Successful job search for long term unemployed professionals after EFT presentation

Successful job search made possible after a 2 hour EFT group presentation to long term unemployed professionals! This is a testimonial I received from a participant.

Hello Ingrid,
A couple of weeks ago you visited us at the Concord Unemployment Networking Group and you mentioned we could contact you if something in our life turned around shortly afterwards.  Yes, mine did.
The week after you came to our meeting after 8 months of looking for employment I received 3 job offers.  I’ll start my new job on August 2.  I really think you changed my energy by helping me to acknowledge the feelings and by validating the hurt.  Most just tell you to keep your chin up – it was so refreshing to have the feelings acknowledged/validated.
Do you usually only work with vets?  I might have a couple of other things that could use some work in the future..
One thing that stood out for me about you was the fact you seemed so relaxed.  Most speakers are a little uptight or nervous.  I really envy how comfortable you appear!  That’s a compliment.
In closing I am pleased to report I had such a turnaround in my job hunting after your presentation.
Best Regards,
Sally Moore
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