a Soldier heal, we need to know more about the archetypal "warrior" and the spiritual and historical meaning of war as a rite of passage and initiation.
We need to understand the specific circumstances of different wars, and the meaning behind the stories that the Veterans might want to only touch on.
The Veterans Community is in many ways very different from "the outside world", and having insights about the unique needs and background can make all the difference for their healing.
Some of the topics that will be covered in this seminar are:
– Research and discussion about the situation of returning Veterans
– The archetype of the "Warrior"
– War as a rite of passage and initiation
– Establishing Trust and Rapport
– Introducing EFT concepts to Veterans
– How to begin with EFT
– Discussion of specific issues that need to be addressed
– Insights into war specific trauma
– Practice of different gentle EFT approaches, including making the right choices
– Reframing of traumatic memories
– Spiritual discussion of forgiveness
– Childhood issues in the context of war
– Discussion of issues that often occur together
– Proper goal setting for a session
– The legal and ethical boundaries of this work for licensed/non-licensed practitioners
– Several hours of demonstration and practice
– Insights into the situation of the families
– Helping family members heal with EFT
– Outlook into the Future
– Several hours of demonstration and practice

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