Testimonial from Jim, a disabeled Veteran

Dear Ingrid,

Thank You very much for the session we had this evening. To say it was enlightening would be an understatement.

So many traumas in my life were hit on, I am amazed. Even now, half and hour after we hung up the phone, things are popping up in my mind and I have the ability to see them from a different point of view, a different acceptance level. I couldn’t tell you when the last time in my life was when I was this relaxed.

It will take some time for this new person to show to others in this house the difference in me because of the ongoing tension that is here. I know that when others see how I am acting and showing feelings they will wonder what has happened.

We spoke of the black hole in my heart and tapped on it until the hole closed. I can look back now and say that this black hole was actually bigger than the quarter I stated during our session. It was only at that point that I realized it was actually showing itself to me. I also understand it was the 9 yr old little boy who made it shown as a gesture of asking for help for the “rest of the problems” to be accepted and finally closed off. I never expected that 9 year old to surface like he did and in such a matter of fact way.

Our session showed to me that traumatic stressors come in many ways in our life and the way we react is because of the way we have been brought up and told how to handle things. Mostly, we are told “NOT” to react and just accept for acceptances sake and go on. We are never told how to act and react and go through the emotions that are attached to the situations.

In my situation, we started the session working on my left rotator cup problems. Quickly things changed to dealing with anger. First anger toward my rotator cup, then to my home problems. Then when least expected, to anger over losing my mother when I was 9 years old.

As that anger was targeted, there was suddenly this “black hole” in my heart that was visible. Only a quarter in size showing, I know it must have been much larger in the beginning, possibly larger than the heart itself(much larger). This black hole contained many angers towards many people and many situations I had never been taught how to deal with and understand. We tapped on these people and situations until the hole shrank and I was calmer. Then we tapped some more and some more until the black hole closed completely and I was totally calm and even chuckling some.

As our session came to a close, I realized that I could look back on my mother’s death and no longer have an overwhelming feeling of loss. I could look back and give help and protection to that 9 year old now that I know what is was all about with my mother. Now, if he reaches out I will be there for him.

I was able to look back at situations like a movie in which I was in the middle but also I was outside looking in without those emotions again. I could be watching and be detached at the same time. I never in a million years did I think I could look back on my own mother’s death and other situations and feel detached and calm. I am so calm while typing this and normally by now I would be in tears and upset to the max.

I have even had some flashbacks of personal situations that happened while I was in the military. This session showed me that past situations whether they be military or civilian, can be seen and handled in a different manner.

We tried more tapping on my shoulder until an impasse was hit. My arm would not move further without severe pain. It had improved even though not the outcome fully wanted. It was decided to go no further and let the doctors do what they do best..

I would be more than willing to talk to anyone and tell how different I felt before and after our session. I hope this testimonial has enough in it for you.

As I said before we hung up the phone, “I HUMBLY AND GRATEFULLY THANK YOU INGRID!”


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