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I have received so much positive feedback on the tapping script, “EFT for the fear of rejection”, that I want to expand on this a bit more.


I’d like to share a story with you:


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The Apple Juice

The other day, I went into a store that offered healthful products and juices. I saw this incredible apple cider on the shelf, and the farmer who created it had a table next to it.

I took a sample and was hooked.

I told the farmer: This is incredible juice! How much does it cost?

The farmer told me:

“Yes, it is great juice. We have this amazing process that nobody else uses. It conserves all the vitamins and minerals, so that your body can absorb them easily.”

“I love it!” I replied “how much does it cost?”

“And the best thing is that the bottles it comes in are recycled, but they are also so beautiful that most people keep them on their table as vases for flowers. This was important to us.”


“Great!” I said. “I am sold. How can I get a case?”

“The workers on our farm are all local people, many of them from the homeless shelters. So we give work to the community and get people of the street.”

“Fantastic. I am so glad I found you. I’d like to get a case. How much is it? Do you offer a case price?”

“We want everybody in our community to have access to this great juice. We know it would save lives. We would love to see this in the schools, the hospitals, the nursing homes. Everybody should have access to this great juice.”

“I completely agree. I love it and I love your concept. How can I get a share?”

“And it is really important to us that this is available freely to everybody. Health is the highest good we have and this juice will greatly contribute to people’s health and wellbeing.”


“OK, yes, I understand this too. I agree with you. And I’d like to get a case. How much is it and do you have a case price?”

“The problem is that so many people in our community can’t afford to pay for the juice. I mean – How do you put a price on health? And apples grow everywhere. Everybody should have free access to apples. They are so good for you. “

“Yes, but what you are doing here is not just showing people where the orchard is. You are processing and creating a product that is incredible. You are doing it in a mindful way, giving jobs to the homeless, having a unique and gentle approach that conserves all the nutrients, and creating a glass bottle that serves as a vase. That is different from picking apples at an orchard. I’d like to buy your juice.”


“But we really want everybody to have access to this, even those who can’t afford it. That is a problem that we have. We don’t know how to solve it.”

“Well, I can afford it and I’d like to buy your juice. Price is not the issue, quality is. I want what is unique about your product.”

“We are having some issues with pricing something that grows freely on the community orchards. I mean – in the end it’s just apples, right?”

“It is apple juice, it is delicious and different. It is much more than apples.”

“But we don’t use any byproducts, so in the end it’s just apples. And we love to make it.”

“I’d like to buy some!”

“We much rather press apples than watch TV. Watching TV isn’t good for you!”

“I’d like to buy some!!!”


But there is only so much juice on the Community orchard. What about those who can’t afford the juice?”

“Right now you’re not selling any….”

“In the end, what we would much rather do is teaching people how to make their own juice. This would solve the problem.”

“But I don’t want to learn how to make juice! I want to DRINK juice! Can you PLEASE sell me a case?”

“If you give a person a fish you feed him for the day. If you show him HOW to fish, you feed him for life.”

“I don’t want to press apples, I don’t want to fish; I don’t want to do any of that! All I want is a glass of your delicious cider for breakfast. I can afford to pay for your labor, your expertise, even the beautiful bottle. I am sold! Please tell me your case price!”


“Well, we think it is unethical to sell you something by the bottle that you could so easily make yourself. We truly want to help you to make a difference in your life. We want to help you get access to this great juice, to our great method, so that you can make it anytime you wish. We feel that this would make a much bigger impact in the world.”

“But really, I said – I don’t want to learn your craft. I want to pay you for giving me access to your craft. I want to drink juice, not make it. I don’t want to learn the process; I want to benefit from the process. I need YOU to be the expert. I don’t want to become an expert in this. I already have a goal for life and it’s NOT juice making. How much is a case?”

“The problem is: We can’t sell you a case.”

“Why not?”

“We don’t have the time to make our juice by the case.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s expensive.”

“What is expensive?”

“Our process. It is really involved, and we don’t have the money to make a lot of it.”

“But I a willing to pay for it.”

“We don’t have that system in place to create enough juice.”

“Why not?”

“We don’t know how. That would turn our passion into a business, and we are not sure that we want to go there. We want EVERYBODY to have this great juice, not just those who can afford it.”

“Well – right now, nobody is getting access, because you’re not selling it.”

“That’s right. That’s our problem.”

