Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT For Fear Of Failure

Do you know this fear of failure, that creeps up just when you feel you are prepared for your next project or milestone?
This fear that comes from a consistent inner voice, warning you that you might fail?
Having this fear is so frustrating.
It stops us from even trying, from even giving it your best shot.
And if we don’t try, we automatically fail.
However, since we are usually very resourceful in finding excuses, we believe that we will have a much easier time defending that we didnt try, than explaining why we failed.
I’d like to offer you a tapping script that you might find useful when this inner voice takes over your courage and self esteem and warns you beyond a doubt that you might fail.
Try it and please let me know how it worked for you!
EFT for Dealing with Fear of Failure
KP: Even though I have these deep routed fear of failure, I completely love and accept myself.
KP: Even though it is so frustrating to have this fear – I really don’t want it! – I accept all of my feelings without judgment.
KP: Even though I feel so disappointed in myself – this fear of failure is keeping me stuck! – I choose to forgive myself and the part of me that believes that I might not be able to succeed.
TH: I admit it: I am scared and stuck right now
IE: I have this sinking feeling in my chest and stomach – what if I will fail?
OE: I am overwhelmed with fear, even though a part of me clearly wants to move forward
UE: It is overwhelming and frustrating to be stuck like this
UN: I don’t even know where to begin
UL: I feel stuck and so scared to fail
CB: But a part of me can also see that I do have a chance
UA: A part of me clearly wants me to move forward, I just don’t know how yet.
TH: I see that a part of me is scared, and another part feels confident, but the two are not communicating and are really not helping right now.
Take a deep breath. Feeling stuck and scared to fail is normal. Every successful person will tell you that in order to move forward, you will face your fears over and over again. Just breathe again and accept that you are making every effort to get past this feeling.
OK? Ready? Then let’s tap another round:
TH: If I could have it my way, I wouldn’t be so scared
IE: If I cloud have full control over my feelings, I would definitely give it a try
OE: I can see how there is a part of me that clearly has courage and feels confident that I have a chance
UE: I can feel how this part of me is pushing and pulling me to feel more courageous
UN: There is a part in me that knows that I have what it takes to succeed
UL: I like this part, it is a good, courageous friend
CB: I wish that the rest of me could give up the fighting and resisting
UA: And would feel calm and confident instead that I can succeed in a way that works for me.
TH: I choose now to feel the confidence within me, and move forward in a way that works for me.
Take a breath again.
TH:  I am beginning to see that I don’t have to change completely over night
IE: I am beginning to see that I can make changes one step at a time
OE: I am grateful for the cautious part of me that wants to protect me from pain
UE: And I am grateful that I have what it takes to take the next step
UE: And even if I can’t see myself at my goal just yet
UN: It’s OK to move forward at a pace that works for me
UL: By tapping, I have already overcome the first hurdle
CB: I am not as stuck as I was when I started tapping
UA: I am farther ahead now, and it is beginning to be fun!
TH: I am grateful that I can get unstuck and move forward, – at a pace that truly works for me!
Take another breath. How do you feel?
Do you notice a shift in how you feel?
Maybe you feel safer to just take the next step?
Maybe you feel that you have more time to make the changes you wanted to make.
Maybe you feel that you can breathe deeper.
Maybe you are beginning to see that you don’t have to know al the steps to reach your goal,
but that you are growing into who you want to be, one step at a time.
When you take your time and approach your goal focussing on the next logical step, you will be surprised how quickly you can move forward.
Please let me know how this works for you!


  1. Christine on November 14, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Thank you Ingrid,
    I am sending positive energy your way! I just needed a little push on my set up statement to acknowledge my emotions instead of masking it. You helped me clear away my biggest fear. Once I read your beginning statements my true emotions came through with great scripts that connected deeply with me. This was a special tapping experience, thanks for sharing!

  2. Marion on February 8, 2012 at 4:06 am

    Hi Ingrid. Thank you so much. I have been stuck in the wrong relationship and didn’t realize it was fear of failure that was keeping me there. As soon as I tapped on this this I could let it all go. You are so kind to share this gift.

