EFT helped support group participants find a job Testimonial

Here is another testimonial.

Hi Ingrid,
I am happy to report that, out of ten attendees, three obtained jobs three weeks later. Two have FT jobs and one obtained a PT position.
I do believe the EFT had a positive effect with the group members. Positive reinforcement is what many unemployed people need to boost their self esteem. I really enjoyed the EFT session and am happy that it helped some people land jobs. I’d love to have you back as a presenter in the future. NHES is a non-profit. All of my presenters have been so gracious to volunteer their time for members in the networking group. I appreciate your assistance, you were wonderful.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Take care,
Dianne K. McLaughlin
New Hampshire Employment Security
Employment Service Representative


When I came back to give my next presentation a few weeks later, I was informed that another participant of the EFT  workshop had landed a job after long term unemployment. That is 4 out of 10…gotta love it!

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