Are you unemployed and looking for jobs? Use EFT to regain your confidence!


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When looking for jobs, most people agree that, the longer the job search takes, the harder it feels to have and good self esteem.

Long term unemployment takes a toll even on the most confident and skilled people. However, for a successful interview, it is very important to come across in a professional, positive, and confident way.

Luckily, EFT is a fantastic tool to help cope with the challenges of unemployment and potential career change.

With EFT, you can address your overwhelm, the frustration that follows receiving  letters of rejection and the months of  waiting to hear back  from companies where you applied and would have loved to work. It can help you get a more leveled outlook, release the anger and sadness, as well as the fears that come when funds start to run low. EFT can help you take the charge out of those fears, see new potential, deal with disappointment and be more relaxed.

Feeling depressed drains your energy, and when you are unemployed and are looking for new opportunities, you need good energy to get you through.

When you sign up for the 30 minute free video: Releasing obstacles for a successful career change with EFT, I will also send you an additional 10 point chart to discover and evaluate which issues are the most challenging for you to overcome. In the following days, I will offer you different setup statements to deal with those issues with EFT.

Please remember that losing a job in today’s economy is not shameful, and not a question of guilt. It happens to people from all social and educational backgrounds, and most often without their fault.

There is a great future out there for you if you learn to release the stress and negative feelings around your job loss and get ready for a new and exciting career change.

Please watch the video to gain more insights into the mental emotional side of a successful job search and allow yourself to embrace the next chapter of your life with a positive outlook!

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