Day 5: The story of the five star restaurant and the soup kitchen or: Are you getting paid what you are worth?

Thanks for coming back to the blog! Your feedback is so appreciated and motivating!

Now how can we implement what we learned from this story over the past few days?

I’d like to offer you some food for thought that might help you find your own way for yourself and your business.

First, I want to ask you if you have given the idea of including a concept of giving and receiving into your business some thought?

As a Tapping coach, I feel great joy in dividing my blog into a “soup kitchen” with lots of free stuff, and a “restaurant” with paid services. I have seen so many of my clients grow by starting with the free e—course, the videos and tapping suggestions.

These programs are designed to give hands on support for those who want to get started with EFT, and the offerings are consistently expanded and improved. As so many EFT practitioners, I have begun learning EFT with the free manual e-book that Gary Craig had on his website. Then I watched the videos, purchased the CDs and later the DVDs as they came out.

While I loved this at home training, I know that I got the most out of the life workshops I took with Gary all over the country. Yes, this was a pricey thing to do, but I was passionate enough to want to learn from the founder, experience hundreds of people tapping and resonate with what happened on stage and with the people around me.

I see great value in this kind of multi layered learning, and I am grateful  that I can offer a similar service and experience to my clients and students, too.

So please take full advantage of the free resources that you are provided with, explore and put them to work, and if this is all you need to move forward, I am very happy for you. If you decide that it is just not that easy to get behind some of the things that happened to you or that keep you stuck, and you feel that working with an EFT coach could change that, please know that I offer a free, non binding 20 ‘ phone consultation for new potential clients, so that you get your questions answered and feel comfortable and prepared, should you decide to work with me.

It is wonderful and deeply satisfying to be able to help many people learn and heal with EFT tapping, and to spread the word as quickly and effectively as I can!

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Much love to you!


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