    • Ingrid Dinter on February 9, 2012 at 12:08 am

      That is wonderful, Marion!
      I am so glad that you were able to see what you need to do. The next script “EFT for fear of facing the truth” might be very helpful for you as well.

  3. SUNIL on February 7, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Hello Ingrid
    Thank you,thank you ,thank you very much for your guidance.I am new to EFT and its only you who motivated me and your scripts and online videos gives me inner peace and relax.Ingrid ,I want to leave my current job and want to do my own online blogging but still not started my blogging. I was struck from inside,but your this tapping helped me and I will write my first blog today only.I need help from you that please guide me about EFT by video tutorial so that I can implement in my life and can help others to make their life better.Thanks a lotttttttttttttttt

    • Ingrid Dinter on February 7, 2012 at 10:37 pm

      Dear Sunil, I am grateful that this worked so well for you. I recommend staying in your job, and using the safety that it gives you to explore your options. Explore what you would love to do and who needs that service. If you want to be able to help others long term, you have to me financially secure. I hope that this makes sense to you.
      Grow into doing EFT and create a plan that works for you. You will have a wonderful life and help others at the same time.
      I’d be glad to talk with you about this!

  4. Jean on February 6, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    Hi Ingrid, well, since you ask….:-)
    Your scripts ARE excellent, and I would
    love something on how it’s OK to BOLD, that being BOLD is a good thing, and that
    it’s safe too….even though I was told in
    just about every way when I was a child that I should never be bold and I should always be ashamed and hide myself….I know it’s not true and this is something I would really like to be free of….

    • Ingrid Dinter on February 6, 2012 at 8:23 pm

      I love that :-).
      What does bold mean to you? What do you really mean?
      What actions would this require you to take?

  5. Jean on February 6, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Hi Ingrid, thanks so much for this. I just finished tapping with it; I need to do it again, but I feel much calmer, and feel more like the things I want to do just might be possible for ME!!! It has come at the perfect time, for I am REALLY
    gearing up and taking steps to make BIG
    moves forward, and this is a great support!
    Every morning now, when I wake up, I remember to tell myself: FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD!!! and I am learning to be bold. Thanks for this script!!!!

    • Ingrid Dinter on February 6, 2012 at 4:14 pm

      Hi Jean, thank you so much for your kind feedback. Yes, you have what it takes to make big moves. And if something doesn’t work out, then you might just have to change the strategy a bit, and it works. Don’t let an inner voice tell you that you will fail. Not trying is the only strategy that guarantees that we will not succeed.
      Please let me know what else you would like. I’d be glad to write more tapping scripts that suit your needs.

  6. Lale on February 6, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Dear Ingrid..Not only this one, all the free eft scripts you shared with all your heart are amazingly to the point and liberating…I have seen many protocols, prepared many for myself and for my clients and your are one of the best EFT script writer i have ever seen…it means you suffered and observed a lot…otherwise such a deep connection with the subconscious is not possible…Hats off to you…Blessings..Lale -Istanbul-Turkey

    • Ingrid Dinter on February 6, 2012 at 2:23 pm

      Thank you Lale. I appreciate you. EFT is a wonderful way to channel and pass on deeper wisdom that comes up when we connect with who we are. I feel blessed to be able to give these to my community. If there is a specific script that you are interested in, please let me know. I’d be glad to write and post it!

  7. Doc Meek on February 5, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    OK Ingrid, So part of me is still scared spitless. And I can feel that I can begin to move forward in small ways and that is a great blessing. I am grateful for your tapping script to help me to release my fear of failure. Thank you! Onward and upward, eh? – Doc Meek, Feb 5, 2012, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

    • Ingrid Dinter on February 5, 2012 at 10:38 pm

      Hi Doc, keep tapping! There are lots of scripts on this site. If you’d like to talk about doing some work together, please know that I offer a 20 min free consultation. Just send me an email! Cheers Ingrid

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