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Thanksgiving is many circles of love: A story ...

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I am grateful for this wonderful holiday, that reminds us to take a moment and be grateful for  our families and friends, our clients and the amazing opportunities that are coming our way every day.
Gratitude vibrates even higher than love.
Gratitude allows us to connect with the reality of who we are and take an intention and dream into the here and now.

Try this exercise:

Say out loud: I intend to be successful. Do you feel the power behind this?

Now try this:

I am grateful to be successful.

Do you notice how different this feels?

When we are grateful, we claim the moment, our goal and dreams and realize that we are already there.

Whatever we dream of, we already have. How can we claim it and enjoy it?

Think about it: Would you like to live to  be 100 if this means living in desperation and misery, abandoned and isolated?

Or would you like to live fulfilled with anything you can imagine that makes you happy?

When you reach the content and happy stage, time frames seem to shift, to be less relevant.

It is a here and now stage that is truly amazing and wonderful.

It is not just the amount of time that we live, but especially the quality time that we live that makes our life worthwhile.

You can have this now, you don’t have to wait until you reach old age.

When you focus on your financial wellbeing:

Do you truly want just a certain dollar amount, or in fact the opportunities that financial independence can bring you?

You can already design financial independence and live and grow daily without having to wait until a specific amount is there for you.

Creating wealth requires linear thinking, a plan, and flawless execution of  that plan.

And you don’t have to intend this plan, you can create it today and stick to it!

You can be grateful for the existence of your plan and live it’s execution every day from this moment on.

Much easier than hoping for riches or other future values, right?

As you know, I  have been working with very traumatized people, including combat veterans and their family members.

There is often not much to  be thankful for, when you look at what they have been through from the outside.

However: The control that they gain over time is that they ask themselves: How can I possibly let this experience work for me?

We do have the freedom to  chose what we want to do with our lives, including our traumatic memories, and how we look at our obstacles:

When we give thanks, we can step into the inner powerr that can allow us to let them be a good thing. Not because we condone them, but because we can use them i our own way to grow and learn.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you:

For your interest when you open this site,

For your trust  and friendship

For your willingness to share and heal

And for the amazing gifts that being connected with you has brought into my life.

Thank you so much for being there!

You are more appreciated than you will ever know.

With Love and Gratitude


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