Time Management Tips – How To Learn New Technology Without Overwhelm

Time ManagementTime Management is one of the topics that most of my coaching clients struggle with.

For transformational entrepreneurs, there is always more to learn. We often don’t have brick and mortar storefronts or offices, so the internet becomes our “home” the place where we attract clients, where we talk about what we are passionate about and what we have to offer.

The Internet changes very quickly, and ignoring the possibilities online for business growth and marketing is simply not an option.

But how much do we need to learn? And when do we learn it?

Well, the good news is that we don’t have to know everything. We just have to know enough to understand the importance of it and how it can be helpful in our marketing plan.

Yes, I do recommend that you write your own blog, auto responders and newsletters. This is your immediate connection and communication with those who you care about, and your clients and followers deserve to get to know you and not your ghost writer, no matter how good he or she may be.

A simple time management tip that can change your life 🙂

Get your calendar out. I recommend one of those huge table top paper calendars that you would usually have under your computer on your desk, and stick it on the wall.

This way, you see in big letters what the plan for the week and month is.

And then block out a designated time each day that is only for learning and studying.

In the beginning of your business, you will not have that many clients.

So you can easily afford to spend 60-90 minutes per day learning about one topic that you don’t know enough about.

How about you make one full week your blogging week?

Monday: Learn how to setup and install a wordpress blog

Tuesday: Learn what widgets and plugins are and how to use them and which ones are recommended to get started

Wednesday: Learn how to Install your calendar and your contact form and find that perfect theme

Thursday: Learn how to google your keywords with the google adwords keyword tool: https://adwords.google.com.

Thursday: Learn how to write and post blog pages (If you have extra time that day, try it out and actually put your “about”, your “disclaimers” and your “services” page online.) 

Friday: Learn how to put up a post (very similar to putting up a page) and (if you have extra time that day) actually post something.

By the end of the week, you have a working blog 🙂

If you really don’t know how to do something, or you don’t want to learn al the tech stuff, that’s perfectly OK.

Maybe you want to spend your 60 minutes on finding a webmaster or Virtual Assistant (VA).

If we plan ahead for the learning that you have to do, we will have a much easier time breaking it down into manageable pieces and taking it one effective step at a time. We actually get it done. 

The final piece: When the time for learning and studying is up, it’s OK to pat yourself on the shoulder for doing such a good job, and turn our attention to a different topic.

Transformational Entrepreneurs don’t build all of their business online.

You have to have time for phone calls, events, speaking gigs and more. And you have to have time to embrace your life and your family, your charity and your hobby.

So when your time of learning is done, take a break from the computer and reach out to others.

Makes sense?

Good Luck!

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