Tapping Script: How to combat compassion fatigue and burnout with EFT

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Question: I am a Mental Health Provider at the VA, and am daily exposed to horrendous stories that my veterans share with me. I am a very compassionate person and I love my job. I love to help and support them, but I have to admit that at the end of the day it gets harder and harder to keep all this away from me and my family. How can EFT help me debrief and not bring all of this home?

Answer: First of all: Thank you so much for the incredibly important work that you are doing. The VA is getting a lot of criticism right now, but in my experience, there are many amazing and compassionate people who are going above and beyond what is humanly possible to help and make a difference, within the VA system and also on the outside.
I understand your feeling of overwhelm, your tiredness and fatigue. It is hard to be honestly open and compassionate day in and day out, when most of your clients and or patients are so traumatized and in need of help. I can’t wait for the day when the VA will officially use EFT to help the Veterans release the charge that their memories and trauma still holds. It will make is so much easier, on the troops and their families as much as on you, the care providers.

But let me suggest a simple EFT tapping sequence that might help you take the edge of how you feel.

Please read my disclaimer before you try it and exchange any words that don’t resonate with you with your own thoughts.

KP: Even though I feel  completely overwhelmed sometimes, I completely love and accept myself

KP: Even though It becomes harder and harder to shake of what happens during the day, I acknowledge how I feel with great kindness and compassion

KP: Even though some of  the stories and fates that I hear about daily are following me home and haunt me and my family, I choose now to relax and find a better way to deal with them and heal.

TH: I feel so overwhelmed

IE: This is just too much!

OE: I don’t know what to do

UE: I just don’t know what to do

UN: I feel so overwhelmed sometimes

CB: I don’t want to shut down, but I don’t know what else to do

UA: Sometimes, I just can’t handle it anymore

TH: It haunts me even after work and I can’t shake it off.

TH: What if I didn’t have to feel this way?

IE: What if taking on the trauma was only one way to help another person heal?

OE: What if I could find a way to debrief that works well for me and everybody that I work with

UE: What if I could allow myself to be well and help my clients and patients even more this way?

UN: Maybe it is OK to let go of this trauma

UL: I could consider finding a better way to deal with it

CB: What if I could tap away what bothers me

UA: Honoring those whose story I heard and shared

TH: I am willing to open up to this possibility now

TH: I choose now to acknowledge every piece of trauma that haunts me

IE: I chose to accept that I don’t have to take it on to be compassionate

OE: I choose now to find a new way to compassion, that truly works for me and my Veterans

UE: I am open to taking good care of me and releasing my trauma now

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