Day 6: The story of the five star restaurant and the soup kitchen or: Are you getting paid what you are worth?

Thank you all (or as my southern friends would say: Thank y’all 🙂 ), for your kind emails and responses to the “The story of the five star restaurant and the soup kitchen”.

It was a joy to expand on this subject a bit, as so much passionate discussion has been going on about the deservingness to get paid what you are worth.

I think it came across as well that the true value of healing is determined by the receiver and not the giver. If the receiver sees value in the work, he or she will take it to the next level. If the restaurant is simply a cheap way to get good food with no added value, then he will most likely go back to the soup kitchen as soon as the restaurant closes.

So how do you get paid what you are worth?

First of all: Don’t wait for others to tell you how much you should be making and what they can afford. Healing practitioners have this tendency to offer a sliding scale to accommodate different incomes. But realistically: Do you truly have different values, depending on who you work with? Are you not always giving your best and deserve to be paid what YOU feel is right?
Let go for a moment of this fear that only poor people need your service, and that you will be judged for how much you ask. Instead ask yourself:

How much is my time truly worth? How much would I like to make? What do I want to do?

How many clients per day can I accommodate without burning out or sacrificing valuable family time?

How much time do I need to invest for every new client, and what kind of non-paid services do I include?

Just think about it and be realistic. Then also think about the quality of your work. Are you always giving 100% of your expertise and power?

Are you proud and satisfies with your work the less time it takes to help a client heal?

Just sit with these thoughts for a moment and relax. You will find a number coming up in your mind that truly resonates with what you think you are worth.

Put it on paper and get used to it. And then begin to daydream what kind of clients you would like to attract, what kind of products you would like to sell, that could help you receive what you are worth.

If you feel that only the very poorest people need your help, I gently suggest you tap on that. You are not letting down the poor if you dream about getting paid for what you are worth. You have a soup kitchen that allows everybody who is ready to grow and heal, remember?

This part is about you, and you deserve to be well and comfortable in your life.

Once you begin to resonate with what you think you are worth, fill those thoughts with smiles and gratitude. Tomorrow, I will offer you some powerful tapping suggestions that might blow away the resistance to getting paid for what you are worth!

Until Tomorrow!

Much Love


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