One page business plan – Defining the mission of your transformational business

Welcome back!
Did you begin to create your one page business plan yesterday?
Did you give your vision some thought?
Did you dream big? Did you see the amazing things that are going to happen in the world and what they mean to you?
I am proud of you!
Now I could imagine that doing these exercises might stir up some unresolved resistance, some limiting beliefs, some fears for you.
Please feel free to share about your thoughts and feelings in the comment box below. I’d be glad to help you address them with EFT.
So today, let’s talk about your mission.
How do you want to accomplish what you decided to do in this world?
Who exactly do you want to help in your business? What will this help look like?
Be specific about the outcome of working with you that your clients or customers can expect.
It is really important that you take some time to become clear on this.
There are so many ways of living a fulfilled, meaningful life and having a great vision for your business.
Only you can decide what exactly you want to do.
So take a breath for a moment and think about it:
Who exactly do you help?
Single women?
Transformational entrepreneurs?
Parents of children with autism?
The clearer you are, the better for those who need your services and are left with the challenge of discovering you if you are hard to find online or offline.
I find it very important to create an “Avatar”, a very specific description of your ideal client.
Who exactly is he or she?
What does she wear? What specific issues does she have?
It might even help if you knew someone that could be a “placeholder” for your subconscious mind to give you direction in who you want to work with.
What do I mean by “placeholder”?
Well your subconscious mind likes images and stories, so the clearer the vision of your ideal client is, the easier it will be to find more people like that. If you have a friend who would be a perfect candidate for your services, she could serve as a “model” to tell your subconscious what you are looking for.
“I want 10 clients like Jenny”, who have a clear business mind, a powerful, ethical dedication to helping others, who are between 25 and 63 years old, who like…, who buy…., who read…., who get excited about…, ….you get the picture?
Do you see how easy it becomes for you to paint a clear picture of someone that you would love to have in your office, when you have a specific start like that?
Great! So spend some time dreaming and creating that person in your mind.
If you don’t have a role model: Don’t worry about it. You can still be very specific and your subconscious will understand.
Now think about all the great benefits that your client wil get from working with you.
Think big. Don’t just think about the money they might be able to make, or the shift they will experience. Think about what making this money or experiencing this shift wil do for them. Think about how their life will transform because of it.
If you create a life plan, thing it through. What options will you have when you found yourself living according to your plan? What are the consequences for your family, your kids? What will happen to your relationships, your finances, your lifestyle, your health?
It is so important that you have the courage to be specific about this. Otherwise, you might end up in the old scheme of “I don’t know what I can have”, or “I don’t know what the Universe will bring me.” If you don’t ask for it, you will not get it.
So be specific, and it will be much easier for you to get what you want.
If this is your business plan, then please put everything you have done so far in one sentence:
I help (your avatar) who struggles with (the specific issues that you want to help him/her with), so that she can ( list at least 3 goals they will reach or transformations that will be achieved).
Isn’t this fun?
Isn’t it so much easier to build your business and stay on track when you know who you are serving?
Isn’t it so much nicer to plan the upcoming year, when you understand what your goals are for yourself and your family?
The key is always in being specific and having the courage to step out of your dreams into the reality of how you want to achieve them.
Please leave your feedback below. I’d be glad to answer and give you more tips.
Until tomorrow!
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