Free EFT Tapping Script: EFT for Procrastination

There are many reasons why people procrastinate and are afraid to take action and move forward.

One of them might be a fear of not being good enough, amongst other fears, another is simply a lack of knowledge or training in what they want to do.
Please scroll down to the bottom of this tapping script, if you feel that you need more training in reaching out to people who might need your help.
And in addition to not getting things started or done, most people also begin to feel guilty about being stuck.
It follows them around through the day, and f they never overcome procrastination, their self esteem and even feeling of self worth begins to suffer.
If you can relate to this, I believe most people can, in some area of their life, then the following tapping script is for you.
KP: Even though I struggle with getting started, I deeply and completely accept my situation and how I feel about it
KP: Even though a part of me is frustrated and angry that I procrastinate what I should be starting right now, I love and accept myself anyway.
KP: Even though it hurts that I can’t do what I want to do, there is a part of me that just says “no!”,  love and accept myself without judgment.
TH: It’s frustrating
IE: I can’t do it!
OE: I just can’t do it
UE: I can’t get started
UN: Something is holding me back
UL: And I feel bad about this
CB: I think about it every day
UA: It is frustrating and it hurts that I have to be so blocked
TH: I don’t like this feeling and I feel bad about it
Take a breath and try to relax a bit.
TH: What if I didn’t have to procrastinate?
IE: What if I just didn’t know what my next steps were, and that scares me?
OE: What if I just feel that I can’t or want to do it alone?
UE: What if I feel overwhelmed because there is truly too much to do?
UN: What if I was afraid that I a not good enough to do a good job with this?
UL: What if knew from experience that something bad will happen when I get out of my comfort zone?
CB: What if there was a part of me that is very nervous about being judged by the end result
UA: There are so many true and valid reasons to be scared to begin
TH: And even though it is frustrating that I am having such a hard time to get started, I honor and respect my deeper reasons and that I am doing the best that I can.
Take a breath again. Does some of this ring true for you? Are your reasons coming up?
Do you begin to see that you don’t need excuses, as you have true reasons for waiting with what you think you should do?
OK, let’s tap again:
TH: I allow myself to let go of my judgment.
IE: I even begin to allow myself to let it be easy
OE: The truth is that I don’t know how good I am until I have finished
UE: So why worry about it when I haven’t even started yet?
UN: I allow myself to just take one small baby step
UL: Nothing big, just one small step, but in the right direction
CB: I can always do one small step at a time,
UA: One foot in front of the other, steadily moving in an way that feels accomplished and safe
TH: I am beginning to see how easy and comfortable this can feel, when I let go of the pressure, and I am moving now.
Take a breath again.
Are things beginning to shift and move for you
Babysteps aren’t really all that bad, are they?
Here is your last round:
TH: I am grateful that I had the courage to address this problem
IE: I am grateful that I don’t let my fears intimidate me so much that I remain frozen
OE: I am grateful that i have made the decision to move one step at a time
UE: Carefully considering what a smart and safe move could be
UN: I don’t have to run a marathon, when it comes to baby steps
UL: It is more important that I keep going and learn and grow along the way
CB: I am beginning to see the bigger picture of what I am doing
UA: And that What I am learning is just as important as what I already know
TH: And even though I am not perfect yet, and a part of me might still be scared, I am grateful that I am doing consistent baby steps that feel appropriate and safe to me.
Take a breath again.
Here you go….. 🙂
Good for you.
Your goal will come closer when you make consistent, small steps into the right direction.
You are in control.

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