Day 3: The story of the five star restaurant and the soup kitchen or: Are you getting paid what you are worth?

OK, if you followed the story of the restaurant and the soup kitchen this far, I assume that you resonate with it on some level.

I know that by now you understand that this story is about finding the right balance between what your spirit and passion tells you to do, and what you can ask for to maintain your services.

And believe me: I have seen the situation of the restaurant owner happen to many wonderful and passionate healing practitioners and EFT coaches:

The desire to help is so strong, and the fulfillment of being able to make a difference for people who are less privileged is so amazing, that they simply cannot get themselves to charge what they are worth, and what they needed to keep their lives going.

They love how spiritually rewarding their lives are, and almost find it unethical to charge for such transcendental work. They trust that the universe will provide for them, and that they will be OK, even though they just don’t know how.
Hmmm – when I think about it this way, I know that I certainly have to put myself into this category, too. Yes, there is great value in doing what is right and loving the work that we do.

I have volunteered hundreds of hours for a cause that I believe in, and I am glad I did (and continue to do).

Please don’t ever feel bad about your beautiful and spiritual approach to life and healing! Yes, you are a wonderful, kind and generous human being, and there is NOTHING wrong with that! You are very loved and appreciated.

Just know that eventually, some of the kindhearted people I mentioned earlier had to stop helping others and focus on a different job that took over most of their time.

Their profession and passion became a hobby that they could only follow occasionally, as time permitted. The people they had helped lost their source of comfort and healing.

What would have been a better solution?

Let’s talk about this tomorrow!

Much Love


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