Thank you so much for working with me! I can’t believe the difference that 6 hours of EFT have made for me.

As a Vietnam Veteran I see that if we could get people who come right from the zone and teach them how to tap, they wouldn’t have to go through 40 years of shit like I had to.

Thank you for EFT4Vets!


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  1. Andrew Hodnik on January 24, 2010 at 3:22 am


    I worked with Ingrid during the EFT for Combat Veterans in San Francisco, thanks to Gary Craig’s invitation. In one week I became a new person, not the person my father tried to breed me to be, nor how the military tried to mold me; as I flew back to Alaska I felt like ME, or what I wanted to be.

    EFT can work, and like a medication must be taken/used on a routine. Using EFT before taking on a Compensation and Pension exam at VA, going to regular VA appointments, going out in traffic can bring down that anxiety and center a Vet. We were always “centered” in combat, and once home it seems a majority live in the five percent of one extreme or another, EFT allows us to come to the center of the pendulum’s swing.

    For Vets who are apprehensive about facing a VA claim, or repairing damage, EFT can allow us to feel strong again in a position of Power and not Force.

    Take care R. and keep up with the EFT.

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