Veterans with PTSD don’t like to ask civilians for help – EFT PTSD

The world of a veteran with PTSD is very different than that of a civilian. Most troops don’t go online to browse the alternative healing sites when they realize that they are having trouble when they come home. They would feel rather ridiculous to do this, and were trained in the believe that they have to toughen it out, to suck it up and to get over their trauma alone. Asking for help is almost impossible for many, and they don’t even return phone calls if they are called by someone who cares. At the same time, it often seems to be more acceptable for the military to see their traumatized veterans self medicate with alcohol and drugs, than to give them access to information that can help them heal and be strong again.

If the military doesn’t support community resources in getting the word out, then the community’s abilities are limited.

I hope that someday, the decision makers have the courage to see beyond their fears and learn to understand in a new way who is friend and who is enemy.

Many people want to help right now – I hope and dream that they will soon be heard and supported in doing so.”

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