Free Tapping Script: EFT for Procrastinating of Filing Tax Returns


Help With Procrastinating Filing Tax ReturnAre you procrastinating filing your tax return?

It that time of year again! Tax season is here, just a few more weeks and the deadline is soon approaching.

Why it is so hard to get taxes filed on time? Well, there will be lots of answers for this.

But if filing taxes is a problem for you, I’d like to offer you a tapping script, that might make it easier for you to get started and actually finish.


Here we go:


KP: Even though I an dragging my feet, and tax season is here, I accept myself and my struggle without judgment

KP: Even though it is so hard for me to get this finished right now, I love and accept myself and choose to be kind and gentle.

KP: Even though I am frustrated that it has come this far – again! – I choose to forgive myself and claim focus and a positive, friendly attitude instead.

TH: It is frustrating!
IE: It can be SO hard!

OE: I don’t like this at all!

UE: Why can’t I just get it done?

UN: Tax season is not exactly a surprise

UL: It comes every year, and I have so much time to prepare for it

CB: Bt once again I am procrastinating

UA: And I hate how difficult I am making this for myself

TH: Tax season is here, and once again I am dragging my feet…


Take a breath…

TH: I acknowledge that I am struggling with this without any judgment

IE: It is indeed very hard for me, and I may not even know, why

OE: Not everybody gets excited about taxes

UE: And I don’t seem to be a person who just intuitively gets how it should be done

UN: MAybe there is some fear in this

UL: Maybe there is some resentment to my financial situation

CB: Maybe there is something I should know, or some help I should get

UA: Or I should ask for help, but I just don’t know how

TH: But just for now I acknowledge that it is hard, and I feel frustrated, scared and trapped with this.

Take a deep breath again. How do you feel?

Let’s do another round, OK?

TH: What if I could allow myself to just take it easy?

IE: What if I released my fear of the big picture and just took it one step at a time?

OE: What if I allowed myself to just focus on what I do know how to do

UE: And to simply finish what is already clear to me, as quickly and focussed as I can?

UN: What if I was calm and confident while I do this in babysteps

UL: And as I go along, the chaos lifts its veil and darkness

CB: What if I began to see that each transaction has a meaning and purpose

UA: And that I do indeed know how to do this, when I take the time and allow for the focus I need

TH: I am beginning to see the bigger picture, and my fear and resentment is lifting now.

Another deep breath… do you begin to feel the shift?

Let’s do one last round…

TH: I am grateful for the new attitude I have just found

IE: I am fascinated how quickly things get untangled when I take one step at a time

OE: I am already beginning to release the fear of doing my taxes

UE: I am already beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel

UN: This is getting easier and easier, the more baby steps I undertake

UL: This is getting easier by the minute, and my focus increases steadily

CB: I am grateful that I have finally taken this on so well

UA: And I can clearly see that I will get it finished just fine and in time

TH: And even though it has been so hard just a short time ago, I am grateful that I now see how easy and comfortable it can be, when I take it one step at a time.

Take another breath. How do you feel?

Do you have more fears or issues come up? 

Maybe it would be good to do another round of tapping.

The secret to getting complex things done, is to take them one step at a time.

So please….baby steps! … and you will surprise yourself with how easy things can get!

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