“It is easy to solve: Make a decision that you are running an incredible product like a business, pt a plan behind it and begin to produce as much as you can, so you can serve those who want to buy it.”

“But what about those who can’t afford it?”

“Right now, it wouldn’t matter, because you’re not producing enough even for those who can. You are not serving anybody as long as you have this conflict. Nobody can buy enough from your juice to create a better life.”

“This is true. But we want to stick to what we believe in: Apples grow on trees, the community has access to it, and the process is fun and easy to do. If we charge for it, we would become one of “them”, those who are after profits. We don’t want that. We want to be better than them. It’s not about money; it is about health and service to others.”

“Well, then maybe you want to produce the juice for free and gift me a case.”

“We can’t.”

“Why not?”

“We can’t afford that. All you can have is a bottle. After that, you have to go and make your own juice.”

“Why don’t you make it for me and I pay you?”

“Because we work odd jobs to make ends meet. We have to struggle to keep financially afloat so that we don’t lose the house we live in. We have no health insurance right now, and we are working 12 hour shifts in different jobs. It is hard. We can’t afford to invest any more time into our juice. We need you to make your own if you want it.”

“But…but I am willing to pay you what your work is worth!”

“Yes, but we are not comfortable with that. We want everybody to have access to our juice, so we are standing here in the store giving out samples. If you want more than what we are willing to give you, you are on your own.”



OK, I want to end the story here.

Of course you get that it didn’t exactly happen like that, but I wanted to get a point across to you:

So many of my EFT colleagues are struggling financially because they can’t see the value in what they have to offer.

They see the benefits, but not the value.

They have a problem putting their things in order and create a system that works.

They struggle creating packages of their services that sell.

They don’t know how much to charge.

They don’t know who can pay them.

They have a very vague idea of who might be out there and interested in their “product” EFT and healing.

But when a client comes along who is ready to buy and invest, who sees working with them as an investment, they back off and keep talking about themselves and the benefits of their work.


In this story, I just wanted the benefits of the juice. I didn’t want to learn it, even though I could have. But I already was busy, and I was willing and ready to invest into a whole case of juice. I expected the farmer to be professional and prepared.

I expected the farmer to have a business.

I expected to have access to a source that I needed.

Money was not the issue, and the mindset of the farmer was very wonderful, but not the reason I wanted to buy.

I wanted to buy because I loved the juice and wanted to drink it.


Can you see how the farmer was talking himself out of business, and how his passion for doing the right thing without having a business plan stopped him from actually living his passion?

When it came down to it, he had nothing to sell.

Just an idea and a small sample of juice.


Do you treat your healing or coaching business like a professional business, or are you set up like the farmer?

Are you prepared to serve clients who are willing and ready to pay what you charge?

Do you know how much you need to charge to make your business worthwhile?

Do you know your numbers?

Do you know your value?

Your expertise means something to others that you may not be able to see.

And if you can’t see it, others can’t benefit from it.

If you have nothing to sell, than you only have something to share.


If you understand your value and that many people would love to pay you for your uniqueness and expertise, you will never be poor again, and they will be so much better off.

I hope that you get encouraged to see your healing and coaching business differently.

See it as a service that benefits others. And you receive from them the money you need to live and strife.

Everybody benefits, and you are able to create something long term, that becomes a reliable resource for the community you serve. You can produce juice year after year, becoming a reliable staple in the children’s life, the families, the hospitals and nursing homes who know that you are here to stay.

And on Saturdays, you can be on the Farmers Market with a booth that says:” Today is our “Give back to the community” day. All juices are free until twelve o’clock. Please come and sample what health can taste like. And take a bottle to someone else who needs it.”

Why you can do this now? Because you have a plan, you have a business, you have planned on this. You can afford to give, you know how much you can give, and you know when and where you want to give. You have your business in order, and this allows you to do more for others than giving out samples in the health food store. You are reaching hundreds of people, and they buy your products and come to your events. They respect and appreciate you for your expertise and your products.

And please trust me: There are people out there right now who have been waiting to find you for a very long time. They are ready to work with you, ready to connect and make a commitment.

If you have nothing to offer other than your passion for the work, they will not be able to get what they deserve. They deserve to work with you. Do you have a package you can offer?  Do you have your price set? Do you have your systems in place and do you have a plan how you want to help them?


Please trust that you can do this!

If you’d like to talk about how to set up a successful coaching or healing business, please contact me for a free, 20 minute consultation.




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